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Lightout by Jelani Sei

Rachel Cholst

I don't think this would fit on my blog, per se, but I can see this song being really appealing to people who are into indie pop and rock. It has a great beat!

Ollie McCormack

great feel to it - almost prince-like.  Nice tune.

Leks Maltby

Love the feedback-drenched opening guitar riff. The vocals recall the work of the Canadian act City & Colour, but the instrumentals are pure disorienting psychedelic-tinged madness of the highest order. The impassioned vocal delivery in the second verse is noteworthy, as is the de-tuned guitar solo that follows. This song definitely gets locked into a consistent and unrelenting groove that holds steady for the entire three-and-a-half minute duration of the song. The guitar solo at the very end is easily one of the strongest elements of this song, and leaves the listener on a total cliff-hanger. A very solid performance from start to finish.

Wendy Redden

I really dig this track - if you have an EP that goes with it, I would love to hear it. A bio or any additional info you can send would be helpful, will see about a post. waaltmusic@gmail.com Thanks for sharing! 

Disco Naïveté

Very moody - a bit too experimental at times for me, there's a lot of things happening at the same moment which makes the track very busy and sometimes hard to listen to perhaps..

Record Rewind Play

Love the guitars when you get into the chorus, but the bass gets a bit buried underneath occasionally (I'm willing to concede that might be personal taste). Would be interesting to hear with some really meaty drums, but I still love it anyway.


The vibe is great from the start. I love the vocals together with the gorgeous guitar riffs. My only comment would be that when the track hits the chorus, it seems to become a bit busy with the riffs, beats and vocals and I would suggest trying to make the instrumentals smoother, maybe even quieter so that it brings out the great vocals more as I feel they are slightly drowned by the instrumentals. Other than this, I love what is going on here and I cannot get enough of the guitar solo towards the end!

Emilie Lorre

Thank you for sending me your song. It's a great tune ! I've taken the time to check out your other songs on your bandcamp page. I've really appreciated your song "Kings". This song is by far my favorite among the 7 songs of your EP. Great job !

Shamal Ranasinghe

I dig this track. Lot of effects going on but feels like it works to confuse and mute the angst in the song a bit. I like the ending a lot from 2:40on. It's a higher energy tune from that point on, and I prefer that part of the song. Nice way to end it! 

Sean Adams

Thanks for sending. This is really interesting. Will check out the album on Bandcamp. Keep me in the loop when you have any new stuff. I've sent this on to Disco Naivete, Line of Best Fit and God is In the TV who I think might like it too.

Mike Mineo

A crisp guitar jangle and energetic handclap-led rhythm section kicks off "Lightout" in immediately infectious form. The initial guitar tones are particularly reminiscent of '80s guitar-rock, while the introduction of an additional guitar layer - in the form of a twangy squeal of sorts - around the 0:40 mark recalls the best of '90s alt-rock. The track is a fantastic example of how quality melodic rock can be made with a conventional instrumental arsenal and a few layers of production; the dual guitar layers, handclap-led percussion, and emotive vocals are a one-two-three punch that help maintain genuine intensity throughout. The little guitar solo around 02:48 is a particularly nice lead-out, with a twangy intensity rattling off over the alternating handclap percussion. This final minute does more than show off outstanding guitar abilities; it presents a very talented songwriter in Jelani Sei, who seemingly has an innate sense of how to incorporate wailing guitars melodically and cohesively into a concisely effective track. Look out for a feature on http://obscuresound.com in the near future, and reach out to me at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in details/success stories regarding my PR servicing. Keep up the fantastic work! -Mike

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