Luis Vadi

Luis Vadi

Luis Vadi

I'm a producer who enjoys the sexiest of sounds.
I'm simply a young, up and coming, producer/DJ who enjoys making the sexiest of songs. I truly love creating new and unique sounds for people any time I get the opportunity to. I've been making music for a long while now (about 10 years now) and I hope to continue along this career path for the rest of my days.
music industry, music producer, music production / mastering, music writing / blogging, djing
rap, alternative, electronic, edm, music, dance, art, film / video
Miami, Florida

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Pump It Up! by MrTooCold

Jono Kane

This is a cool track. I like the energy, and the production is decent. The kick seems a bit hot in the mix, but that might be what you've intended. The breakdown at around 1:33 is interesting - I was expecting Trap-style high hats in there. Have you played w/ the 16th/32nd note hats at all? Seems like it might be a nice switch-up after the second or third breakdowns? Above all, this track has nice bass... which is always nice. Good work. My only real critique is that it is a tad generic (which isn't necessarily bad)... I feel like if you play with the trap-style hats and maybe a bit of swing on that... also maybe switch up some samples or analog synth sounds - it'll make it stand out a bit more. Cheers.

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