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Set You Free (CUZZINS Remix)[POP ROX MUZIK] by Scotty Boy Ft. Nina Sung

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HUGE banger from Cuzzins on his new remix of "Set You Free" by Scotty Boy. Massive energy from the get go, leading into a ridiculous build, and then the tension breaks with a super melodic bridge. The vocals from Nina Sung come in, and the synths used for the build come back in, layering over top of the beautiful melody. Some lasers start shooting off as the vocals are reverberated, then another electro synth is brought in, which drops into a big room trap style banger and short little electro stabs at the end of each four bars. The second build and drop gives the listener even more energy and gets you ready to jump. Intense and well done remix from Cuzzins. Check it out!

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