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Athiest And The Heretic by Evil Americans

Morgan Crozier

There are some decent ideas here, but the mixdown needs some serious work. When the drums come in around ~50sec. they overpower the arpeggios and continue to be much louder than the rest of the parts as we continue through. The mixdown/master is very "brickwalled" and makes listening to it rough on the ears, especially after listening to some equally "heavy" music.

I like the switch at 2:00, very cool, although the mix issues continue to persist. Again, the part at 4:20 is cool. There are really cool songwriting ideas in here, but the mix and master needs some work, which could also be helped by the arrangement. I'd redo the drums entirely to not be so "in your face" and perhaps make some sort of "hook" or "melody" that is repeated and referenced throughout the track to really tie it together.

Tom Szajner submitted media.

Matthew Kratz

First off I would say never use "world music" to describe your music.   Its a very dismissive term when you think about it and not very descriptive.

I like the track. It has great melodies and some really nice anthems. Its a powerful track.  It sounds very influenced by The Glitch Mob.  

I think theres a few things you can do that will make the track really pop.

Create more of a build up to the moment when the heavy guitar/bass comes in for the first time at :37.

The breakdown at :59 should happen later in the track. use the beginning to build more.

The main theme that comes in at 1:30 needs to be built up to.  It just comes in out of nowhere.

The drop at 2:01 is really nice.  

Again, the change at 3:30 should have some kind of build or breakdown before it.

I think the end needs the most work.  It seems like its supposed to be the most epic part of the track.  And it does that melodically but the drums sound very flat in this section.  Think what a rock drummer would do over a section like this.  It should feel very kinetic and hyper rhythmic.

The build at 4:22-4:33 is nice.

The final section just feels like a re-hash of what we've already heard.  The drums at the end, especially the snares at the very end sound very programmed and out of the box.  You've got the right idea, you just need to make it sound less mechanical.  And you need to give your drum sounds more texture so they don't just sound like triggered samples.

I think if you shortened the track a little it would solve some of these problems.  That way you can save your big moment for one section of the track and not repeat it.

Overall, great song. With some editing and some work on the drum programming its definitely a banger.