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Sky McElroy

Sky McElroy

New Orleanian. Business Development @ExpandTheRoom. Founder @RudeFoxRecords. @TheHowlChicago @SportsLeisureNO @luxley_music.

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Thierry Voyer

Jolies ruptures rythmiques, bonnes harmonies vocales, énergie maitrisée. 
Le final est un peu poussif mais on termine en ayant envie de réécouter le morceau.
Belle découverte


this is a really good song.  I could see how the timing on it could put some people off but I think that's what makes it so good.  It is like very light math rock (very light).  I would love to hear what else they have going on. 

Drew Thurlow

"Angular rock band" is the perfect description. There's a lack of good solid throw-back rock bands these days. I really like the song and the playing. Melodic singer and good lyrics, and very interesting and tasteful vocal harmonies. I like the arrangement and tempo changes as well. I'd like to see the band push their playing a little bit (especially the singer and his range). Overall a really solid song and effort. 

Sky McElroy submitted media.

Penny Lazo

Great track!  Melodies and chorus are fluid   This would do well in Europe as well. I can see this band playing the featival circuit. Onecritique the backing sample is a little monotonous, but overall works pretty well. 

David Cox

Love the melody and vocals. Really well produced and recorded. Love catchy hook and can see it being well received by fans at live shows. Wish you the best with the Alt-J tour, i think that would be good fit. 

Wayne Baxter

Hi Ryan/Sky - really feeling this track, congratulations. It has that india-electro-versus-1975-feel that seems to be the 'in-thing' at the moment, plus it's catchy-as too.

Unfortunately, Spirit doesn't fall within the kind of genre we would post on Stagedoor FM, but we'll definitely be keeping an eye out on what you're doing moving-forward (particularly on the remix front). If you don't mind, I'd like to pass this across to some other blogs who may be interested.

Keep up the good work!

Birsen Birdir

Absolutely enjoyed every second of it. Great work, great production, very catchy song, high energy. Reminded me of a sunny summer day. No doubt it's going to be a success. Thanks for sharing, would love to hear other songs and see you live. Good luck with the EP! 

Fluence Team

You guys have talent. I like the synth sound and pop feel to this. Actually my wife would love this kind of music so first thing is giving it to her. She was in music PR (@nazleejannoo). She loves Everything Everything and your music reminds me a bit of them except I like your music and sound more. Thank you sending this to me. I'm going to refer some folks to you but you may have found them already (Brian Hazard?).

MRG Management

This is a great track.  Love the structure, lyrics and arrangement. It's catchy and has great momentum and absolutely makes you want to hear more from Luxley.  I liked and not loved because while I think it's a great album track or even a B side it's missing something to stand out as a true single.  I'll definitely share it and listen to more of your music.   

Chris Wise

Hey guys, 

Really liking this a lot :) 

Has a really great energy and opening, and the track doesnt disappoint

Lyrically it has a good flow, and the music keeps you well entertained throughout 

Its the kind of music just has a great energy and is very syncable for ads and TV campaigns 

A really great pop / indie crossover 

We would be up for signing you 

Keep up the good work 


Jason Drake

There are parts I really like and parts I' sort of "eh" on. Reminds me of Passion Pit and the instrumentation is great. Much of the melody is nice but the last half of the hook needs some work melodically, along with a few lyrics sounding a bit "pitchy". The vocal mix also needs some finessing. 

This could be a very strong song if these things were tightened up a bit, definitely a radio-worthy track. Just a few hurdles, along with it's likeness to other bands, that could stand in the way. 

Brody Ramone

Hold on, I need a second, because I think I may have fallen in love! I totally dig the overall groove of this track! It has an old school MGMT sound to it which always leaves me in a happy mood. The track is well produced and arranged. Would you be interested in an interview? If so, follow me on my socials and lets set something up! 

Matt Gross

The beat is awesome.

Bill Werde

this really grew on me over a few listens. on first listen i liked it, but thought it might be a little flat - that could be a million things, from my speakers to the compression to the mix. i went off and listened to some songs that i thought were in the same vein - in particular, lightning seeds "pure," postal service, chvrches "mother we share." i was going for ethereal, pretty electronic indie rock that i loved and trying to figure what was missing from "spirit." because again, to be clear, i really liked the parts but the sum didn't completely enslave me on first listen. 
the only thing i really came up with was i might like to hear this mixed with the voice maybe 5 percent higher in the mix. but to be honest, by the time i went back and listened to "spirit" a second or third time after listening to those other songs, i came to think it compared quite favorably - the hooks/chorus were sticking more, i found myself anticipating builds, appreciating the stripped down bridge etc.  This is great stuff. One of the few Fluence submissions I'm happy to organically share with my network. Congrats! 

Mike Mineo

Luxley's "Spirit" is a briskly upbeat indie-rocker with buzzing synth flourishes and anthemic vocal fixings. The guitar/synth interplay reminds fondly of Cut Copy and M83, while the vocals take an airy and hook-laden approach reminiscent of Hot Chip. Combining these two references, it's no surprise that "Spirit" is an infectious crowd-pleaser with heaps of radio airplay potential. From the effervescent "whoa-oh-oh"ing to the way in which the tropical guitar licks integrate with the arpeggiated synth trickles, there are plenty of contagious moments to love throughout "Spirit". I'm also particularly fond of around 02:40, when the static-y bass is featured over a sullen guitar crawl. It sets up nicely for the chorus' re-emergences during the final minute. This is a really nice track -- I have no criticisms at all, really. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in hearing about my digital PR servicing (success stories, rates, etc.). -Mike

Ryan Chisholm

Thanks for sending. I'm really intrigued to hear more. If there's more music please send. I was just poking around on Facebook and love the activity that is building.


I like the song.  It is very upbeat.  Reminds me of hanging out at the beach in the summer.  

Valida Carroll

I really like this. I bet you sound great live. Great energy....Great vibe. Your vox are really great...Love the layering...Gives it that kinda smokey and not too clean feel...Really great.
Music sounds great.
I like that the song breathes at 2:40...and how you slowly start bringing back all that stuff at 3:06...until it finally explodes at 3:20...Perfect.
And love how you introduce that bass sound at 3:50. 
Really...great great song.

Chelsea Schwartz

The music reminds me of old school Imagine Dragons (and all the "oh oh oh oh") and the melody/vocal has a MGMT feel. This could be something very special, would want to hear more tracks. Get in touch - this could be a good artist for our radio show and would love to know when they are playing in Los Angeles.