Jason Purcell

Jason Purcell

Jason Purcell

David McNickel
Music Publisher - david.mcnickel@hotmail.com.
Alberta, Canada

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Think Music Label Sampler March 2017 by Think Music - David McNickel

Jason Purcell submitted media.

Modern Man by Jason Purcell

Brody Ramone

GREAT voice! This is a nice mellow track that is not only produced well but written well, also. Production is spot on. Keep up the good work!

Michael Hunter

I like the mix of acoustic and electronic instruments, and the subtle way they work together, as opposed to one trying to overwhelm the other.  The song itself benefits from this approach with its subtle feel.

It is somewhat difficult to describe the vocal style - the best I can come up with is that it's "human", by which I mean it doesn't sound over-synthesised or treated but is there with what comes across as real human emotion, and a human "imperfection" at times that somehow makes it stand out more as a result.

Interestingly, the song needs to be heard at least twice on first listening - once for the music and once to listen to the lyrics properly.  That was my experience, anyway!

The production works to my ears as well; I like the way different instruments subtly become more apparent at different times - as I hear it anyway.

I should be able to find a place for it on my show here in South Australia, and will put a link on the show blog afterwards.  Thanks for sharing!