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ghost | by madelyniris by madelyniris

Kristin Schloesser

Honestly, this is a perfect song. Truly. Rich, textured.. clean layers.. BEAUTIFUL voice. I hope you are earning revenue as a songwriter, or are licensing your music for placements -- it's definitely solid for film / TV, etc. Good Luck!! and thanks for sharing!

Mike Mineo

As its title would suggest, "Ghost" is a haunting yet beautiful ballad from rising artist Madelyniris. The simply adorned but wholly effective chorus - "you're a ghost to me" - is immediately captivating, carrying the listener to the percussive introduction around 01:10 and to the track's impressive heights thereafter. The addition of an crawling electric guitar for the second chorus is a nice addition, minimal enough to leave the emphasis on Madelyniris' sweeping vocals but impactful enough to avoid repetition; the same applies to the strings in the subsequent bridge/chorus. This is a pleasant track that's certainly ear candy -- nice work! Look for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future. Thanks for the submission! -Mike

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Brody Ramone

I really dig this track.Soft, alluring and haunting! i would love to feature this track during an upcoming show. Please follow me on my socials and lets get you some on air play!

Ciaran Steward

Love the way that the track builds and the vocals have a wonderful breathy quality about them.  There's a really good balance to the harmonies and I love the way that some of the instruments bubble under the surface. Given your bio I assume you've already sent this to any local radio stations/arts magazines. Worth trying to hit up a selection of music bloggers around the world to see how the music goes down - I can see people here in the UK really enjoying this!

Kami Knake

I like the vocals, music, production, lyrics. It's all good but not great. I think the big think missing is a hook pulling me in. Everyone's years dance to different melodies so it may be the right fit for someone else. But I would be very interested in hearing more songs from this artist. 

Emilie Lorre

Thank you for sending me this song.
First of all, thank you for adding the lyrics of your song in the description. As a non english-speaking, I really appreciate that, especially that my english isn't perfect yet :)
When I saw your age, it has made me think about other young singer-songwriters I've discover few years ago such as Cara Salimando (also known as Novelette) or Annie Drury.
You have an amazing control of your voice, as much in the softness than in more powerful notes. The song arrangement is great. Each thing has its place, there's nothing too much.
As you may have guess, your music is squarely the kind of music I like. So I've taken the time to listen to your other songs. I like the way you write. Each song has it's own universe, so we don't get bored at listening to your music. On the contrary, your songs are haunting and it's hard to stop to listen to them. 
I've really enjoyed the adventure of discovering your last EP !

Ryan Chisholm

hi maddy, i like the song. i see you are raising money on kickstarter to shoot a video. look forward to seeing that. keep me posted on how things develop

Mike Mineo

It takes a mere second or two for the power of Madelyniris' voice to take hold on her gripping track "Ghost". Initially propelled by a graceful piano lead and gentle heartbeat-like kick drum, the angelic quality of her voice can't be missed -- both in the fragile beginnings, and the more vibrant percussive-accompanied sections that follow. The subtle additions of the electric guitar from 01:45 onward is a nice production choice to expand the track's structure; it truly lifts off upon the dual vocal layering after the two-minute mark. The halted minimalist section - "when did the fire leave my bones / when did the fire leave your eyes?" - immediately following by the string-laden burst of effervescence is my favorite moment of the track; it's a gorgeous transition that perfectly blends Madelyniris' powerful vocals with the stirring backing arrangement. Fantastic work. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in hearing more about my digital PR servicing (rates, success stories, etc.). Keep up the great work! -Mike