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Tweets in the key of qwerty, in 140/16 meter, quarter ride pattern in 35/4 played over-the-bar.

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John Mondick submitted media.

Sunflower by Birds Over Arkansas

Wiley Koepp

What a beautiful song and accompanying lyric video. Their moods are well-suited to one another. The crystal clear guitar tone and harmonies hearken to the strains of James Taylor. I'd be happy to feature this video on in the coming days. I'll be sure to tag you across our socials! Very well done--songwriting, performance, and recording. Bravo!

John Mondick submitted media.

So Much Sky by Birds Over Arkansas

Andrew Leib

Thanks for submitting, great tune!

So you specifically asked for advice on promoting your song, so we'll focus on that.

This song paints a beautiful picture. Is there a video for this? Maybe an animation would be cool.
Maybe partner with a cartoonist and come up with a series of short films using this song.

What's it like live? if you can replicate this well live and film it, I'm sure it'd get a great response.
Sometimes just seeing bands play a song well can sell it and make an instant fan.

This is an NPR tune. Have you serviced radio yet? AAA or college would be a good route. You would see some spins and reaction which is always good ammo to have when submitting for any opportunity. 

Have you hired anyone for press? I'd recommend coming up with a 6 - 9 month strategy that includes single releases, video releases, compelling photos, touring, live streaming, etc. and utilize a publicist to help spread the message with a purpose. They typically cost $1250 - $2000 a month. If more social credibility helps you get a couple more gigs, I'd say that's worth it... right? 

I was checked out your website. For what it's worth, I think amping up the style and energy of the band could be huge. Revamp the site, revamp the socials, new imagery, new photos, and come out as something fresh and interesting. No one wants to see a couple of regular folks give it a go on a Saturday, they want to FEEL the show. 

Craft and image. Really sit with it and think about what you want bands to see and feel when they first hear your music. 

Thanks for submitting!

(Pesci) Jeff Gray

this is beautiful music and a beautiful story about the song and subject matter. I don't know the rest of the catalog but this track isnt too prog rock to be alienating.   Are you sure you want to call it prog? I don't know how to promote this.  I talk in broad terms about the song and have not done much research on the group.  This is live music and that's where the commercial appeal will be best.  It's not out of the realm of potential for the current desire for all bands to get synchronization placements but the prog-rock genre would scare off many music supervisors on first look.     if you have a live band and are coming to LA i'd love to have you on our Hunnypot Live broadcast for sure.  

I would recommend spending money on good PR to highlight the subject matter / production (I've never heard electrons on commercial recordings) to music and possibly science related media etc. 

Also I notice the album is distributed via tunecore. I would build a relationship with them (if not already) and their synchronization team and promotion team. There's a good story to the band, songs, subject matter so to me it's a no brainer to promote. 

Bo Caldwell

Overall, I like it.  The doubled vocals with the female voice is very nice. Overall a mellow, indie feel.  Reminds me a bit of a more organic version of the band Stars. 

I am not sold on that artwork that I see with it/not sure if it fits for a single/cover artwork.  But that of course is up the artist on what they find creatively expresses themselves best.

The sample that is in the beginning and then comes back for a bit later on feels really out of place. I think it would do the song more justice to pull that out.

I also feel that there is not a really strong chorus.  Nothing that pops out to me that says, this is the chorus, this is the hook.  But as I said above, I do like the song itself overall.

Paul Saunders

I like the arrangement and I think that the song is a strong production with a good solid story. However, while is not a single as such I could see it getting airplay - good vocals overall but I would strengthen the backing vocal perhaps other than that I liked the track

Lauren Gribble

Hey guys! Glad to hear another new song. As always, "So Much Sky" is a great track with a lot of great sounds and fantastic parts. Thanks for making music that is enjoyable, it really is a pleasure listening to your songs. Hope all is well!

Neal H Pogue

I love the melody, lyrics and arrangement. It reminds me of the classic soft rock i grew up on as a kid. This is well needed right now in this climate of the music biz. Feel good music. I simply love it! 

Johnny Ramirez

I really enjoyed this song. This type of song is something I would add to my personal playlist. Great lyrics and loved how everything just comes together in this song! Great vocals and also great harmonies! Look forward to hearing more music from you all. Started following you all on SoundCloud.

