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Quantum by Heiress To Atlas

Disco Naïveté

Given your specific questions, here are some things I hear in the song that you could use in the description: Darkness, cow bell-chorus, heavy synths, a more poppy and female SOHN, space pop. Things like that. Good luck with the track!

Mike Mineo

'Quantum" is a shimmering electro-pop ballad with a charismatic vocal lead and full-bodied synth backing, which reminds me of later-era Erasure in its polish and spacey exterior. The vocal delivery really hits a great point around the 01:10 verse, reminding me favorably of Charli XCX, who is currently chopping the charts. With that comparison in mind, "Quantum" has considerable radio friendly appeal, with an innovative stylistic edge showcased by moments like the stomping 01:45 bridge, which resembles Crystal Castles in its idiosyncratic melodic twist. Capped by another go-around of the infectious chorus, "Quantum" is a solid electro-pop anthem that serves as a great introduction to Heiress to Atlas. I'll be posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Also feel free to reach out to me at if interested in hearing about my digital PR servicing (rates, success stories, etc). -Mike

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Good energy and a nice, strong vocal as well as being well-paced. Sounds a bit generic in places (but in others the music itself reminds me of Van She) but if that's what you're going for, great :) I'd definitely check out more by you, it's not to my personal taste however I know people who will enjoy it. Promising.

Brian Hazard

"Renegade synthpop." I love it, before I even hit the play button! Which I will do now...

Massive sound! Great vocals, and it has a cosmic vibe right off the bat. Maybe the photo tipped me off.

Super catchy chorus! I'm a sucker for a IV-V-vi progression.

Fantastic instrumental breakdown after the second chorus as well. Structurally, everything locks in perfectly.

I've got minor quibbles on the mix/mastering, but I always do, and it doesn't sound like that's what you're looking for anyway.

Bottom line, this is really polished and presentable, and "renegade synthpop" fits the bill to my ears! It sounds current.

Comparisons... How about CHVRCHES meets Glitch Mob? I can hear a little of each in there. Purity Ring or Grimes might be other "sounds likes."

I have no idea about press outlets, as I'm 100% direct-to-fan. I will say I tried looking you up on Spotify but you're not there. I'd remedy that!

Thanks so much for sharing this with me! I'll share it with my followers on Twitter right now.

Andrea Young

If promoting, I’d say this track is right on when it comes to L.A. based synth pop worth a listen.  Performing live would be one of your strengths given the female vocalist and the music itself which presents in a very solid dramatic style.  I just got on your website and must say you all don’t look anything like what I expected, you have a much less alternative look than the music.  That could work in your favor, is it working for you all?   Press outlets – alternative press outlets in L.A. and possibly Northwest (Seattle).

Brody Ramone

Where have you been hiding! Totally love this track! Follow me on my socials (twitter: @brody_ramone and FB and lets get you on my shows STAT!

submitted media.

Heliotrope by Heiress To Atlas

Danielle Langley

I really enjoy your sound. Beautiful vocals with sultry and dark synth instrumentals. Reminds me a bit of the gothic sounds of Evanescence. My only suggestion is to add a bridge that would allow the music to break and switch up the feeling of the song. 

Brody Ramone

Great track! Dark and moody and not over done. Very well put together piece. I was hoping for a little bit more of a swell for the chorus to enhance the overall piece and to make it stand out a little more. I think the finished track as is, is ok, was just hoping for a little more oomph!

Brian Hazard

So glad you found me! Love the sinisterness of this track, right from the first beat.

"Up to our eyes in hand grenades"? Hope I heard that right, because it's a great line.

Vocals are wonderful. A little hard to hear at times, but then a bit out front at other times, so I think it's properly balanced overall. And then there's SoundCloud's encoding, which throws a big question mark over everything.

My only thought production-wise is that you might try (more of?) a longer reverb plus a delay on the vocals. The pads in the chorus will suck it up and make it hard to hear any effects, but the verses seem a touch dry compared to the rest of the mix. Fwiw. I dunno... I'm always accused of going light on the effects, because I like an intimate sound. But for a heavier track like this, the added sense of space could be a good thing.

I'm really impressed with this track! And surprised I haven't heard of you before. Keep up the great work! I look forward to hearing more from you, and I'd be delighted to share this with my following on Twitter.


I like this song.  It is a really good solid track.  I would love to play it on the station and am looking forward to what else you have.  

Andrea Young

Strong, heavy electronic rock vibe.  Well produced, great composition and sound for this genre.  I love the vocals.  It looks like you are performing live in L.A., I like the concept of what you are doing and would suggest building your following through your live performances, and to continue to work on your sound and your music.  The song is good! – but doesn’t compel me to include it at this time in a playlist.  Thanks for your submission and good luck with your music! 

Chelsea Schwartz

I'd almost label this as dark wave, which is more exciting to read in my inbox than an electronic duo (so I'm glad you submitted here instead of a press release I would've ignored). Would be interested to hear more, possibly see how it translates live (any upcoming LA shows?) and definitely get a MP3 of this to play on our radio show in the new year.

Shamal Ranasinghe

You guys have talent and can put together a clean tune. I like this song and what you're trying to do here. I just wish it ripped more and peaked me out or hooked me in a more captivating way. I'm going to recommend Brian Trifon in the Bay area for great production feedback if he could be helpful. Also, I think Brian Hazard could also be helpful and could share it with his followers if he likes it. I would also share this with new audiences who are on Fluence not for music but for fashion, technology, and other areas of interests. Send me a message directly if you'd like more help.

Mike Mineo

"Heliotrope" initially resembles the dark and swelling electro-pop of Crystal Castles, with the purple/blue tones in the cover image reinforcing that eerily fun electro-pop sound. With a forceful synth-bass combining with the passionate vocals, it isn't long before this passionately dark delivery casts a hypnotic spell on the listener. The chorus is surprisingly effervescent and anthemic, providing an interesting contrast of sorts to the darker and submerged vocals; the chorus is soaring and radio-friendly, like a more inventive version of Evanescence. With the atmosphere established as it's intended to be and a variety of present hooks, I don't have any criticism of this fun effort. Nice job -- look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in rates/success stories regarding my digital PR servicing. -Mike

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