Michael (Nawt)

Michael (Nawt)

Michael (Nawt)

I'm an artist who happens to rap and produce upbeat music with a cynical point of view. Follow if you like that sort of thing.
Abandoned near a river in Vietnam as an infant. 
Adopted and raised with an American background.
Cut teeth with thugs and drug dealers.
Became a parent and changed his perspective on life and focused on music and moved to Los Angeles.
Signed to some small labels from 2009 - 2011 releasing limited vinyl, cd's, and cassettes. 

"Iconoclastic" - LA Record

"Catchy" - Giant Robot

"A punk poet" - American Apparel's VIVA Radio
Los Angeles, CA

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The Racism I Go Through by Michael (Nawt) Nhat

Kristin Pedderson

Thank you for sending your track for review. We found the track compelling and interesting. We also thought it was original and timely. We enjoyed listening and felt the only thing that may be a deterrent to some, was the repeated use of the words fuck you- this may be offensive to others and we believe you can make your point using other words without offending sensitive ears. 

Black CaesarX

WOW Just what the doctor ordered. Very innovative I love this approach, while the subject matter was serious, it brought a smile to face just after going some racial prejudiced talk on social media, that most people just don't get. You had a unique uncanny way of revealing the truth about peoples labeling and invalidation techniques.

My only complaint especially for Vevo is that the vocal audio sounded a bit over driven? 

Otherwise an excellent avant-garde work. I will certainly place this on my reverbnation video player for Worldwide streaming consumption and #HashTag humble brag, if BlackCaesar says it's hot people know to rely on that.

Andrea Young

This one stopped me in my tracks.  Not radio friendly, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it.  Love the rap and the beat and especially the social justice message, made me sit up and listen.  Really well done.  Video is well done too.  I would come out for a performance as a happening, but don’t see a place I can promote this commercially.  Keep on! Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.