Jeff Shattuck

Jeff Shattuck

Jeff Shattuck

songwriter/producer, adman, writer, parent of twins, brain injury combatant
You've heard of people who hit their heads hard and wake up with new abilities, right? Well, that's pretty much my story. In 2006, I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and the blow seems to have rewired my brain for songwriting. I still can't sing, though, so I rely on a lot of friends!
Austin, Texas

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Jeff Shattuck submitted media.

Old Wounds by Jeff Shattuck (featuring Eryn Young)

Scott Cohen

Good solid track.  Nothing special for me.  Just a nice tune and nice recording.

Jeff Shattuck submitted media.

I Found Out the Hard Way I Should Have Done It the Easy Way by Jeff Shattuck (featuring Elliot Randall)

Eric Chen

Not my genre, but really good vocals and a nice tune!

C Bret Campbell

Love that simple guitar intro, Jeff!
Great voice. Love the way your tellin' this story! 
I'd love it if you sent us a tune at Mid Tenn Listens, our panel would really like your stuff.
Added to my Soundcloud faves. 
Wow, this is nice

Matthew Linsky

Love the clarity on the guitar intro. And your vocals! Great timbre. And how fast you hit the chorus! You've already won me over. I could stop here and still know that you've got the good stuff.

It's very apparent that you know how to write a quality song, but it could use some trimming. The bridge section isn't 100% necessary and it's twice as long as it needs to be. Cut that out and you've got a track that you can show to anybody with beaming pride. You could keep it in, but do you really want to learn the hard way?

Lauren Gribble

Hi Jeff! I really enjoyed the song. It has a great flow to it, and the backing vocals added a very haunting and calming quality to the track. I would love to hear more of your songs, so feel free to send more songs my way if you would like. 

Emilie Lorre

I really like the melody of that song, and in particular that riff in verses.  As you said in the description, it is relaxing and somber. You both have beautiful voices that go very well together.  I have enjoyed listening to your song.
I agree with you that the title of your song sums up it quite well, but I think you should find a shorter one to make it easy to remember for the listener. "The Hard Way" for example.

Scott Cohen

Really lovely track.  Great lyrics, voice and production.  I just feel that I have heard it before.