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Surfacing from the beaches of South Florida is Stereodyssey, an experimental electronic project from musician and producer, Justin Balcom.
West Palm Beach, FL, USA

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Anomalies by Stereodyssey

Haydon Spenceley

I like this a lot. It has a smoothness which is beautiful, but the way that you have used glitches adds a nice touch of uncertainty. I kept waiting for a breakdown or a drop that never came. Perhaps that's something you could think of for future tracks, or on the forthcoming EP - a bit more light and shade, something really aggressive. 

Being as I've not heard your work before (sorry) I don't know, but have you used vocals at any point or are you planning to? That might be smoothing to explore, but it depends what your aim is with this project.

Thanks again for reaching out with this. I think it shows real potential. I'd be really keen to hear an EP when it's ready.

Priya Shah

Another magnificent sound. 

I know I promised I will post Earthchild. And believe me it's still on my mind. As for this track: there is something very raw about it. Love the overall vibe and the spacey yet melodic atmosphere. 

Although my suggestion is to create another version without the 'scratching' (Sorry this is the closest I could get to finding a word that refers to the repetitive scratch like technique. Hope you get what I mean). This is so that we can hear a more coherent, upward scaling track. 

Alexander Tudor

I can definitely hear those influences - Aphex, BoC, Gold Panda - with a strong pop sensibility in the top-line, but also the kind of glacial low-mixed drone that gives a track a sense of depth and mystery to keep me coming back (or drift into, in a club setting). One to watch!

Alex H.

This is interesting: I'm not usually one for instrumental electronic tunes, but this one kind of got me. It is, simply put, very pleasing to listen to, probably because of its moderately paced beat and the little sounds of chimes overlaying the melody. It has a quite relaxing atmosphere and is really well-produced. I can see this do really well in synchronisation for multi-media or advertising. Good Luck with the EP!

Jen Dan

Hey Justin!  Thanks for asking me to provide feedback on your intricate and involving track "Anomalies".

You definitely have a knack for crafting interesting sounds into an actual song.  What I really like about your output is that the sonics/notes/instruments you use are pleasing to the ear and not noisy, dissonant, or too out-there.  Then you blend it all into an understandable progression and evolution of sound.  Even though there's a lot of complexity to a track like "Anomalies", it flows easily and delightfully through the ears and the mind.

I enjoy your use of contrast within the track; juxtaposing the slow, sustained, ponderous, slightly melancholic tone of an expansive, extended synth line with the myriad of electronic notes in various forms playing off of each other throughout the song.  You also get a nice rhythm going as well.

I'm not as familiar with the effect that you use where specific notes are fast-repeated for a split second here 'n' there.  I mean, I have heard it before, but not that much in most of the songs I listen to, so that caught me by surprise and it kinda made me freeze every time I heard that technique because I thought that the playback of your song was stuck!!  LOL  But I kinda got used to it and went with it and it makes sense in the structure of your song.

I love the mid-section and ending, where you have those delicate, bright, tinging notes; two runs of them and one with a touch of reverb on it.  That's beautiful to listen to.  And, again, I love that contrast between those light notes and the burgeoning, extended synth ambiance.

All in all, a great job and I really, really like "Anomalies" and, as it's a good indicator of the rest of your Anomalies EP coming out at the end of June, I'd say you have a winner on your hands.

Clayton Warwick

It could just be this song, but it's a little on the mystical side for me. With that being said, it's very well layered, providing the listener with a very textural experience. I can definitely pick up the influences you stated (some of my alltime favs). Feel free to send me the EP whenever!

Chase Ohlson

0:33 the bass arrangement seems a bit off compared to the wavy synths. 
1:05 really like the percussion, brings it all together
1:22 the 1/8th note high hats at the end of the bar are a bit much for me
1:42 love the liquid sounding samps 
1:55 the stuttering is too much
2:10 melody could be simplified and not so filtered 
3:12 i think you need to stick with one of the higher melodies, not both, and reduce the amount of stuttering you do with the percussion

Orange Peel

Really into those synth textures and atmospheres. A little bit too repetitive in my ears, it feels like the "refrain" is missing, but all-in-all another great track!

John Masters

Reminds me of early Boards of Canada and even a little bit of Aphex Twin.  A tad more melodic than BOC would normally sound, I like the little glitches and breaks. Got a nice xylophone sort of vibe to it.

