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Under Control by Thomas Gardner Jr.

Andrea Young

Very James Taylor-ish.  Love the harmonies!  The song is a bit slow in places, I want to speed it up a bit.  But I appreciate your voice and talent, and the acoustic easy-going vibe that is carried throughout.  The parts of the song with the harmonies border on being an earworm for me. Would like to hear other tunes from you to see if there's a tune more fitting for what I'm looking for.  Would like to see the lyrics on this one by the way.  But lots to appreciate here, want to hear more!  Please get in touch by sending a message through fluence and we can continue the conversation.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

submitted media.

California Moon by Thomas Gardner Jr.

Michael Canter

Simply an amazing song. We would love to feature it on Jivewired Radio and I look forward to watching your careers soar to great heights. Just a perfect song in every aspect. I love the honesty of your bio as well.

Paulie Hips

This is fucking great! I WILL be playing this record on my show, and people WILL dig it. It's like Ryan Adams on Psychedelics! That should be about as much of a review anyone needs to read. Fantastic man. 

Brian Hazard

I share Perez Hilton's thought: love the harmonies! And the way the chord progression opens up in the chorus. Just beautiful. It transcends genres and, to me anyway, comes off as universally likable. I'd be delighted to share it with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!