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The Gift of Life by The Dead Strange

Wendy Redden

Very trippy video and very nicely produced track - I almost want it to be longer!  If there is an upcoming EP, or most songs along these lines, I would like to hear it. Thanks for sharing, I really dig what you are doing with this I have no critiques aside from the length ha! shoot me an e-mail if you have some bio/info that I can possibly do a write up

The Dutch Guy

Awesome track! It's dark yet melodic, rock yet hypnotic! And the visuals? Those are wicked! 

Record Rewind Play

This is going well outside almost anything I've been listening to lately, and way heavier than my normal indie-pop leanings, but there are great hooks and moments all over the place and I'm digging it pretty strongly. The whole EP is great, in fact.