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Alan Poyer

I'm in love with this in so many ways.

A moving duet celebrating love, life, tenderness, and beauty found in that special flutter your heart feels when you see something amazing for the first time; forgetting to breathe.

Haunting octave-layered female/male vocals swirl with soaring guitar melody lines atop driving saw-tooth synths for the chorus (of sorts at :46); giving massive breadth rarely found. A true gem.

I've been following you guys since early last year, and will definitely do everything I can to share the word out and support your talent.

Neil Nessel

Cool track and great video that compliments the feel nicely. The vocoder on the male vocal (theres something inside that stirs when I see you)  was a little odd to me compared to the mostly un filtered female vocal which I really liked. I'd like to hear more tracks from this artist as I hear lots of potential as a pop act.

Tonspion Music Magazine

Great visual idea for the video, great song. Happy to post it on Tonspion. 

Travis Keller

I like the video. Looks super pro, cool simple idea. And that structure with lights... whatever it is... awesome.

As for the song, I think you guys would sound better with a rawer sound. The sound of a live band playing. The grit, the dirt and heavy real drums. Like record you guys all playing live in a room with minimal overdubs, maybe vocals or whatever you need. But if the production was rawer I think you guys would end up sounding more like Joy Division than Flock Of Seagulls.  You should dive into records like Violater by Depeche Mode (and Ultra too), New Order, OMD (their waiting for the man cover), Bauhaus (Go Away White is their newest and still amazing), Tones On Tail, Love & Rockets (listen to Sweet FA) and The Jesus And Mary Chain.

I'd like to see you guys become a little more punk (for lack of a better word) and a little less Starbucks. With the fake drums and everything protooled perfect and you guys singing really nice.... it's just very white. I'd like you to really feel something and REALLY sing it at me. Grab my attention and let it come from the heart. Sell me. Make me believe. Honestly, you guys have good voices.... but I have no idea what you're singing about cuz it sounds kinda boring. I'd like to see you guys become a more masculine new wave band.

I say listen to The Stooges - "Fun House",  Joy division - "Closer" and The Velvet Underground - "White Light / White Heat" each at LEAST once. Soak in that rawness. Soak in that attitude. And then deliver me something like that but through your filter. And sell me on it. 

Greg Gali

Enjoyed the song, I thought it was very melodic and vocal was well done. It was Refreshing to see great cinematography and expressive dancing in this video. I thought the song production could have used a bit more detail in my opinion, perhaps some violins, and lush strings and pads. Overall i thought this work was a very good quality, high quality submission. 

Best Musical Regards and Much Success on your venture!

Parker Crystal

Thank you so much for sharing this with me, Johnny.  I was immediately drawn in by the art installation in the background--thinking, "My gosh, a friend of mine posted an event of this type that took place in NYC awhile back"
I, then, looked at the credits.  Andy Mellon.  Hold up, Andy Mellon?  Is this the same Mellon that toured/worked with Mae during their (m)orning, (a)fternoon, (e)vening phase?  If so, then I was on the road with him back in the day!
The production is on point.  I really love the tone of the female vocal; it really works well with the male counterpart.  The cinematography is pristine.  The whole vibe definitely fits in with the Neon Gold family and there's already an audience for it--just have to spread it.

I'll definitely share via Twitter and feel free to reach out anytime or send me more from your project!

SD Hox

I really like this. The video has a professional look and Brodie and Johnny are captivating. I actually would have liked to have seen more of them and a bit less of the dancer (who is obviously very talented but was a bit distracting in this context). The song is really good. I particularly liked the harmonies and the subtle use of the altered voice effects (around the 2:25 mark). Too often these effects are overused...but not in this song. The song definitely makes me want to hear more from this duo. I also think Brodie and Johnny have the right look to turn a lot of heads. Great work and I'll be including Cathedrals in some of my playlists and will highlight the band on my blog.

Matt Mason

Loved you guys at PopTech and was fun riding back to Portland with you! Let's do something on BitTorrent soon!


Michelle Wu

A soft and dreamy song with a thread of sadness that pairs perfectly with the music video. This is what I'd listen to on a while looking out of the window on a rainy Sunday curled up in a armchair with a warm cup of tea. Their sound is a beautiful mixture of Beach House and Youth Lagoon. The vocals and lyrics compliment the mid-tempo synth sound perfectly leaving you with an atmospheric warmth. 

Ari Herstand

The production is fantastic. Excellent mix and great performances. The low male voice at the beginning is creeptastic! Very fitting. Would actually have loved to hear more of those kinds of vocal effects. 

When the bass and drums kicked in I got chills. Very powerful moment. 

This song feels like it could have been in the Drive soundtrack. If you aren't working with a licensing company, team up with one. This is movie placement gold!

In terms of the video, the production is super pro. What is that crazy light structure?! How did you find that?

I don't really understand what the video is trying to say. What's the meaning? I would have liked to see more of a story. Why are all these people getting it on? I'm assuming it has to do with "I'll nurse you back to pieces." But there's no story. 

