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Moving In Circles by Dolly Spectra

Emilie Lorre

Your song is like the picture you've chosen for it, quite original ! It brings a touch of freshness. I don't know why, but the atmosphere of your song make me think about the backstage of circus or street performances. The ambience that it could have between the different kind of artists when they are preparing for their show, a sad clown, a magician rehearsing his magic tricks, contortionists... Moreover you have an amazing voice ! I would be curious to listen to your other songs.

Maria Mouk

dreamy, electric circus, vaudevillian. with a bit of riot.
great voice.
reminds me of a few things that i cant place.
ill spread to some appropriate friends. and try to consider where an outlet for this might be appreciated.

Olga Knapinska

I got really interested and curious right after seeing that lovely colorful picture from SoundCloud’s link. I expected something extraordinary, and I got it. I also expected something mysterious or magical, which was there in a very weird but pleasant way, and after hearing “Moving In Circles” I am more than ready to hear more tunes of yours. This is that kind of stuff that nobody can pass by indifferently. Love it or hate it - I just want more. And I can just imagine a delightful, eye-catching, spectacular music video that could be created for this song! Art for art’s sake!