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Your World by Los Waves

Aaron Suplizio

Fun, upbeat tune with great energy!  I think the breakdowns in particular help keep the arrangement interesting.

John Kuzara

Loved this track from the beginning. It's like a more exciting Vaccines, and a bit like Peace mixed with Vampire Weekend, bands I personally love. The singer's voice suits the track perfectly, the guitar mixes exceptionally beneath it with the bass. The jumped up rhythms are exactly what needs to be heard more in guitar: drawn out chords are overdone by other bands, and it's time to return to a more lo-fi sound to be recognised. It's come to my attention slightly after summer though which is annoying, as I could have seen this being one of my favourite summer songs. I'll happily cover this band on my website, so please get in touch if you'd like a longer review of your music! My e-mail address is john@kuzaradar.co.uk

Michael Moretti

Upbeat organic Phoenix mixed with Strokes rock-pop sensibilities. I like it. I'll write about this soon. 

Stephen White

Quick, succinct and pushed forward by fast-paced indie-rock sensibilities 'Your World' carries with it all the gritty energy of early Strokes records.

Crunching guitar and tight drumming underscore the listless vocal perfectly giving Los Waves a strong foundation to build their percussive sound around.

A perfect piece of straight forward indie-rock that embraces and augments its influences. 

Andrea Young

Catchy pop tune with good energy, moves right along.  Great vocals, guitar, radio ready!

Kevin Hugger

I wonder how much Los Waves (great name for a band by the way) have listened to ‘Is This It?’ because their ‘Your World’ could have easily slotted into its bright chord laden, dreamy vocal driven menu. This is a song that will strike a chord with a ready-made audience and could even find a nice place for itself with a savvy marketer and his latest TV advert. It’s cool, retro and freewheeling and points to a band who know what they like and how to recreate that sound with a great deal of finesse. All told this is a bright start for Los Waves.

Craig Roxburgh

This is just so happy. I'm hearing all kinds of beauty in this. Can feel a very British indie rock feel to it- with a dash of garage rock as well. You guys sound like Arctic Monkeys did before they went mainstream. Very gritty and very rock 'n roll. This is the kind of music that the underground scenes eat up, and then mainstream audiences hear it and everything just explodes as they fall for those catchy guitar hooks, the hazy vocals and the raw nature of the music. Love it.

Record Rewind Play

Hell, yeah, summer's not quite over as long as I'm listening to this. That's one highly addictive riff you have there.


This is exquisite. The track is extremely catchy from the start with superb guitar riffs and the vocals sound amazing. It has a great indie production and I will be talking about this on my blog for sure! Thanks very much for sending across the track and keep up the great work!

Tim Chipping

So would Los Waves be annoyed if I called them "the new Strokes"? They shouldn't, because I think the world needs a new Strokes. This is urgent, drunk, throw yourself about the room, snarly indiepop of a kind that's been missing from the sweaty clubs of Britain for a while.
Absolutely NOT my kind of music, but infectiously good enough to make me grin despite that. Future NME cover stars.

Olga Knapinska

I love it! I think it would be a really cool tune for a sunny, summery visual, because what you guys have and what I find brilliant is that California/Australian vibe, and when you combine it with your European style and taste - I think you could make some top songs without even trying too hard. I'd love to hear this tune live, it would be a perfect song for a festival or any other gig, I'd love to be in the crowd when you play it live! I haven't heard you other songs of yours but if they sound similar to "Your World", you should put more "psychedelic" and less "indie" in them in the future, because what I feel like is the most psychedelic at the moment are your looks (handsome looks to be completely honest!). Great job with the track!

Emilie Lorre

When I listen to your song, the rhythm and chords used in your songs seems familiar to me. It reminds me of a known song, but I can't remember the name of it. Apart from that, I have enjoyed listening to your song. Your song is lively and brings a touch of good mood.

Eric mcLellan

honest rock tune.  Good groove.  Vocal is a little lazy, but works well in the context of the song.  

Indie Band Guru

Nice raw energy throughout the song.  The Strokes would be proud of the music that they influenced.  I hope the energy transfers to the live show as well.  Good work.

Kami Knake

Catchy beat I like the song but it reminds be of The Strokes so much that it makes me want to go listen to their music. But I think there is potential here and would be interested in hearing other songs.

Mike Mineo

I'm loving the immediate surf-pop infectiousness present on "Your World", a new track from Los Waves. In the intro, I was immediately reminded of Ariel Pink's "Bright Lit Blue Skies", a stylistically similar effort with punchy garage-rock guitars that combine with suave vocals and deftly-delivered hooks to make an immediate impression. Rather than staying too much on the surf-y side of the things, the contagious chorus - propelled by the increased intensity of snare percussion - is excellently written and executed with garage-rock and power-pop flavors. Like the creme de la creme in those genres, "Your World" is immediately infectious to the point where its jangly melody becomes stuck in your head just one listen through. Insanely catchy, and fantastic work. Keep an eye out for a feature in the very near future on http://obscuresound.com, and send me an email at mike@obscuresound.com if interested in details/success stories regarding my digital PR servicing. -Mike

Leks Maltby

An instantly engaging intro, recalling classic records by the likes of The Clash. The vocals sound like those of any one of a number of indie-rock bands getting played on the radio right now, but Julian Casablancas comes to mind. In fact, the song could pass for a more dance-oriented reading of The Strokes circa 2001-2003. Over all, this song is packed with hooks and catchy riffs/chord progressions, effectively burning a permanent sonic tattoo into the listener's brain. Memorable to be sure, and not ashamed to wear its influences on its sleeve either.

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