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Burn by Orchards

Michael Hunter

An intriguing, melodic intro leading into a continually intriguing song.  Not just the music but the lyrics clearly have more depth than the standard, inane "I love you, do you love me?" type.  I'm not sure I'd call it 'gloom' though, I think it just delves a bit more deeply than usual into the emotions of the listener.  I have no problem with the length; it gives the song the time it needs to expand naturally.  I also like the way the riff is almost pop in its structure to contrast the overall feel but still fits anyway!  It does sound a bit like a home production but is none the worse for that.  A solid effort overall.

Wendy Redden

Interesting sound, I would like to hear more. If you have an upcoming EP, let me know. My only critique is the length, could be a tad bit shorter. waaltmusic@gmail.com. Thanks for sharing! 

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