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Chevelle O. Ryan

Rapper / Singer-Songwriter / Recording Artist
Chevelle O. Ryan (born May 3,1992) is an independent music and visual artist currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Utilizing his creativity, improvisation and imagery, Chevelle has established a multicultural brand and identity with his 7NATURE MUSIC GROUP imprint, SPECTRUM of SYRACUSIA collective and REALITY Moves! organization.

Chevelle O. Ryan produces forth conceptual art encouraging evolution through progressive thinking."The basis of what I’ve been doing, the messages I strive to convey, the image that I present and portray isn’t anything new. The foundation of the principles in my music, but more importantly in my life, have been around since the 14th and 15th centuries if not before that." says Chevelle O. Ryan in an interview with a local journalist. 

"History has been my guide and will always be my guide. I study biographies of special individuals in the history books. Leaders of cultural movements, innovators and people that leave an everlasting impact on future societies long after their death. They all have different professions, but their inner qualities as human beings cannot be understated. In another lifetime I could have been an inventor, philosopher, politician or sculptor, but God put me here as a member of the Millennial generation for a reason I didn’t come to understand until late 2012. I was lost and confused as a teenager and young adult. I still feel lost and confused in situations today. The thing that separates my present self from the Chevelle O. Ryan in retrospect is the fact that I have a proven criteria I can lean on and having a better sense of acceptance." 

Chevelle O. Ryan is an exceptional representation of the ‘well-rounded artist’ in today’s time. ”For people that want to categorize or label myself, I tell them I’m just a music and visual artist. In all of the works I put out, my input is in all facets of my music and visual productions and projects. I don’t have a specific title for my role in any of this. In musical recordings, I’m the lyricist, arranger, recording artist, engineer. In film productions, I am the director, producer, writer, editor. I make graphics and write original content for the blog as well. However, when reflecting at my repertoire of abilities I’m just an artist by nature. On camera, off camera I’m the same person. The way I approach life’s events, struggles and experiences are the same way I approach my musical and visual creations. I don’t wear one hat, rather one hat that is made up of bits and pieces of all the hats. I never received any formal training in regards to art, neither did I want it. I believe art shouldn’t be taught by an institution but taught by natural experience. Natural experience is life’s curriculum. Art is about imperfection as imperfection is authentic. Don’t do things their way, but your way. People can drop a list of names, credentials but the work speaks louder and moves mountains. Anyone from anywhere can compete with the best, as long as you back it up. One way to start to back it up is to believe but more importantly, have faith in your ability. If you believe in something, you will do it. When you struggle, faith is what keeps you going. Brilliance says enough. Brilliance with a profound effect on humanity passes the test of your individual time on Earth. The test of time is the only criteria I seek to be judged by.”     

As a lyricist, Chevelle takes pride in using vocal and melody to make his creations come to life. “When you listen to a Chevelle O. Ryan record or compilation, see a Chevelle O. Ryan show, hear a Chevelle O. Ryan speech, it is an experience.” Emotionally driven, Chevelle’s work is theatrical controversy and eloquently comedic, challenging the limits of the minds in the audience as they bounce back and forth from the extreme pressures of love and hate. "People will react to my work differently. That’s a blatant fact. I will receive feedback in forms of confusion, acceptance. Half will love, half will hate. The only thing I’m worried about is if people don’t care. That kills me."

Chevelle draws from his past and continuous life experiences in regards to his artwork and purpose in life. "I am spiritual, and I believe in God.  I believe in Jesus. He has blessed me with the opportunities to dig deep and find myself. He has blessed me with the opportunities to access a part of my brain that I never believed existed within me. He gave me the strength to find light in the depths of darkness. He provides me with the courage and wisdom I have today. What I am trying to say is that if I didn’t have a true purpose, He would have taken me when I nearly got ran over by a reckless driver at 13 years old. He would have taken me when I got mugged at gunpoint at 17 years old. He would have taken me when I spun on the freeway in a horrible accident at 18 years old. I suffer from sporadic depression, and at my lowest point I even considered taking my own life. However, He knows how much I love and have faith in Him, and He knows my job doing His work is not completed just yet." 

Chevelle O. Ryan has interest in various future endeavors that he plans to pursue and engage in once his music gains momentum. "I know I can contribute to many aspects of culture. Whether its art, technology, economics or even politics. I am eager but I am working on being patient and will enjoy this journey with the world." 

All in all, Chevelle’s reason for using music as an outlet started as a way of relieving stress and reducing inner pain. "I have a mission now,"says Chevelle when asked about his duty as a human being. As for that mission, "100 years from now, people will know that one man saw the light, and inspired millions to feel the warmth".
creative writing, editing, lyrics
fashion, film / video
Los Angeles, CA

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BELLA (Prod. NYGE1) by Chevelle O. Ryan

Black CaesarX

WHOA!!!!!!!!! 👊👊👊👊 (︶︿︶)👊👊👊👊8 Fists UP #BlackCaesarX Is there anymore I need 2 say???? Naaahhhhh Son

Travis Keller

I dig it although I coulda done without the robot auto tune thing but your flow is pretty good and the production was descent. A little too modern R&B sounding for me, but all in all this is pretty decsent. Keep me posted on new tracks.

Greg Golterman

The track is awesome - the sampling is killer and it totally vibes the whole time. My suggestion for hip hop tracks is usually to focus on the song form a little more when writing. A lot of times when there's no feature on a track, a song can start to lose its meaning halfway through because there are actually a couple song ideas within the one track. I would maybe focus on that in the future and be sure that each song is conveying the strongest message possible, then move onto the next one.

Overall I really liked this though - keep at it!

Mike Mineo

The deep and emotive beat of "Bella" helps craft a constantly entrancing crawl through moving hip-hop/R&B with a striking dubstep influence. I'm loving several aspects of production, from the melodic autochord vocals around 01:30 to the standout minimalist fire from 02:30 -> 02:50; Chevelle's delivery is thoroughly impressive on a consistent basis throughout. The little lush bridge around 03:15 sets up nicely for an awesome finale where Chevelle takes on an otherworldly sci-fi electro feel reminiscent of Shabazz Palaces, which is very complementary. Really digging this track a lot -- no criticisms on my end. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details regarding my PR servicing (rates, success stories). Thanks for the submission! -Mike