Dan Howard

Dan Howard

Dan Howard

Live & Studio Sound Engineer, Producer, Artist Manager, Energy, Automation, Ideas.
Sound Engineer, Producer, Artist Manager, from New Zealand
Hamilton, New Zealand

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Into The Air by Bruno Merz

Andrea Young

Male vocalist with an ethereal singer-songwriter vibe, I like it.  And I would love to play it on one of my radio shows, please send along an mp3 to andrea@aspenbeat.com.  Would be nice to have the lyrics too.

Heather Willensky

You've got a beautiful voice and the composition is really lovely. It sounds a bit like the level on the multiple-harmony section around 1:45 might be peaking out and distorting a little, and you might want to bring up the level  on the vocals thereafter as they seem to drop down quite a bit after the chorus. Overall this is some really gorgeous work. Well done sir! 

Marcus Brooke-Smith

Really enjoyed this. the interplay between the picked guitar and the piano in the opening verse is spectacular and without it the guitar would be come repetitive. The chorus is a little over produced for me but musically it lifts the piece very nicely, would love to see it live and truly stripped back.