Lucas Martinez

Lucas Martinez

Lucas Martinez

Missives is an indie/alt-electronic musical project based in Los Angeles. It is led by producer and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Martinez, who is a native of the mountains of northern New Mexico, a place of wind and trees and echoes. Missives’ sound is lyrical, atmospheric and rhythmic, and informed by minimalist composers, and electronic/experimental music. The compositions feature slow harmonic rhythms, intricate beats, repeated melodic figures and pulsing synths, woven into songs that explore discovery, transformation, loss, acceptance, and the passage of time. Missives’ influences range from Thom Yorke and Steve Reich to FKA Twigs, James Blake and Sigur Ros.
Los Angeles, CA

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Dissolve by Missives

Lucas Martinez submitted media.

Speakeasy by The Hollow Threads

Brian Hazard

This is a great start to my week. Thank you!

It immediately reminds me of Trespassers William, another SoCal band with a similar vocalists. Used to be SoCal anyway. I grew up listening to a lot of 4AD bands, especially This Mortal Coil, so this is right up my alley.

Beautiful vocals. Love the harmonies, the sense of build, and the thought provoking lyrics. The words seem to build along with the music.

And now I can tell we've hit the climax and are backing off. About 2/3rds of the way through. Golden mean, perhaps?

I can't think of anything critical to say, musically or technically. It is what it is, and if you tweaked it it would be something else.

I could imagine this easily going for another 5 minutes, or coming back as a reprise at the end of the album (not that it's at the beginning of the album).

Anyway, loved it. Thanks again for sharing it with me!

Shamal Ranasinghe

I really dig this sound! It's just my kind of chill tune. You should definitely send this to Alan Poyer if you haven't already as he uses this kind of music in his music. This will certainly go into my mixes. My only feedback is that I wish it peaked out more as opposed to the consistent rhythm and melody throughout the tune. It's a great chill track, I liked it so much that I wished it went beyond chill and took me on more of a journey. 

Brent Faulkner

This music definitely has a haunting quality - captures my attention because its unique and unsettling (in the most positive way of course).  The enigmatic nature coupled with the continual driving rhythm truly makes this nothing short of captivating.  While this is great as its own entity (a perfect album cut), this would make one truly sick soundtrack cut.  This makes me picture a psychological thriller because that constant 'motor rhythm' gives off the vibe of sweating profusely and something horrid is about to happen.  I'm onboard 100% - impressive stuff! 

Jackson Balling

The mystery of this track works amazingly with the flowing vocals amid a minimal beat and what sounds like a repeated sample of what sounds like a breath. It all works together very well, this is the type of track I would but on a sleep playlist.

Paul McFadyen

Interesting track - would be interested in hearing more.

Nialler9 Byrne

It's a nice track but it meanders a bit aimlessly for me to go back to - perhaps works best on the album. In the context of someone who listens to a lot of music every day, this lacks something special to draw me back.


I enjoyed the textural elements in this track. The timbre of the vocals is spot on. There's something about this song that takes me back to 90s trip hip, though not as dark, of course. Audiences today have short attention spans, unfortunately, and to capture them, you might want to infuse other elements in the track: maybe a lush, dub-like bass sound.

Olga Knapinska

I would definitely like to see this track as a part of a movie soundtrack, maybe in a movie trailer or something. Its unusual atmosphere could be perfect for an alternative visual. It's a really interesting tune, and I'd love to hear the full project (I'm gonna go through your Soundcloud right now!). Perfect meditation/relaxing sounds for me.

Valida Carroll

Love how this song builds without reaching a finale...sort of just leaves you wanting more...I want to have this song on repeat...Can someone please do an extended mix? :)
It's beautiful from start to finish....The subtle harmonies that come in at 2:50 are exquisite...I would build a whole section around these harmonies...But that's just me...
And yes...this is perfect music for my show...