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Blak Lyons

Blak Lyons

indie roots rock ► ◄ {pronounced: blak lee·óns}.
Blak Lyons is a band formed in 2009 by cousins Ezequiel de Lima (guitar) and Diego Antonelli (bass) along with Tomás Giambruni (vocals and rhythm guitar) and Francisco Bianchi (drums) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The band revives the roots of 60s and 70s rock, such as country, blues and folk, recreating them with a contemporary vision to create an original and fresh guitar-driven rock. Their sound is influenced by mitical bands such as The Band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Leon Russell and Led Zeppelin and contemporaries such as Kings of Leon, Black Keys, My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses. They recently released their first LP "Bygones" consisting of 11 tracks, recorded live in the same room with analog recording equipment to recuperate the warm vibe that's missing in music.

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Upper State by Blak Lyons

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I love the attack this has and the combination of your vocal and just a great guitar sound - in fact I already have it scheduled for a future round up of new music on my blog. Should be published in a week or two.

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