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Johnathan Loos

Johnathan Loos
North Carolina (by way of Deleware) singer/songwriter, Johnathan Loos, was always inspired by the expressive process of joining melody with careful wordsmithing. His debut solo-album, "Storm of Peace", represents the delicate and meticulous, spontaneous and unwieldy, unending honing of the craft. Loos' music is characterized by strong vocal performance, musicianship, and composition. Both sonically and lyrically, it thrives on opposition and the counterintuitive. As it is delicate, self-aware, and pining, it is rhythmic, driving, and nonchalant - with a keen eye on the subtle dynamics of love, loss, and identity. Loos maintains a full plate, working as a studio engineer, mixer and producer in his home studio in the foothills of North Carolina, as well as a researcher and touring musician. For more info, visit
music production / mastering, music performance
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Chestnut Hill by Johnathan Loos

wayne leeloy

i love the loose production and live drums on this track. I'm a sucker for anything that is a melodic loop.  Guitar sounds are awesome, as well.
nice love story...

it's a little long for me, but I understand sometimes it takes the time to tell the right story.

keep it up!

Kimberly James

It's a nice song. I enjoyed it a lot. The only thing that bugged me is you have a voice that is a little weaker than Darius Rucker,, which is a compliment by the way, but I get lost somewhere in the song because it's missing something...a hook maybe, an emphasis on the chorus more. It just feels like the same voice completely through. That said, I really like the song a lot. Great job.

Johnathan Loos submitted media.

Korilynn by Johnathan Loos

Max Schneider

First off, I think you have a really professional sound, i dig it. It’s very full and the arrangements compliment each other well with the violin in particular adding a nice touch. 
I gotta say though, It’s a little too polished and clean for my taste. I think a little grittiness, both in the attitude (meaning I’d like to hear a bit more attitude in the vocals) and recording style itself, would do wonders for this song. I would recommend checking out A.A. Bondy’s first record “American Hearts” or the Dylan “The Bootleg Series Vol 11: The Basement Tapes Complete” (the official one that came out in 2014) for examples of what I mean. Let the imperfections show through a little more which I think will only highlight your personality.  
	I would also like to hear more dynamics. Think of the formula The Pixies used (and Nirvana took and ran with) which is known as QUIET, LOUD, QUIET. Seeing as how this song is pushing six minutes, I feel like a wider dynamic range (and just ear candy - like maybe shakers, tambourine or even whistling - I always say there’s not enough whistling in rock n roll - example: “Patience” by Guns N’ Roses) would make sure to hold the interest of the listener all the way through. Really belt out some of the lyrics (like make me feel some of those lines), add background vocals (maybe some “black-up singers” ala Rolling Stones “Sympathy For The Devil”), add more guitars or shakers or whatever - just stuff to keep it fresh throughout. Build with layers…. start minimal, then add layer after layer and then maybe strip it back down for the ending. Dynamics man! 
	Now, I know I just picked apart several different aspects of your songs, but this is not meant to be a negative review. I think you have a really good sound - better than 90% of the bands in this genre that I hear - and I see lots of potential. Keep going, you're further along than most people! However, I think a few small tweaks would push your music over the top, making it phenomenal. You are a good songwriter, vocalist and storyteller and I would love to hear how you evolve as time goes on…. so keep me in the loop as far as new songs go. I will definitely do my best to keep an eye out for your music in the future as well. Thanks and keep on rockin’ in the free world!

Josh Deane

sonically, it's beautiful. Love the guitar sounds a lot. I see your engineering skills paying off. 
as far as the song is concerned, I like the verses more that the chorus, which I feel should be the opposite. I'm just generally not a fan of talking about going to a specific place (going back to NY city), but other people might like that. There are moments when your voice shines and is big, full, and full of character-- but there are also moments that lull. But DEFINITELY keep writing and recording, man. I think that if you wrote a something with more of a alt/country vibe and song form, you could do something great with it. 
good luck!

Kimberly James

First off, THANK YOU, for not singing about having a beer on your truck bed with a girl in daisy dukes. It gets old. Ahhh, being on the road, I could have used this song while on tour last year broken down on a mountain pass on New Years day. It's nice to hear New York City in a country song instead of Nashville, and I love the steel guitar. I could see Zac Brown buying this song from you. Great voice and you know how to formulate a song well. Nothing like an artist that understands creative writing. Good job!

Shayne Locke

Hi I like the track and would like to listen to more of your music for either Soul Traveller Radio - or the new Unsigned Project Radio for indie artists launching in January - and the test transmission is

Chelsea Schwartz

It's not quite up my alley, borders on the country side, but for what it is it's great. Studio work is beautifully crafted, the vocal is smooth and if you ever make it to LA you should consider playing Hotel Cafe as they will eat you up there. Recommending this to a friend who adores this genre.