Canary Islands ( Spain )
Deeplastik is a Non Profit Organization music producer & Dj, Co-Founder of the NPO Armony.

Founder of AMHRecords, a record label belonging to the culture area of Armony.

AMHRecords devotes 80% of its profits to the general funds of Armony, for the design and implementation of international cooperation projects.
music composition, music, non-profits
electronic, ambient, trip hop, minimal, deep house, chillout, tech house

Recent Submissions

deeplastik submitted media.

Jonas Tempel

Groovy vibe. Like the spoken word. 

deeplastik submitted media.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I think this is a great track. I am going to refer you to some EDM curators who may be interested. Check out their profiles and see for yourself. You may have already sent it to them. Your track starts off as quality minimal vibes and sounds and then really picks up into a beautiful journey from two minutes on. It's solid and would be great in some playlists. 

Maria Mouk

simple and beautifully done :) the ending gets a bit long. and might be more effective with a sudden cut
i think its good as is musically, and i dont have any feedback aside for maybe the publicity council you might seek, id suggest appealing to collaboration with established artists- or getting someone to do a video for the melody, or something to diversify its out reach

nice job. happy holidays

Greg Savage

Hi Deeplastik,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking time to submit your song to me, it means a lot.

I was a little confused by the description as well as your song title. I was searching online for the original 'Infinity' song so I could compare and contrast.

Sadly, I wasn't able to find it.

Then, I noticed your description stated the following.

“Song included in the promotional video of the project P010, developed by the NPO Armony.”

So, I began looking for that project online. I did find something on YouTube

In the future, provide a link to anything relating to your submission. This will help me and others get a full understanding as to what you're trying to convey.


★ 0:00 I like the opening of the track, I think it would fit nicely (as a backing) for a short ad with short jump cuts that describe a person's daily routine of some short.

You'll see Army or Military commercials/ads doing this a lot. They have a backing track (similar to this) with rich dialogue etc etc

★ Focus on 0:00 -: 25 and create some variations here, create multiple versions of that time frame (musically) it has great license/placement ability.

★ :30 -  This is where I'm hearing more piano brought in, both low and mid range notes. I think the low end fits, the mid range is a little odd for me. 

★ 1:08 – I like how you began introducing the strings, but right when I feel they're going to carry the track it just loops back around.

★ 2:09 – The change made here with the strings also has good potential to be licensed

★ 3:30 – End This change here also has some potential as a backing track. I'd suggest focusing on it and adding alternative versions

What Can Be Improved:

I'd adjust the mix and take time to really put some realism into those string parts you have.

I'd also build out arrangements where the strings have a more prominent position. There are some sections in the song (1:17 -1:25) where the strings should be the focus, but it never fully matures, just kind of falls back.

That's just my opinion. I think there is a lot of potential here. 


I'm not sure if you wanted me to review the video to audio, but I figured I'd toss it in as this a field I work in.

As I watch the video with your music, I can see some parts where your song fits. For example, toward the end where the video footage is in slow motion.

Overall, I don't think the song fits the video well because the video has an uplifting message where as the song has more of a dramatic feel as well as tension.

When I look at the video I see the following sections

✔ The mission

✔ An instructors mission/goals

✔ His goal in progress/action

To me, this comes off as a positive video. People building a good community for children to aspire to do better things in life.

The music needs to reflect and compliment those emotions.

Again, lots of potential, thanks for submitting

- Greg Savage