Sydney Friedman

Sydney Friedman

Sydney Friedman

Sydney Lauren has been in love with music her whole life but didn't develop her passion seriously until high school. She is currently studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Sydney is primarily a vocalist who started learning the guitar and piano in her early years of high school. It was important to her to have the ability to accompany herself while singing. Learning these instruments is also what sparked her interest in songwriting.

Some of Sydney's biggest inspirations are Christina Perri, Sara Bareilles, James Taylor, Carole King, John Mayer, and others.

After joining a cappella, and falling in love with it, Sydney started writing songs. Her writing comes from a place of truth and a way to connect to others. Songwriting is how she expresses herself.

After spending a year at a college with not enough music for her,  she took a personal risk and auditioned for Berklee College of music to follow her passion. That is currently where she is proudly studying songwriting and music business, as well as developing herself as an artist. 

Sydney has grown from being an overly shy person to a person who craves the feeling of standing on a stage singing and  sharing a piece of her heart and experiences in order to relate and connect to others.
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Sydney Friedman submitted media.

Burying Love Alive by Sydney Lauren

Cougar Microbes

Did not expect what I recieved from the opening 30 seconds but after an initial tiptoed entrance Sydney Lauren offers a superb little pop track. It is possible that this type of brightly colored pop may not appeal to everyone but it makes a welcome change and displays more substance than recent female fronted BIG singles.  While "Burying Love Alive" doesn't entirely divert from a typical pop blueprint Lauren there seems to be a large focus on songcraft that makes the track both genuine and appealing.  Of all the moments I feel the hook on the chorus elevates the whole track.

Travis Keller

First off, you've got a great voice. Not only can you really sing but it's unique and has some weight… or some soul to it. I really like your voice. This song on the other hand is the opposite of your voice… it's not unique, sounds like some cookie cutter pop to me. I don't mind the production, in fact it's pretty well done. I'd just like to hear you doing something that's a little more you and a lot less every other wanna be pop singer. First off, pop music is crowded. It's like wanting to become an actor… I always feel sorry for those people, cuz the odds are stacked against you. I'm not sure what your influences are or who your favorite artists are but can I give you some homework? Some records to check out, see if you dig em and see if they inspire you to create some more challenging songs. And by more challenging I mean, in structure, lyrics and theme.

Listen to Rowland S. Howard - "Teenage Snuff Film" (first song "Dead Radio" - the lyrics are amazing. Check the first line…. You're bad for me like cigarettes but I haven't sucked in enough of you yet!)

Mazzy Star - Any of her records…. in fact all four. The best being "she has brightly"

Stevie Nicks - Blue Demin

The Chromatics - Kill For Love album. Lady -

AA Bondy - Check out his first two records… "American Hearts" and "When The Devils Loose". I think out of everyone who doing americana or folk…. basically a guy and his guitar… aa bondy does it the best. his lyrics are next level. Alway have double meanings and great reference points.

Lana Del Rey - these two songs, lyrically are great. &

Suicide - "Suicide" - The coolest keyboard record ever! Not easy to listen to… but a masterpiece. MIA sampled the first song for her "Born Free" single.

Neu - This doesn't have much to do with you…. cept it's a record I think everyone should hear. It demonstrates how a song can be one or two notes…. be try simple, almost child like simple… and still be good. in fact great!

PJ Harvey. This is m fav of her…

Patti Smith - Horses - I always thought of this record like the veldt underground… but female! Lyrics for days!

Disco Naïveté

Quite nice - going to give the rest of the EP a listen as well.

Mike Mineo

Sydney Lauren touts a sleek electro-pop approach on her infectious track "Burying Love Alive", which reminds me of Erasure's recent material in its polished array of glistening synths, strings, and vibrant percussion. This track's central point is the outstanding chorus, which has loads of airplay potential in its easy-to-remember appeal and tremendous replay value. Although "Burying Love Alive" isn't breaking down any stylistic barriers, those seeking out radio-friendly electro-pop with some inventive flair should find immediate solace in "Burying Love Alive", a great example of Sydney Lauren's strengths as a vocalist and burgeoning pop star. No criticisms on my end. Keep up the nice work! -Mike

Sydney Friedman submitted media.

Delete You by Sydney Lauren

Mike Mineo

"Delete You" is a modern-minded pop song led by energetic synth arpeggios and a youthful vocal lead working around a conventionally friendly club/dance build-up. Although it doesn't defy any stylistic norms in its first 01:30, plenty of unique stylistic attempts - most successful - emerge afterward. In its conventional sections, "Delete You" gets everything right about the accessible radio-friendly electro-pop domain in its catchy simplicity. More impressively, the pitch fluctuations around 01:30 mark the beginning of an impressive burst of stylistic ingenuity, jump-starting a minute or so of commendable stylistic exploration that I would love to see more of in future tracks from Sydney Lauren. I'm more personally keen on obscure types of sounds, so the 01:30 to 02:30 section really seized me in a good way compared to the rest. There's lots of potential here; keep up the great work! -Mike