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Paulie Hips

I applaud you! This music is fun, honest and incredibly well thought out. It's like Gary Clark Jr. if he wrote an album in the middle of his first Acid trip. And what a good trip it must have been. I can not wait to look up more. Please send me some or anything you would like me to play on JiveKiller Radio. or get them to me however you can. or just message and with your permission, I can play them on air from a website. People need to hear this.. It's a rarity a song makes me want to drink Whiskey and dance.  Usually, it's one or the other. Well done. please keep me posted.
Paulie HIps

Kristin Schloesser

Once in a great while, a song lands in your inbox that gives you goosebumps & reminds you why you're in this business. THIS is one of those songs. Don't change a thing. RESPECT!

Chelsea Schwartz

Love, love, love this track - especially the breakdown around 2mins15. This is definitely my style of rock n roll; that soulful bluesy indie rock. And the video is very well done / fun to watch. Would love to be kept aware of what this band is up to next year. Get in touch!