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One More Time by Robots With Rayguns

Bill Werde

This is the sort of track i particularly struggle with when it comes to feedback. Because on one hand, you've created a great vibe, a great feeling with this music. It drips that '80s electro/freestyle house vibe that, as a guy born in the mid-70s i absolutely love. 
On the other hand, however, what i love about those '80s freestyle classics isn't just that feeling that house DJs started aggressively sampling Speak & Spells (Google it, if you're young). It's that they also used these fantastic textures and grooves to create fully-conceived, and sometimes phenomenal songs. 
Check this link, if Fluence lets you:
Listen to those vocal hooks!
I say this especially in response to your work because, as much as I love the feeling and sound, 1. it does't really take me anyplace. Even without vocals I'd push you to make the track more epic, build in some pacing, take the song places. And 2. that little hint of a (i think) female vocal sample you use is one of the more compelling parts if the track. 
So in short: good start, but find a singer and build a song out of this. This track deserves it! 
Good luck...

Paul McFadyen

It's a big old 80s cheese sandwich but all the more fun for it.