Will Abramson

this is really cool. it takes awhile to get there but the payoff is good. around 2:32 i'd love to see another dynamic enter the picture because i get a little tired of that rewind/repeat effect but i'm pretty into it. towards the end, that effect gets annoying. 

Parth Barot


Thanks for your interest and for your submission.

So I had a listen and I think you have a great track here. You've incorporated some really enjoyable sounds and melodies in here and I love the contrast between both halves. I do wish you had more breakdowns within the song and perhaps switched things up because after 6mins it does feel a little "samey", but you've got a solid foundation here and I'd listen to the song regardless.

Many thanks!

Ju Cruz

Hello Justin,

Can definitely hear a lot of Bonobo influences on this track: that organic sound, gentle basslines, and progressing downtempo beats. Is this taken from your debut EP? I'm pretty sure the track is capable of attracting a wide array of electronica listeners, especially when you've developed a certain style that will let your sound be distinct, and eventually, flourish.

Nice work, Justin. Keep on going.


Søren Lund Korsgaard

Hi Justin, 

nice layered and shimmering sound. Really like the watery feeling to the track and the sparkling synths midway. What I don't like is the stutter effect. I think it's overused in this case. Also I think the track could benefit from an addition of more organic elements like for instance an acoustic guitar, bells, strings or real drums. For reference try to listen to The Album Leaf (the LP "In A Safe Place") which I think your music reminds a bit of.
I like your other track Earthchild better since it has exactly the more organic feeling to it that I'm talking about!

Jennifer McGillan

Excellent use of tones, great narrative tension. Very much want to hear the rest.

Stephen White

The minimalist electronic sound and slow gradual build of of 'Anomalies' makes the track feel more cinematic than conventional. Texturally strong, the song makes great use of the space and time created by it's own length, with the sudden glitches making a palpable impact on the song when they enter. 

Mike Mineo

"Anomalies" projects a dark yet oddly comforting sound that sits in the realm of spacey industrial electronica, driven by a lowly brooding pulsating bass that swells around sporadic synth twinkles and subdued percussion. The track's first real melodic shift, the twinkling additions around 02:10, introduce some great production effects -- particularly the key stuttering that takes place throughout the next minute. This leads successfully into an interlude reminiscent of Boards of Canada with its elegant barrenness, with the percussion-less feel being a nice fit for the icy keys. When the interesting production effects set in, the track carries off beautifully into the sunset with this aforementioned winter-set melody. Really impressive work -- thanks for the submission. Quite atmospheric and gripping. Look out for a post in the near future on Obscure Sound, and feel free to reach out to me at for details (rate/success stories) on my digital PR servicing. Have a great weekend! -Mike

Ben Sodwee

Nice ! Sharing on social profiles...

Music You Need

StereOdyssey gives us quite a treat in "Anomalies." A mellow, ambient and instrumental introduction wavers into the foreground as a calm bassline invades the scene, with accompaniment by a dirty synth. Then the hip hop beat comes in, giving the track some rhythm, shortly after a melody enters which consists of a bell sounding synth with a simple note sequence. Then finally the harmony, which sounds like electronic flutes chirping away; an almost Asian garden sound to the track. Another soaring melody comes in this time, adding depth to the song. A quiet vocal slide gives some attack to the percussion. And then the bridge. A beautifully written piece with high quality instrumental synth sounds that make the listener get lost in the music. The beat slowly comes back in, and the main harmony layers on top, perfectly rounding out the song. Really love this one from StereOdyssey and hope to hear more in the future! 

Going Solo

I featured this song in the blog, I really like the sonic experience you're offering here. Unlike your first submission, I definitely hear more complexity here. You can keep submitting your work to blogs like ours, but at this point, I'd suggest to start looking for media with skills in electronic music. You need advice and honest feedbacks from experts. FACT, Soundwall, Magnetic Mag can be good choices.

Leks Maltby

A slow-burning atmospheric intro crescendos into a seriously heavy synth bass assault on the senses. Dense and multi-layered, an all-out orchestra of synthesizers swell ad provide a pulsing heartbeat, effectively bringing this song to life. Around the two-minute mark the song hits its stride, bringing some foreground synthesizers out of all the delicately layered background noise. This song is in every respect an exercise in gradual progression and layering. The synth solo at 3:30 is truly inspired, and reminds the listener why electronic music is still the most progressive genre being performed in the twenty-first century. Furthermore, this song makes excellent use of intentional glitches and stutters, to force the listener to avoid falling into a hypnotic lull, and at all times keep focused on the progression and emotion inherent within the song.

