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All Eyes On Me by Heather Harvin

Achal Dhillon

Firstly, well done for all your past and present acheivements. It sounds like you've done a lot and worked hard to get to this point.

I really like the lyrics; you're more or less reeling off the thoughts that go through every new artist's mind when they're just getting started out. Musically, the track is okay. It feels like you're going for the same performance/delivery style as say Lady Gaga but you will need edgier/more advanced production to stack up against those kinds of acts. I'd consider pairing up with new producers for sessions and seeing what you come up with before unveiling any further music.

Try checking out some tastemaker blogs end-of-year lists that focus on new producers, or simply reaching out to artists/producers that you're a fan of to go in for something speculative. You'd be surprised at the amount of amazing new music that can be constructed over the internet, if you're concerned about hooking up with people around the world...

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