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D Grant Smith

Very clever writing. "My father's a mister; I'm just his son" is one of the most well-written chorus lines I've heard in a while. Great execution on instrumentation, not overdone but subtly beautiful. The video adds to the intrigue of the song instead of being a distraction from it.

Stephen White

Strong piece of swirling, gritty alternative-country rock in the vain of Steve Earle and Ryan Adams. Although the production works quite well, I think with a bit more heft sonically and lo-fi grit on the edges the overall sound would benefit. Thus creating more shade and background to the music, while also moving into a more stylistically pointed territory.

Leks Maltby

A jazzy intro with a compelling bass line and a lead vocal that recalls early Jack White. An atmospheric song with a great laid-back vibe, surprising given the blues-tinged lyrical narrative contained within. This song doesn't necessarily build up to any great climax or resolution, but in many respects a song of this nature doesn't require that level of musical tension and crescendo. Ultimately, this song is more in the tradition of the millions of Blues songs that have preceded it, relating a straight-forward narrative atop a simple, repeating musical structure. Staying true to its genre conventions, this song scores top marks across the board.

Chris Naish submitted media.

KICK IT OUT by Scratch Buffalo

Chris Naish submitted media.

Give Me Just A Little Fame by Scratch Buffalo

Brent Faulkner

Simply written, this song definitely exemplifies the garage-rock sensibilities - the cues are fully in place.  There is a coolness about the vocals on the verse that is great; there a sense of restraint, and nonchalance.  While the chorus vocals are a bit more assertive than those of the verse, I wouldn't have minded for the vocalist to have even "dug in" more.  The grittiness stylistically is satisfied here, but could be amplified even more; there could be an even greater push.  Potential - by all means. 

Jackson Balling

I enjoy this track more than the last one you sent me, but it still could be much stronger if the instrumentals were allowed to blast and the vocals held more energy than they do. A more abrasive approach would really make this a great garage rock track.