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Teardrop Girl-Star by RobinPlaysChords

Michael Hunter

I think "simple but effective" would sum up both the song and the video.  In both cases, it starts minimally but builds at a gradual and appropriate pace and certainly didn't lose my attention along the way. It was obviously done on a budget, shall we say, but is none the worse for that, in fact it might all work together very nicely.

I like the build of the music from subtle to rockier, keeping the listener's interest as it progresses by means of the uncertainty as to where the song may go - will it remain on a steady course or explode into something else at some point?  It's not necessarily a standard structure for a song in that sense, which may be another reason for its effectiveness. When variations do come along in the song or the visuals, they are more noticeable than if it was a constant assault on the senses.  

Overall, a melodic well performed song with a clear mix and a confident performance, though it's uncertain from the video if it's the artist playing all the instruments or if a band is involved. Nonetheless, the thought and care put into the whole thing is apparent, and appreciated.

Leks Maltby

A slow-burning ambient instrumental intro recalls turn-of-the-century Broken Social Scene. The foreground chord-strums shake the listener awake, while the vocals echo the work of Canadian indie outfits such as Stars, or any one of a number of '80s new-wave bands. Unfortunately, the song loses much of its hard-earned momentum after the first verse, slowing down to a near stand-still with some intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying lead guitar noodling. The second verse is extremely strong, with a fantastic crescendo of distorted electric guitar work of the highest caliber in the spirit of Neil Young & Crazy Horse. This song is truly a mosaic of disparate styles and genre conventions. Adhering to no one genre entirely, this song at times feels stylistically nomadic, but always unique. 

Alan Poyer

Gentle fade-in for the video is well-timed.

Notes while listening:

- The levels highlighting the guitar downbeat every two bars works beautifully to accentuate the raw, visceral message; contrasting and complimenting Robin's voice.

- Enjoy the delay and effect for the ascending A-B-C#-E background guitar line.

- The freedom in meter the guitar solo takes from 2:33 - 3:13 gives a perfect lull, and pulls the listener closer, which in turn gives more impact to Robin's entry and the second solo / climax through 4:40.

- Caught the butterfly at the end : )

Thanks for sending this! I'll definitely share it out, and will include some people here on Fluence who may be a good fit. Message me anytime if you'd like more recommendations or are looking for specific help - thanks again!

Bill Cummings

Intriguing, a bit Bowie/Patrick Wolf but more minimal, initially. I might say maybe some of the vocals/song could do with a bit more development, but interesting I enjoyed it! 

Indie Band Guru

Very interesting sound and minimalistic visuals with strong effects.  The slow open, black screens, and over use of the anti-focus effect may cause some listeners to tune out.  This tiny attention span society is fickle sometimes.  There is definitely something to what you are doing though.  keep it up.