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Michael Hunter

OK, there's a few aspects that are likely to intrigue a viewer or listener enough to want to keep listening to or watching this piece. The didge itself of course is still an exotic instrument to many people but even if not, it's interesting to see the artist play various percussive instruments at the same time. The visuals are not only appropriate but there's some really nice use of angles and landscapes - altogether very creatively handled, such as the use of night time scenes nearer the end.

I wonder if there is a particular purpose for the music itself, though?  In other words, is it meant to be meditative or trance-like in which case I can easily see it working as such.  Or is it meant to be a "listening experience" on its own - if so, it might be somewhat repetitive in terms of rhythm and pace and could possibly do with a little more light and shade in the arrangement?

Although as a "music and visuals" package, I think it works very well just as it is.  

There's very clear talent on display with the use of breath and control of the instrument, in any case.  Certainly a good introduction to the artist's work.  Thanks for submitting it.

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