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Moving Forward by Omega McBride

Joe Hova

The production isn't very good, seems cheesy for the style of the song. Lyrically it's good and the singing sounds nice on the chorus. The breakdown is cool too, I dig the backing harmonies on that. It begins to grow on you once you get all the way through the song but I'm not sure if I would lead with this as  the first single. Overall I dig the concept. 

Stacie Wyatt

I like the beats. I like the message. I liked the lyrics. I been set back. I been ignored. I am moving forward. I also subscribed to his channel on youtube

Omega McBride submitted media.

The Beat Goes [Lyric Video] by Omega McBride

Stacie Wyatt

I liked the lyrics on the screen. I was confused at the line about Jesus. Not sure it it worked or not. The chorus is nice but can be tad bit shorter. too repetitive. Cute love song but 


It is a descent song.  The lyrics are a bit light but good.  Would like to see something a bit stronger lyrically.  It is like R&B light to me. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this artist in a few months to a year.  Also what was up with the sideways video at the end?

Omega McBride submitted media.

#Dominate [Promo Video] by Omega McBride

Stacie Wyatt

The initial beat is nice. The floating text isn't needed. Doesn't add or take away from anything. Just distracting. The creator could have used non floating text in a box with his social media information. or even a link to his primary website. I also liked the lyrics

Greg Gali

Thank you for your submission! I really enjoyed the direction of this submission, an uptempo EDM style track with a solid commercial rap on it, i think you are headed in a very good direction with your project and it sounds very current!. I don't think this particular track is your smash hit but musically, but i think you are going in a great direction. As far as the overall vocal arrangement, i would have loved to hear a bigger hook on this track, stacked and layered vocally. While the "go hard" chant was good, i thought a bigger hook maybe even a singer, or both would have really delivered this track,  the rap timing was in the pocket and artists voice was very good in my opinion. I would love to here more as your project progresses.

Best Musical regards
Greg Gali

Rex Buchanan

I like the upfront approach on this one and I think it should be relatively effective on youtube and social media. I can tell its a self made video using iMovie which is ok but I'm wondering if you made the beat yourself or if its a bootleg with your vocals over the top? Maybe say it's your beat if you made it. Maybe incorporate some video content of you performing if you have any. Thanks for your submission! 

Omega McBride submitted media.

Gunz N Rosez by Omega McBride

Darrell Smith

Lots to like here.  The production is really dense at times, I think the track would benefit from a bit of thinning out of parts.  If the intended "vibe" is hip hop with Carlos Santana sitting it, then mission accomplished.  I'd recommend stripping back some of the other elements (bells, pulsing reggae organ, some of the string parts).  Is the guitar a feature or a background instrument?  Break down is solid.  

Its a great song.  Open up the production and you'll have a great crossover hit on your hands.

David Cox

Really digging this. Great message and music is real musical. The poet element is nice and hook is tight. Song is well recorded. If he was performing in Toronto, I would check it out. 

Aaron Suplizio

This is a strong track and one of my faves so far on Fluence.  Strong vocal performances and production.  I particularly like the instrumental feel, particularly the guitar floating over the track.  The song feels comfortable-maybe the way to take this over the top is to add a bit more risk...maybe something less predictable and out there.

John Waltmann

Great production..chorus vocals are solid and layered well. Bridge of the song brings a nice change of vibe. I like the lead guitar showing up in the last minute or so bringing it all back to the intro. I think the intro vocals bring a powerful message and meaning to the song, but possibly would consider removing for potential opportunities in sync licensing. The title of the song could possibly be confusing for some listeners, I thought I was going to be pulling up a hair metal band based on 'Gunz N Rosez'. Thank you for sending and great work! 

Rex Buchanan

I like the intro speech on here. Nice mellow beat and showing us a softer side of Omega McBride. Definitely picks up some heat towards the bridge which really brings it home. Are you guys going to start putting together music videos for your songs? I could definitely see a compelling story told in music video form for this tune. Thanks for sharing! 

wayne leeloy

dig the flow and content....thanks for keeping the track melodic and powerful.
made it easier for me to really listen to the lyric.

id shorten the intro a little...or come in w more of the melody first.

production could use a little beefing up. mix feels a little thin (missing the punch from the bass / drums).  i do like that elec gtr riff on the chorus, though. makes it feel bigger than it really is.

get creative w visual branding. what you have here is limiting.

otherwise, I really like it!!

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