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Neil Cartwright submitted media.

City Lights by Will Robert

Chelsea Schwartz

Very classic sound: the vocal is soothing and familiar, while being completely unknown. Love the acoustic guitar lap-slap-and-tap approach. It's a great way to add a percussion line. I'm very glad you submitted a video first so I could see this approach; had I only heard the track would've assumed it to be normal studio work and thus you wouldn't have stood out as much to me. If you ever put together a proper music video that also shows this off, please consider High Voltage to premiere it!

Peter Richards

Great vocals. Interesting use of the guitar; clearly has some talent. Would be interested to see how the technique and freshness would appeal to other songs or a whole album, perhaps even a full band setting. An enjoyable first listen

Sarah Sommer

What a beautiful voice! Truly talented. The video is perfect for this track. The low key video style emphasizes your voice and guitar playing skills in a way that is very  engaging. The vocals can make you melt and that is what is important with this track and it is excellently put on stage with the guitar. There are no frills and I love it. 

I would love to hear more from this artist! 

stan stewart

Guitar techniques: I'd heard of you, so I knew to listen first before watching the video. I could almost imagine the techniques just listening. That also allowed me to hear the song more clearly. Obviously, a big grab in the video is watching you play.

Songwriting: Well done. A nice, soft hook. Seems like a bitter/sweet story. That pulls emotional. Good stuff.

Recording/Production: Overall, works nicely. One or two places, the vocal presence dropped off a bit or I wanted the guitar to be balanced more with the vocal intensity. But no real complaints. I appreciated the way the reverb caught and accentuated the transients of your "rim shot" backbeat.

Best wishes. I enjoy your songs!

Shamal Ranasinghe

This is great. I really dig it!  I love the simplicity of the guitar and rhythm you're creating in this song. Beautiful. I'm going to refer you to a bunch more people in Fluence that I think would appreciate. I haven't played the guitar in months after having a baby last year. This song has inspired me to pick my guitar back up. If you ever come to San Francisco please reach out. I'd love to hear more from you and see you play live. Congrats on all the great success you've listed in your description. Looking forward to hearing more, and I will check you out on the web and seek you out live.

Garp M

Not my personal thing but would not feel right saying anything negative as obviously really good player and quite current too so should do well.

Louise Smith

I really liked it. I found myself nodding along and trying to join in as well!

Wynona Grant

Love this.

Really really talented singer/songwriter. Sort of reminiscent of a lighter blend of Ryan Sheridan and James Bay. 

Very intriguing style of guitar playing which sort of contrasts the softness of his vocals but in a really complementing way. 

Very impressive, keen to hear more of his stuff. May even feature him as my 'Track Of The Week' this Friday!

Maggie Murphy

First, you look like a young Rob Lowe. The guitar playing and musicianship is very accomplished. I like the mood of the song. I couldn't quite figure out what it was about.  I got the feeling but didn't quite see the images. I think it's hard for a song like this to catch on without that visual cue, but I think there is a lot to offer here. 

Victor Romijn

Hi Will, very outstanding technique in playing your guitar. Try not to get it in the way of your songs. When people listen it on radio, spotify or anywhere else, they can't see the way you make the sounds.
As for the video, it would help to have more steady shots. I see it's being shot with a handheld which makes it feel very indie, but more steady shots would make the chance of spreading or even going to television a bit bigger.

Missie Faith

A big thanks for enriching my life - you've an awesome voice and this in total is what I call real music. There's nothing more needed than the guitar and your incredible voice. The lyrics aren't mainstream BUT everyone who has a sense of life can connect instantly to it. I'll share it on every channel I'm linked to.
Greetings from Munich to Hamburg

David Choi

Music: Don't know if this is a "single", but I enjoyed listening nonetheless. Good songwriting. Great unique voice. Think this is a great start. If you have a more catchy song, I'd choose that as a single and push it.

Video: Well edited and engaging especially the lap guitar part.

Brody Ramone

Great acoustic track. Overall mix was spot on. I would have liked if there was more of a swell during the bridge but that is my general opinion. After listening to some of your other tracks I can tell you are a rather multi dimension artist. Keep up the good work!

