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1st Album Preview by TH/S /S SH/T

Wayne Baxter

This is great guys, really interesting stuff - thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted once you have more material out there.

U. Noise submitted media.

Paraldehyde by Th/s /s sh/t

Kenn Richards

I like how different it is. I was constantly surprised by the arrangement, and for me that is a good thing. I think with a more structured mix it would be a stand out sound. Good mix of genres too! Maybe some remixes are a good idea to get the track in front of more people. I would suggest Splice as a place to find some like minded remixers. 

Martin Bryant

Interesting stuff - I bet it's great live. You've captured a really noisy, distorted, almost punk vibe here. I do think the 'wiggle it just a little bit' that comes in near the end jars a little with the rest of the track (as I associate that phrase with 90s cheesy dance), although it's good that a vocal comes in as it adds something extra to the track. I'd have been tempted to bring the vocal in earlier though, to keep the pacing of the track moving forward.

Reji B

Very interesting composition. I can see this song fitting in on a FIFA soundtrack.

Greg Gali

Thank you for your submission! I really like the overall concept and direction of this project. Before writing this feedback i also listened to "Hemp" and "Transition" on your Soundcloud page. I dont think the production was currently polished enough for release as of yet, but i understood it was in demo form. I think live production of electronic "Style" music is great, and i believe if you release a very professionally produced / recorded/ mixed/ polished version of your music it will be Great!

Best Musical Regards
Greg Gali

Mike Mineo

Electro-rocker "Paraldehyde" emits a series of insect-like synth buzzing and melodic vocal samples in its fragmented and abstract intro, with the first sense of melodic cohesion arriving around 0:55 in the form of a shimmering guitar arpeggio. This melodic lead helps the synth buzzing and vocal sample form a solid backbone that is accompanied by all sorts of pleasant sounds -- from the prog-like organ/chiptune varieties of the 01:30-02:11 to the pleasant electro-pop/alt-rock hybrid that arrives shortly thereafter. A constant insect-like buzzing throughout makes the cover art particularly apt, so great work on that artistic direction as well. At first I didn't know what to make of "Paraldehyde" and its abstract buzzing, but it only took a minute or so for the structure and hooks to emerge. Patient listeners will certainly be rewarded with this track, and I commend you for the unique stylistic exploration. Great distorted build-up to conclude it, too. I'll be posting this on Obscure Sound in the near future. Feel free to reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in hearing about my digital PR servicing (rates, success stories, etc). -Mike