Dale Goodridge

Dale Goodridge

Dale Goodridge

Dale Goodridge
A solo artist, musician, songwriter and singer from the UK now living in Melbourne, Australia.

New album 'Happiness In A World Full Of People' is available now on iTunes, Amazon e.t.c.

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/dalegoodridge

Facebook Music Page: https://www.facebook.com/dalegoodridgemusic

Twitter: @dalegoodridge

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/dalegoodridge

Over the past four years, I have worked very hard to promote myself on social media and developed a nice listener base of people from all over the world who enjoy my work. Those from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries like Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile were especially responsive to my work.

 In summer 2013, I went to Los Angeles to play three weeks of Acoustic gigs, something I have always wanted to do. I had a fantastic time in LA, met some wonderful people and played some great (and no so great) gigs. I also ate lots of Mexican/Tex Mex food (mmmm Burritos).

I learned a lot about myself and my personal limits on this trip. It actually helped me grow - not just as an artist, but as a person, too.

I made the plan of finishing the recording of all the songs I have in my home studio, then see if I could record at a great, world class studio to make my album as good as it can possibly be.

I recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool UK from January - March 2014.

 The 1975, Jake Bugg, Keane, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, The La's and The Coral have all recorded music there.

 I stayed in the Lark Lane area of Liverpool and made some wonderful, lifelong friends during the three months I was there. The people of Liverpool are warm and welcoming and just thrive on music. I grew up in Yorkshire and always loved visiting Liverpool.

 The album, “Happiness In A World Full Of People,” is the result of my efforts, and I’m extremely proud of it!

 I played every instrument and sang all the vocals on the album.
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Melbourne, Australia

Recent Submissions

Dale Goodridge submitted media.

Crash (Official Video) by Dale Goodridge

Nix Cooper

Pretty cool video with some lovely scenery shots. It's a decent indie track. Dale's voice has a bit of depth and works well with the overall composition. Would like to hear more - possibly something with a bit more energy
 Not a track I can see in the chart, but would work well as a soundtrack. 

Greg Gali

Thank you for your submission. As i do with any and all submissions, i reviewed your other social links (Youtube) also to get a better overall feel of your works. I thought "Crash" was a good song as it was well produced and written, I enjoyed the video direction and location shoot as well. 
There was some U2 and The Cult influence in the song also, which i thought was a good thing, whether intentional or not.
Where the song fell short for me was the vocal, which seemed to struggle and strain a bit in the higher ranges and that would be my only recommended area of focus. I
It does not take a perfect vocal or vocalist to record a hit record as country music proves to us daily on the country charts and radio. So my suggestion would be keeping your songs in the lower octave ranges in which i thought your voice sounded good in, or of course there are studio tricks as well, such as layering your voice with a very good female vocal to smooth it out in less comfortable ranges. So there is my opinion and a few suggestions a s well, for what its worth. Overall i thought this was a very good quality submission and song.
Best of luck in your musical ventures! If you have any additional questions please contact me though any of my web or social links.
Greg Gali

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thank you so much for sending this to me. The beginning was jarring. It went from quiet and mysterious to something pretty intense abruptly. It took me a few seconds to recover and figure out if something was wrong with my playback or if it was part of the song. I like the picked up energy right before the minute mark. I'm super curious as to where this footage was shot. That body of water looks amazing and intriguing. The tune is pretty epic and has all the elements of a peak rock song intended to really lift people off in a large live setting. I would love to see this live actually. I would probably immediately replace this video footage with you performing it with a live band to get it circulated widely. I think the video will not connect with many people, and it doesn't do the song justice. I would rather have a random visualization that is somehow timed with the song than the gorgeous footage. That's just my 2 cents.  I would like to see this song with a better matching video, ideally you rocking this  out proper drenched in blood, sweat, and tears. Then I'd be much more likely to share it out. I'll recommend some folks for you to send it to that may resonate. But be warned people will have questions with the video I think.

Trina N. Green

Appreciate the submission. 

I very much like the song's intro; it holds a promise of the song that, for the most part, I think it delivers on. This is solid AC to indie rock in structure although at 4+ minutes it does plods along, somewhat. But being that the overall feel and theme of the song is hopeful and optimistic, and in a live setting I can see this really moving a crowd.

Vocally, in places it sounds as if you're reaching a little higher in range than necessary. Something lower might yield a warmer and easier to manage tone without sacrificing any emotional quality. As far as the video goes, the scenery is great but there was no connection to the song. It would be more effective if it were performance based or translated the lyrics more. 

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Powerful voice, very emotive, and not over-done in the slightest. The structure of the track is great - love the bridge as it's a nice gentle set of hooks you have there - and those riffs! Parts of the video are making me dizzy (but I like the night montages as the track reaches its end!)

Ciaran Steward

Echoes of U2, but there are some good things about it too! Some really well shaped vocal melodies and there's a good build - though at times I'd like to hear a bit more energy. It does get going nicely towards the end but maybe a couple of higher intensity guitar parts would work well, not 100% convinced of the necessity of the harmonies towards the end.

D Grant Smith

Really enjoyed the sound of the music, rhythm, guitars and drum pattern. Great rock/alt-rock song. Would be a nice fit on my radio show. Feel free to reach out to us at http://appetizerradio.com or email me dgrant.appetizerradio@gmail.com.


I like the song a lot and would love to play it on the station.  The songs definitely takes you on a journey and the video is great as well. Good job!

Brody Ramone

Great video! Visually appealing and the fire scene was great! Very creative! The track was very well produced and accompanied the video quite well. The chorus is definitely stuck in my head at the moment. Keep up the great work!