William Cross

William Cross

William Cross

Trenchard is a new 4 piece band from Bath playing indie post-punk originals, taking influences from the likes of The Smiths, Bryan Ferry and Bloc Party. With members having received airplay from BBC R2 why not have a listen, you may be surprised...
United Kingdom

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INFINITY by Trenchard

Shayne Locke

Thanks for the listen guys. In my opinion, I think the song would work better if the music didn't drop when the singing started. I saw it more as a Wall of Sound in a similar style as Oasis. Not bad for a demo. Interested in hearing a final product with a view to play it on our Unsigned Project Radio Show. Cheers.

William Cross submitted media.

Stubborn by Trenchard

Bob Lugowe

Overall I liked the song and can hear the potential in the band if you put in the right amount of work.  I thought it took a bit too long to take off and that the intro could use some work since the rest of the songwriting is quite good and it contained a catchy chorus, well written lyrics and a really enjoyable ending.  

The demo sounds very raw but with the right engineer/ producer this could really be taken to the next level.  I think if you spend time honing your craft a bit and getting into the studio with the right people that you could be on to something but that should come first before promoting the demos.  Lastly I would suggest including links to check out the band in the description.  Best of luck!

Andrea Young

I’m liking this track.  The vocals are spot on attitude-wise and match the tone of the lyrics and the music.  I can hear the Bryan Ferry/Smiths influence.  Great energy and attitude.  Good production values.  I might suggest shortening the instrumental intro (it runs about a minute and could work much shorter), but it has its’ charm as well. Send a high quality file and I’ll look to include it on Aspenbeat at some point in the future.  Thanks for this submission, and continued good luck with your music.  

Aurora Berill

I love the energy and rhythm of this song, a perfect blend of post-punk and indie rock sound. I would suggest recording a song properly in a professional studio environment, it would definitely bring your song to life. Keep up the good work guys!

Thanks for sharing your music with me!


This is a very pleasant light pop rock song.  I really liked it.  It is simple and catchy.I would love to hear something a bit heavier come out of this band.  However, I would love to play this song on the station.  

D Grant Smith

Fun feel, toe-tapping tune. Nice recording too. Would be a good indie radio track. Submissions would be welcome. Contact me for details.

Leks Maltby

A long meandering de-tuned electric guitar lead intro followed by an uptempo, stuck in the garage take on pop music. Recalls the work of great British bands of the last decade such as Good Shoes, The Bridge Gang, and the vocals echo Bloc Party at times. Very catchy and accessible, if not light on production values. Both raw and immediate yet accessible and inherently likeable. I would love to hear this song overhauled in a proper studio with a producer at the helm.

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Commodity by Trenchard

Cougar Microbes

This speaks to my early 90s indie/alt rock sentimentality and is a track I'm really digging. The drum track is especially spot on and while the vocals aren't "perfect" in the traditional sense for me they perfectly fit the track and the chorus is especially memorable. The whole track could probably benefit from a slight remaster/remix to add a little punch to the vocals and guitar. Also If i had to nitpick I would also say the solo towards the end is perhaps a little too long... but mentioned that is nitpicking, and having said all it's definitely something I would return to. 

William Cross submitted media.

She's Like California by Trenchard

William Cross submitted media.

Commit To Thought by Trenchard

Traci Hoffman

Trenchard has something going here. I was impressed. This is music I can relate to and the sound of the band is near perfect. The tone of the lead singer and the drum beats a superb. 

Andrea Young

You all have so many things going for you – strong songwriting, foot tapping indie rock beats, solid band performances, high energy with a young fresh appearance, …..keep on!  
I’d suggest posting your lyrics when you can wherever you can, they’re one of your strengths.
Pitchy vocals around the 2 min+ mark, they need to be worked on to be more on the mark more consistently in this song.  Also, songswould need more production/mastering effort to be considered for radio airplay.
Enjoying ‘Overton Window’ and ‘Facetious’ as well.
Thanks for your submission and good luck with your music!