Tom Johnson

This is nice, really dig the various levels it has. Prefer the quieter/more refined moments, think it gets slightly lost when it expands, would be interested in hearing it in the context of the whole EP though. There are lots of blogs covering electronica - use hype machine to find out where similar artists to yourself have been written about and contact them directly. Best of luck with the release. 

Disco Naïveté

Seems like you've done your homework - good reference points, complex but appealing sound. Really strong track. One thing is that it's maybe a bit too long, but I know that's the tendency for this type of tracks so no real comment from me there.

Given the richness of the track and the specific niche it sits in, I suggest to focus on electronic outlets for starters when developing your online presence. FACT, Dummy, Pitchfork, blogs and websites showcasing this kind of music - things like that. It's less likely to end up on blogs covering buzz bands (that type of things) (like myself) because it doesn't fit on it - you need an experienced electronic music listener for this (remind yourself they can be very critical - as they should). Focus on the right outlets & grow from there.

Kevin Hugger

With a set of comparable electronic artists to make you salivate quite messily Stereodyssey sure does keep good company. And ‘Anomalies’ is assuredly old skool with Orbital’s ‘Snivilisation’ the precious artefact that most springs to mind as it unfolds before your very ears. Like the British siblings the singular Stereodyssey appears to enjoy lounging about in the abstract which means that ‘Anomalies’ flip flops in plenty of unusual directions instead of settling on a central hook. This style certainly ensures longevity if done carefully so the trick on these occasions is to ensure that the sum of the many moving parts adds up to a meaningful whole. And this is where Stereodyssey takes the laurels because while ‘Anomalies’ breaches the 6-minute mark it feels like half that. This is a glorious rumble in a jungle of computer bleeps and wheezes that has character to burn. I’m off to do it all again. 

Stereodyssey submitted media.

Earthchild by Stereodyssey

Jen Dan

Hiya Justin!!  I really like what you're doing with Stereoddyssey on this song and I can't wait to hear more from your upcoming EP.  The intro of the children's exclaiming vocals is cute and apropos to the point of "Earthchild" and I enjoyed the contrast of the shaken metal percussion and brisk hand claps (or is it wooden clacks?) against the nocturnal synth ambiance that is extended slowly over the faster, rhythmic pace.  You add various instrumentation smoothly, like the hand drums and occasional synth and piano (?) notes.

The overall effect is down to earth in a good way, with an overlay of more expansive atmospherics.  I really like that upbeat, sparking tempo rubbing up against the more contemplative, floating synth vibe and reflectively plunked notes near the end of the song.  

You also intersperse the tune with the gleeful burble of kids' voices, which is great, although the very end of the song cuts off a bit abruptly.  There's a kid's enthusiastic voice and it sounds like he may be vocalizing "Whoop" or a similar sound, but the very end of his exclamation is cut off.  Otherwise, it's an enjoyable, thoughtful, rhythmic song.  Thanks for sharing it!

Orange Peel

Love the ambient, quirky synths, kid-vocal-samples and those harps. Excited to hear the whole EP. Those high-synths could maybe be a little more rich in variety, but altogether a curious listen. Also your mystical appearance works great with the music. keep us up-to-date!

Priya Shah

This is magnificent! 

Love the dark, tribal vibe to this track. All the elements in the track are balanced perfectly. The end result is a wholesome and complete package of a fragile, bittersweet quality. Will definitely share it on Getting Deeper. Thank you!

Going Solo

So rad! I had a crazy trip listening to this.. there's something in the finale that scared me to death, I guess it's because of the reprise of children's vocals. I really like the way that the song goes dark, slowly but keeping the rhythm. Good job! 

Keep us updated about your work:


Tom Johnson

It's a nice track, production is on-point. I get the feeling it's something that would work better in the context of the EP rather than as a stand-alone track, as it's quite vague (in a nice way). Look forward to hearing the whole thing when it comes out, thanks for sending across. 

Sean Adams

This is great. Can imagine it being something our readers would like. Once you've got an album ready to roll drop us a line. In the meantime, you should definitely email my friend - he manages Gold Panda and Luke Abbott, and may be able to point you in the right direction.