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Donal Scannell

I like the music but the artwork really lets it down. I've looked at your Soundcloud page too. You need to have a consistent feel and have a clear idea of what you're trying to evoke in the listener. Some of the imagery you've used may not be to everyone's taste which I take to be a style decision. Try completing this sentence. My name is Karavelo. I make _______ music for ________ people when they are feeling _________. Great sounds, licensing deals await once you get an image together. With no lyrics it's even more important. Do you DJ? Should consider it if you don't. Good way to meet people and convert them! 

Jono Kane

Love the ambient intro... great use of delay on the birds and giggles. The drums sound fantastic as well. Very well produced and engineered. I'm referring it to Alan Poyer, as he's a maven when it comes to great ambient/downtempo stuff. Excellent work on this one. Cheers. 

Shamal Ranasinghe

This track has a great arc! I dig the variety and story you're telling in sound. Very cool. I would definitely send this to Alan Poyer and a few others who would appreciate this kind of chill ambient sound. The track really has great smooth energy near the 1:30 mark. I would definitely put this in a chill playlist. Near the 2 min mark it really has a beautiful feel and the way you take it through to the end is great. Truly a journey. Nice work!  One thing I suggest is putting more information in your description for fans like me to check out. I would have loved to know more about the song, the artist, etc. Let me know if you ever play out in San Francisco. 

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