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Mogass (Original) by Axel Knox

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Axel Knox goes hard in "Mogass," his new original. With a smooth and melodic progressive house intro, beautiful vocals and a powerful build, you have to wait to hear any big bass until 90 seconds in. The drop catches you by surprise, with a super old school acid house vibe that reminds us of underground techno parties from the 90's. There's a second build, which gathers even more energy than the first and gets the listener losing themselves in anticipation of the second drop, which thumps on the subs and gets super weird in the instrumentation. Very fun and classic sounding track. Enjoy.

Kevin Hugger

The sense of yesteryear is hard to dispel on this track, the feeling that Sheffield’s Gategrasher could be about to rediscover its late 90’s glory days. And Alex Knox’s ‘Mogass’ makes good on this promise by splitting itself in equal measures hard trance and acid house. Listening to this at home doesn’t feel right when it deserves to be booming from a box surrounded by sweating masses.  Where the piece might fall down is that the inevitable crescendo, which threatens to reveal itself on several occasions, never materialises. That said it does approximate Josh Winx’s ‘Higher State of Consciousness’ towards the end which for many could be enough to instigate a sense of heightened euphoria.