Andrea Young

I think this song and video prove the advice I hear given to musicians all the time that it’s the story behind the music that draws and keeps fans coming back.  While I like the song, the lyrics, the vocals, the production and arrangement, all very well done, it wasn’t until I watched the video that I really got it and became riveted by the percussive technique and appreciated the smooth singer songwriter vocals.  Please send a wav or high quality mp3 for broadcast to andrea@aspenbeat and I’ll include it and a link to your videos on a future Aspenbeat radio show.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this!

Very cool style from :50 onwards. It really brings out the partials/harmonics and lends a beautifully full timbre reminiscent of the hammer dulcimer.

Vocal control is exceptional, and the production balance is a perfect blend. I wouldn't change a thing. I'll share it out right now and looking forward to writing an artist spotlight post on my blog in the near future.

Neil Cartwright submitted media.

In The Moment by The Parades

Kevin Cogill

This is a good song. Always refreshing to hear music from bands like this that you can tell have put in the practice time and put effort into getting the song structure right, with vocals that aren't there just because you're supposed to have some kind of vocals, but because they've got a singer who can sing really well.
My personal preferences tend to gravitate towards the darker, edgier stuff, but it always comes down to great songwriting, which I respect above everything else, and I see plenty of evidence of that here. The song has a catchy hook, and most importantly it evokes an emotion and pulls that out of you, whereas an average song would just sit there and look cool at best.
This band has the potential to hit big with the right song at the right time. I don't know if I'd bet on this particular song (though it's begging for a big placement on a movie soundtrack), but they've got everything it takes to really connect with people. I hope they keep going.

Chelsea Schwartz

YES, YES, YES! This is what I'm talking about. I sense some Kings of Leon meets American Authors inspiration in this track and there's nothing wrong with that. What a beautifully catchy (and dance-worthy) pop rock track. Are you signed? Are you touring? Or at least playing SXSW? Can we get the single to play on our radio show? Let's talk.

Ari Herstand

Great song! Fun, catchy. Great vocals, performances and overall production. Strong mix. This could catch on a very big level. 

The production value of the video is quite high. Clearly a very experienced (and expensive) team. I didn't love the overall concept of the video.  I would have liked to see the band perform a bit. Girls playing in a field. Band sitting/singing in a field. Ok. Would have liked a bit more story and direction. 

I like the song more than the video. 

I will definitely see you live when you make it to LA. Please keep me in the loop when you tour through. I Followed you on Spotify and Liked you on Facebook

Brody Ramone

A fun and flirty track that is PERFECT summer! Cute video as well. After scoping you out on Spotify I can see the correlation between Catfish and The Bottlemen and the 1975, Good bands to be in company with- I look forward to hearing more of your material!

Birgitta Bellman

Cute boys + happy song. What's not to like? I'll share this through my channels.

Maggie Murphy

I liked music. Upbeat. Felt a little Mr. Mister.  But video was too much like a  Mountain Dew ad. I would have preferred seeing you guys just sing. 

Jess Shanahan

Catchy and fun. The video itself is okay but I was blown away by the music. Love the vocals and the poppy-funk vibe. This was a great way to start the morning, the high-energy of the music has definitely got me feeling motivated! Will share this.

SD Hox

This is a really catchy track with fun and playful visuals. I think this band has real potential and I would love to see them perform live. The vocals are strong and punchy. I also like the interlude around the 2 minute mark. Two minor issues: I think some background vocals might have added a little more drama and depth to the song. I also felt that the ending is a bit too abrupt. Great work though and I will definitely include the song in my upcoming Tasty Turntable playlist for January. Thanks!

Jason Gonulsen

The opening is catchy. I didn't really love the vocals. A good introduction.

Louise Smith

I loved this track so much! The only disappointment was that it wasn't longer. Great video as well.

Shamal Ranasinghe

Great work! I dig the hook in the song. I was moving the upper part of my body quite a bit and I'm on my second listen of the track. The opening shot is fantastic -- how did you do that? The open field shots and ariel camera work are awesome. It's a fun song that makes me miss living in England. Man, those were the days. 
I like the hornwork in the in 1 min 40ish mark. I didn't expect it, and I dug it. 

I'm going to refer you to Travis Keller and Ari Herstand. I think both can give you great feedback, and I think they will dig the music. Also you can  make a connection with both of them for when you come to LA. You should definitely make to the states, and if you come to San Francisco please reach out. I'm going to keep a look out for you and spread the word.