Christian Lane

Flawless on every front. The last time anybody could even relate to mixed meter was during the prog rock peak. In this case, the drummer is a spice rather than a metronome. Unbelievable production value and musicality. This touches on every best practice for what we've grown accustomed to.  11/10 stars, you guys. Truly world-class work. Keep on trucking.

Kristin Pedderson

Very nice track and sound. Nothing to say that would be less than great- You have a sound we really enjoy- And "So Much Sky" lends itself to imagination. Are you working on a complete set to release? Big Fuss would be interested in previewing a complete project yet to be released. Thank you for sending. Keep up the great work- 

Zangba Thomson

Birds Over Arkansas is quickly becoming one of my favorite Rock/Americana bands because they always create decent music with a purposeful meaning, hopeful songs that speak directly to the hearts of music lovers worldwide. And after listening to So Much Sky, I felt a warm and burning sensation, vibrating within my heart; and while the rain poured outside, I looked up at the cloudy sky, and I could imagine the pain Reinhold Rudenberg felt, and the hardships and struggles he had to endure to reach his microscopic goal. And that’s the importance of Birds Over Arkansas’ music; which provides the necessary soundtrack to social issues and timeless stories.  

stan stewart

I love this song! Your voices carry the lyrics and the mood beautifully. The songwriting is excellent (again). The imagery in the words, half-rhymes, and repetitions are just right.

The production and arranging are also very good. One little caveat. (And I tell you this because I love your music so much. Not kidding.) Frankly, the opening scratchy percussion loop was an unpleasant moment for me. When it reprised in the middle of the song it seemed to fit though and left me wondering what your intention was with it. Maybe that's the device. It's a great attention-getter (positive or negative) during the intro and may be helping to set your intended mood. Bringing it (or a very similar scratch) back later really helped to close that "loop" nicely.
Once the strings and voices come in, I knew you had me. Great plucked (guitar and mandolin?) hook.

Honestly, I'm a fan of BOA. Thanks for asking me to check out your new song!

Wiley Koepp

What a beautiful track. Melodies of folksy Americana but rhythms that move the song into another tier of songwriting and musicianship. Incorporating the sound of atomic movement further develops the theme of the song, as well.

While this song may be a little too intelligent for top 40 radio, stations like KEXP (Seattle) or KUTX & KGSR (Austin) might be receptive to Birds Over Arkansas' blend of beauty, creativity, and even catchiness?

Mee 丰

Love you guys, always lovely to hear your music. When oh when are you playing NYC again?! I'm bummed I didn't make it out that night you played in the LES, I'd love to interview you on behalf of Baylen Leonard in the UK, who is also a fan of your music since I first shared it with him. Everything right about this. Beautiful instrumentation, and everything is sitting in the pocket in terms of the production, great spacial placement. Produced. The harmonies and key progressions are killer, the lyrics. I feel like I must be your mom I'm gushing so much LOL. Great music. I guess the only thing I'd encourage is if you could go wildly out there towards the end, a change that is inspired by MGMT's Congratulations album somehow, in terms of emotional dynamic. I mean, not as crazy as that, but have a listen and see if it sparks any ideas for wandering endings... 

Brian Hazard

I wouldn't normally share this genre, but I love the song, the harmonies, and the subject matter! I advocate for science whenever I get the chance, as you've done beautifully here. Great job!

John Mondick submitted media.

Forgotten Lights by Birds Over Arkansas

stan stewart

I did not expect to like this song after reading the description. However, BOA managed to integrate the folk and "odd time signatures" well. The sound is catchy with unique edges. The production is good with nice separation of the instruments and vocals.
I will be happy to share this on my social media channels. I genuinely appreciate what you're creating here! Keep the quirky in these songs.

Zangba Thomson

“Forgotten Lights” by Birds Over Arkansas, at first, sounds like a pretty cool, theme song to a Romantic Comedy film. It’s poppish, Progressive Rock vibe made me feel good, just after one listen. And after hearing it a few more times, I began to appreciate its nostalgic aura, and came to the conclusion that it possesses a motivational quality that can inspire anyone going through a rough, and an uninspired time in life. 

