Stefan Aronsson

Stefan Aronsson

Stefan Aronsson

Creative entrepreneur, music producer, writer/composer, mixing & mastering. Founder of Stupid Dream Records, @baronbane @redcellmusic & @termfunc
music label, music production / mastering, music performance

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Kevin Hugger

What a smouldering piece of music to hear first thing in the morning, with this on rotation who needs the birds in the trees. The vocals are otherworldly and the general atmosphere is of something that hovers just above the surface of reality. Baron Bane’s cover is blown just before the minute mark however when ‘Fire Play’ gathers all its 80’s synth signature points and maps a course to the melodic lowlands. The players in the promo ape the robotic kraut movements of yore but ‘Fire Play’ has a belly for getting itself noticed rather than operating in the cool shadows. This is uplifting stuff, a nod to the past that remains steadfastly in the present. Expect future love.

Amazing Artists

Good to hear your second single, having first discovered you on Ruth Barnes' 'The Other Woman' show on Amazing Radio. It's more Abba meets Siouxsie if you ask me, don't hear the Morrissey, but whatever the musical references, it's a nice slice of Scandipop with a little darkness thrown in for good measure.

Listening out for it to be played on Amazing Radio, fingers crossed it's hand picked by one of our DJs for airplay.

Thanks for sharing it on Amazing Tunes, and here on Fluence!