Antonio Anzaldua

Antonio Anzaldua

Antonio Anzaldua

Artist, Musician
Folksy indie music with with jazz sensibility and ambient harmonies reminiscent of Grizzly Bear and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.
recording engineer, music production, songwriting, music performance
jazz, soul, indie rock, singer/songwriter
Columbus, Ohio

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Marathon by Wander Daze

Andrew Leib

Cool tune, thanks for sharing. The good news is you have a good music that listenable, a great start! :)

So it says you're looking for "help promoting my submission". Happy to help lend a few tips and insight on how to get your music out there.

- Credibility. There's so much noise in the music industry... as much as we want to romantically think that people will listen to your music organically, you need to gain some credibility because there's just SO much stuff out there. What gives you credibility? Press quotes, Facebook likes, radio spins, a great photo, opening slot for major touring act, rounded image, etc. When I got your pages, I want to see that you have your shit together and you're active, creating and releasing great content. Press quote doesn't have to be massive, FB likes don't need to be 20k+. Me (and anyone in the industry) want great tunes and an active presence. 

- Publicity and radio is worth it. Yes, it can cost a lot for an up and comer like yourself... but, this is what it takes to expedite the process of gaining your cred. And if done properly, it can pay for itself through opportunities you gain from the increased visibility. 

- Unfortunately, the bubble for indie rock in film / TV which means its tough to find licensing companies who are willing to pitch your stuff. Lots of exist... Zync, Hitcher, Terrorbird, etc. You just have to be something special, different, or have momentum that they can pick up on. There's also the option of going direct with music supervisors, which is more rare but happens. Can you create custom music? These companies love that. 

- Come up with a full album campaign. It doesn't need to be super expensive and ridiculous, but you should have some sort of 9 month plan where you're executing different efforts to create a story and movement for your music. You want people to see a post for your show on Facebook, but also see their friend listening to it on Spotify since it ended up on "Indie Rock Jams" playlist that week. Increase your visiblity anyway that's in your power... it's a long, slow, and tedious process, but you focus on the little wins and put in the sweat equity to get people listening on a budget.

- It's rare that stuff with fall in your lap. If you don't ask, you don't get.

If you have any more specific questions, I'm happy to answer. Thanks for submitting.

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

Very strong material. I'll be sharing it within my industry circle.  please check out and give us a message if you'll be in Los Angeles. 

Craig Boliver

Was actually really into this, gonna reach out to hear some more stuff and see if it makes sense for licensing. It's not my personal cup of tea, but has a solid unique sound and voice addition. Beside not having that huge chorus catch, I could honestly imagine hearing this on a indie/alternative station. Production and songwriting have definitely set Wander Daze into a great base to grow on, and I don't hate the name either! haha 

Antonio Anzaldua submitted media.

Two Ways by Wander Daze

Kevin Hugger

Wander Daze is just the perfect moniker for sunny strolling audio such as this. It has a rambling, shambling nature but at its heart is a tropical outlook which will appeal to both the mainstream and alternative sets. With summer about to kick-off this off-kilter delight could well go down as easily as a million ice-creams melting in the evening sun. Only towards the end does the mosaic of layered instrumentation get a little overbearing, you know about having too much of a good thing and all that. All told this is spirited stuff however, bright and breezy and signalling a fresh and thoughtful mind at the controls.