I also felt a live connection, when I found out that “Forgotten Lights” is about dementia, which is a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with one’s daily life. The evergreen subject matter, and the in sync-ness of the musicians and singers played a major role in me wanting to do a Q&A interview with Birds Over Arkansas. And I believe, what they have to say will inspire the online readership at 

Tom Matthew

This is a very nice, thoughtful track. I like how you blend the Americana / country vibe with the change of feel later in the song. You've got a nice singing voice, and the song is mixed well. The harmonies are tasteful and add some contrast to the chorus. The polyrhythm / syncopation section sounds good. It adds interest without being overwhelming or jarring. That part almost has a Dave Matthews Band feel to it. I really like your sound, happy to promote!

Raymond Flotat

Thanks very much for the submission. Reading your primer below and the details on what you're going for sonically was a great help. Good to know what you were aiming for here. I can greatly appreciate anyone who is trying to infuse oddity and creativity into what can be a banal genre, singer-songwriter. There's a smoothness here that works well (like Great Lake Swimmers). It's soothing and sweet but not boring. The change-up in the song is definitely everything you're going for here. Something in the melody in the finale just isn't quite there. The idea is strong and the change-up works, but the vocal melody might be worth experimenting with more until it really jumps off the page. If that could happen, you'd have something mega special here. Also, would be good to add in some flourishes earlier on in the song to hint at what's to come.

Mike Mineo

Fluttering acoustics and a twangy electric backing give this one a tranquilly delightful feel from a start -- like a green meadow on a sun-filled day. The serene vocals play it safe and gently in the trickling melody, reminding of Prefab Sprout's lighter efforts on 'Jordan: The Comeback'.  The twangy guitar bridge around 01:10 does well in merging the chorus with the introductory verses, which sound good in the second go-around, especially with the female backing vocals that begin around 01:35. Great melodic shift right at the two-minute mark as well - fleeting in its reveal, and then again around 02:12 -- my favorite hook of this track, for sure, leading into the vibrant instrumentation that follows. The final two minutes or so of this effort is especially impressive in that sense, reminding me of the effervescent hook-filled indie-pop of The New Pornographers. Great track that goes from good to great! Thanks for the submission -- I'll be posting it on OS in the future for sure. Also feel free to reach out to me at if interested in rates/success stories regarding my digital PR servicing. -Mike

Michael Hunter

Impressive!  Captivating.  Intriguing.  That's a few of the adjectives I'd feel inclined to use after only hearing the song once or twice.  I also like how you grab the listener in with what at first is a straightforward, well constructed, song and then, once they have the emotional investment, go into the odd time signatures so that one has to continue with it and sort out the new rhythms for oneself because it's too late to ignore the song by that point.

It's also very respectful to the subject.  I'll admit I may or may not have guessed the song was about dementia if I wasn't already told, but it works either way.  It's good poetry in its own right.

The arrangement also works to the benefit of the song; it enhances without overpowering the music or, importantly, the vocals.  Quite a light touch to the playing in the first section, leading to the "complexity" in the second part that seems thematically appropriate.  For me, the overall effect is that I just naturally want to hear the song again as a result of all of the above.  Having heard approximately 10 million songs in my life and therefore having an appropriate amount of jadedness at this point, please take that as a high compliment!

I'll be very happy to give the song some airplay, so you can say you've been played on South Australian radio.

Christian Lane

Impeccable recording, deft voicing. Very appropriate to the Aspen market and more. There is NOTHING NEGATIVE  to say about this; I like you guys. I think upstate NY and Vermont would really embrace your work, too. After NYC, why don't you give Rik Napoli a call (look for Cool Little Music Shop) and tell him I sent you?  Also, Northern California would embrace you too.  Also, West Coast Songwriters would probably be a great audience; those folks are Grammy types.     Kudos!

Ola Bogg

Warm and nice singer songwriter pop. I would like to hear more.

Mee 丰

Guys, I'm giving this a very rare 'Love it' from me! I love the innovation, you're pushing a whole genre into a new space, and that makes my toenails twinkle... 

The lyrics are bold even for the country / Americana arena, where so much more is allowed, from D.I.V.O.R.C.E. to singing about your mom... but dementia is a new subject to my ears. Thank you for delving into this.

