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Cougar Microbes

Great vibe on this track. It almost feels like Alice Glass, formerly of Crystal Castles fame, is fronting a Giorgio Moroder 80's coke fueled production. 

The track starts off innocuously (a word I surprisingly didn't have to spell check) enough but as soon the sax is dropped in it's clear this isn't quite the average production. The intent is very clear with the keys building a steady and recognizable foundation that the listener can follow and vibe too throughout. 

The aforementioned vocals drift in and out of the mix in slightly spooky fashion (which leads to the earlier comparison) and the slight retouches makes the delivery sound affected.  Those vocals alone would do well to lead a track but then the addition of the sax is a hark back to the glorious 80s. 

Overall a good job and almost a shame when the track ends. 

Critics may suggest to tone down the sax influence but i'm keen on it. 
p.s. Having listened to other material on soundcloud i see a clear stylistic theme. Good job

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Donal Scannell

Yes I'd mentioned this in the previous review I did for you - it shows you get the dancefloor.


Miley Cyrus would be proud of this mix.  It is really good mix.

wayne leeloy

like this version. it's such a stellar track to start with, but you gave it a fresh perspective. I like the way you doubled up the vocals in the 2nd chorus and then the string break down around 2:40.

nice work.

also, it seems like you messed w song structure (verse / chorus / bridge structure). if so, pretty bold, but smart.

nice work overall!

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wayne leeloy

this is a really well produced and melodic track.  I would have like to have seen a little more dynamic range in the way you used the beats and breaks to build more tension, but all in all, I think you did a great job.
doesnt hurt to have such a stellar track to start with!

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Read My Lips (preview) by Dickreuter

Aaron Suplizio

Love the layers and the build on this tune.  Sax feels organic, the bass is funky, cool vibe to the vocals.

All that said, I was expecting it to build into something bigger...I think the foundation is there for a hip-hop track or a cool r&b vocal as opposed to a longer all-chill track.  Just something to consider.

Great sensibilities overall...very musical.

Danielle Burnstein

I really like the use of percussion in this. It comes in when it needs to and leaves when you focus on other aspects of the song. The saxophone part also really adds and gives a great vibe to the track. The piano part, which is very catchy, makes sure the song stays stable all the way through. Overall, well done. 

Birsen Birdir

It has a funky soul rhythm to it, like the sax. Very soulful and relaxing. The "read my lips" stands out and has a more electronic feeling to it where as the rest of the track is smooth soul. I know it's difficult to mix those types together sometimes, but for this track I advise staying focused on one area. Great job though.

Here's track that has a balance where each one compliments the other - The Trumpet feat Ackermann Castelli Ipanema

A.j. Logan

Catchy, not too much sax being played in today's music. Really enjoyed it and curious if I can get an MP3 copy sent to! Thank you!

Donal Scannell

Great tune, lovely feelings but if you're a DJ (which I suspect you might be) you'll know that this tune has a limited window in which it can feature in a DJs set. It's a warm up tune and can only really work at the early part of a set which severely limits how big it can ever. Listening to your Miley Cyrus remix it's obvious that you understand big tunes and big vocals so it would be great to hear some of your own material that's directed towards being a floor filler rather than a warm up tune. When I DJed I had tons and tons of warm up tunes I loved that I never got to play. The real gold as we all know is in driving people crazy and I think you know how to do that! All the best.