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Wait by Chess

Achal Dhillon

This has a very interesting twist of tempo when the "punch" of the track kicks in - I certainly was not expecting this at all!

The initial segment reminds me of something rather twee - say, Bjork's "It's So Quiet" or the more dramatic end of the performance-pop spectrum like Marina & The Diamonds - and in my mind while admittedly I'm not a huge fan of this kind of music personally, in this instance I don't think it really marries up with the rather sexed-up aethetic that Chess seems to be going for. Image-wise, this has got commercial pop music written all over it and I don't really believe an artist should derrogate away from this.

The thrust of the more up-tempo segment of the song seems to make much more sense to me; live-wise I can envisage a choreographed performance to run alongside all this. I'd say your primary aim is to route this through radio rather than blogs per se. The fact is the song is very pop and its not easy to detect an edginess that would necessarily render it "cool" enough to blog about; a much more viable route would be to market this to mainstream radio outlets such as Radio 1 and Capital in the UK. On that note, in terms of production, this could certainly do with a bit more polish - everything from the tracking of the electric guitar and the beats to the track sound very artificial which won't stack up against the multitude of pop artists - both signed to major labels and otherwise - that service this kind of music to mainstream radio outlets on a regular basis which have the advantage of being A&R'd and supplemented by a lot of different producer submissions.

For what it is, I think it's a strong pop track, but clearly it needs refining before it is released to the world at large.

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