Ian Sides

Ian Sides

Ian Sides

Mind Vice
Bass player for Mind Vice, specializing in head-banging and ass-shaking grooves and machine gun fast slap lines. Also the man to call in Seattle if you need a bass player for a gig this weekend and need someone to learn everything by ear.
marketing, music performance
Seattle, WA

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Consumer Nation by Mind Vice


This is a great song!  I love the vocals as well as the actual music.  I would love to play it on the station.  The song is a little bit long though at 5+ minutes. 

D Grant Smith

This song goes all over the place from hard prog-rock feel to a classic rock presentation. Well done from the instrumentalists, particularly bass and guitar. It's rare to find a band with an amalgamation of styles pull off something like this. Soulful, powerful, and vibrant. Well done.

Bob Lugowe

I enjoyed this and it reminded me of a funkier RX Bandits.  The production is excellent and the fact that Matt Bayles produced it had me immediately interested in hearing it.  Your sound is definitely unique and this track in particular is really catchy with a lot to offer including the solid guitar solo and thought provoking lyrics.  It seems like you guys are on the right track with an official site, upcoming shows, releases on bandcamp and working with a big name producer so I would just suggest keeping at it and maybe hire a reputable publicist to promote your new work.  It would also be great if your official site had a bio as I checked it out but couldn't find any real info on the band.  

Marcus Brooke-Smith

Killer opening, especially from a sync point of view there is lots of demand for cool, confident, catchy riffs with a bit of swagger. This gets lost a little bit with the later guitar parts (particularly the lead) and vocals which feel overly sincere, this means that rather than dropping into something that could be the heavier version of Pharrell's Happy (which I was hoping for) we get something that is closer to the many bands that came in the wake of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, this kind of music is less in demand for sync.

From a purely subjective point of view I would also say that you should close the song at the 3:08 break, I like the music of the final section and ideally you could find a way to bring these in earlier as by 5:17 I felt very aware that the song had gone on longer than expected whicih was a distraction.

Definitely keep me posted on the rest of your stuff and I'll be sure to keep you in mind for any briefs that might suit you.


Chelsea Schwartz

Digging that groove, I've got that whole head/shoulder-bob-thing going. Reminds me of a song tobyslater did about ten years ago with a similar message. I do feel like the drums could pack more of a punch. The breakdown was a little weird for me. But would be down to hear another track to see what else Mind Vice has up their sleeves.

Ian Sides submitted media.

Thunder by Mind Vice