What's the purpose of the dancer? I love dance, but it's nice when there's a function for dance. Dance can be a very powerful story telling technique - but here it's just a cool element. 

Because the song doesn't tell much of a story, the video could have been a great opportunity to create one. A bit disappointed that you didn't. A cool song is a dime a dozen. A cool video is a dime a dozen these days as well. But a unique STORY is unforgettable, can be incredibly impactful and will last forever.

That being said, it's a very cool song and video and could see this getting placed. Best of luck!

Steve Marchese

Great, memorable melody. Solidly emotive when those drums kick in. While its a bit more mainstream than the similarly hard-to-peg indie/electronic hybrids I tend to really love, there's nothing holding a song like this back from total alternative radio domination. I expect this in heavy rotation on SiriusXMU very soon, if not already. Very nice stuff. 

Bill Werde

I feel lame because I don't have much to add to this from a constructive POV. Because it's really stunning, enchanting and a lot of other words that sound dangerously like cliched hyperbole. 
But this is some of my favorite sort of music, a new form of pop that doesn't necessarily seek (and certainly doesn't take its cues from) radio. Hooks are present but not insipid. The point of the songs is an much to communicate a feeling as a lyrical notion. And the video's artfulness lives up to the song. 
In short, after I'm done with this session I'll be looking to see what other songs are available.
If I force myself to come up with something constructive to say, I could maybe push you on the lyrics; I think writing can always be more clear, more poetic, more metaphoric, more something. 
But really, this is a beautiful track. I'll add it to playlist full of guitar-meets-synth freshness, and maybe use Chvrches as a reference point for friends. I have to think music supervisors would love this for its tempo and atmospherics.

Tim Chipping

My god. Are Cathedrals not massive already? I feel like I must be hearing (and watching) a band that every blog and style mag is raving about right now. This has got it all, really. Particularly like that doubled high and low vocal near the start. Really distinctive. This beautiful track doesn't really put a foot wrong (although I'd have preferred an end to a fade out, that's just personal taste). And I don't think there's anything I could say that's going to help because this just sounds like 2014 and the kind of thing British music writers are going to get very excited about. So get yourselves over here quick.

The video is absolutely stunning and mesmerizing. A complete triumph.

Nina Ulloa

I love it, and love pretty much everything Cathedrals does. This is more guitar-centered than their previous work, but is still very compelling. Both the band and one of their publicists emailed me this song, and I've seen the video on FACT and Creators Project, so the promotion strategy seems to be on point. I wrote about it on DMN, but that was before I even saw this submission:

Indie Band Guru

Very professional music video for a band about to release their debut EP.  The visuals were very intoxicating especially the background lighting.  Very tough to turn away from.  The music was very catchy too and I could see this song becoming an underground hit.

Record Rewind Play

You have created some really stunning visuals here, to go with the pulsating rhythm of the track. The contrasts between the lights and the dark, the male and female vocals, vocals and harmonies and electronic and guitar sounds give it real depth and resonance.

Matthew Kratz

This is really gorgeous.  The production on the music and vocals is very nice.
I love how the beat drops in with that subtle baseline.
It has a quirky/jangly/indie rock feel that some may not appreciate but I really like how its used.
Reminds me of Cocteau Twins - Thats about as high a compliment as I can give it.
Great job!!!

Mike Mineo

Fairly immediately, the music video for Cathedrals' new track "Unbound" aptly shows off colors reflective of the group's delicate post-punk/dream-pop hybrid (which reminds me fondly of Beach House and Wild Nothing). Fragmented nocturnal hints of purple, orange, and red hazily sway in the background as shadowy figures show off some romantic chemistry and dance moves. It's a great video concept considering the track's mystical and shadowy, yet elegant feel. As far as the track goes, it's phenomenal! It finds a wonderful middle ground between guitar-led jangles and anthemic guitar/bass/synth exultation (as present in the woah-oh-ing chorus), with fantastic vocals reminiscent of Victoria Legrand's deeply moving croon. Again, fantastic work. Look out for a feature on in the near future, and reach out to me at if you're ever interested in my digital PR services; I can send the rate and success stories upon request. Great work! This is on replay. -Mike

Shamal Ranasinghe

I've seen this before and am a believer. I watched it again and think it's a super sexy and fun time. Not only is the song great, but the video is one you want to actively watch. Nice work.

Brian Hazard

Lovely song. Lovely video. I read the lyrics before watching, which I think added to the experience. "I'll nurse you back to pieces" is just brilliant. The guitar solo comes at the perfect time, and the tone and performance is really interesting. It holds my interest, more than just providing a break in the arrangement. I wasn't ready for the fade when it came, but I guess all things must end! Keep up the great work, and thank you for sharing this with me. I'd be happy to share it with my followers in kind.

Sean Adams

Good tune. Great video. Definitely send across the album when it's ready as we're much more album focussed.