And then more, then allowing this challenging subject define the musical direction, which is pushed way beyond your influences, and into the dangerously uncategorizable territories that terrifies marketing guys, but thrills fans.

I'm going to reach out to some of the other influential ears in my rollidex and see how I can support this song.

Brendon Veevers

I really enjoyed this track. The vocals are clear, delicate and seasoned while the instrumentation is pretty damn flawless. The female harmony that's added to accompany the lead during the second verse through to the end of the track really adds a new angle mid-song and an extra touch of sentimentality to the track. Love the guitar work on the song: intricate yet seemingly effortless at the same time and a good choice to not introduce other instruments into the song because it leaves the track sounds very solid yet stripped back. it also gives the vocals a chance to dominate here. Memorable and beautifully arranged! 

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Thanks for submitting your music to me. I love the gentle folk-Americana intro, and the drums are awesome. Vocals strong, although sonically the track is a little plain, until it hits 1 minute and the backing momentarily stops. A sweet, harmless piece, with the additional of female vocals to lift the track. I'm all over that instrumental, and the bridge - which makes me see the track in a whole new light. There's a lot going on here, but it's finally emotional and slowed-down live could be really impactful. An interesting submission - almost like 2 tracks in 1, a good effort and a blinding climax!

SD Hox

I love the way this song starts off on the mellow side and then kicks into gear as the lyrics explore darker places. The lead vocalist has a distinct voice and I really like the guitar pieces at the beginning of the track. The background singer(s) also adds to the depth of the track. Great work. I definitely want to hear more from Birds Over Arkansas and I will be happy to feature on upcoming playlists. Thanks for sharing!

Hugh McIntyre

This was a nice song, though I thought it could have been amped up just a little bit. 

Vickye Fisher

The production, arrangement, melody, lyrics and vocals of this song are all sounding good. The thing I can't get past is how you describe is as prog rock. This isn't even remotely related to prog rock. It does have elements of Americana, but is grounded in singer/songwriter folk pop.
The closest this song gets to experimenting is the extended outro, which messes around with rhythms and I'm on the fence as to whether it sounds clever or simply chaotic and accidental.
I do like this song, and the poetic, metaphorical lyrics. But I think you're killing it with your description; you need to change how you market it to tastemakers and consumers.

Larry Lootsteen

Beautiful opening sequence.  The vocal is very nice, almost ethereal.  The thing that makes this track stand out is the odd timing sequencing over the base tune.  It really, really works.  If I have a disagreement, and it isn't a big one, it's the vocal group run to the end of the song.  That didn't appeal as much and I thought it was a little long.  First thought that came to mind was to cut that and have a spoken (as opposed to sung) outro in place of the last couple of repetitions of the group mantra.  But really, nothing wrong with the song, just my thoughts.  Incredible job!  Well done.

Lauren Gribble

Hi! Another great song from you guys. Keep up the fantastic work! As always, I am looking forward to hearing more!


Kristin Pedderson

We enjoyed your track "Forgotten Lights" and feel you have a pleasing and adventurous sound. Do you have a project complete that you are marketing yet?  We would be interested in featuring Birds Over Arkansas in our Artists To Watch 2016 program and also would consider a full album project if we were to listen to the entire project and feel strongly about getting behind it. You can learn more about us at - Please email us at if this is of interest to you. Thank you for your submission. 

Neal H Pogue

I really like the prehook. It's very colorful. It builds the song nicely. Really good song. I love the time signature vamp out. This one feels like a classic Al Stewart song. Love the metaphoric lyrics. 

Wiley Koepp

Very pretty Americana groove here, with "Forgotten Lights."  As I read the description, before hitting play, the words that jumped out at me were quirky, Americana Prog Rockers, Gabriel, and Zappa.  I was really excited to hear what the crossbreeding of Prog and Americana sounded like.  But then as the song progressed, I 'only' heard a wonderfully melodic, yet relatively standard Americana tune.  I like it, but the prog aspects really didn't show up until the 2:30 mark.

From that point on, I believe I was immersed in this Prog-Americana vibe...and I loved it!  Birds Over Arkansas has instrumental talent, vocal beauty, technical chops, and have really put together a nice blend of all these ingredients.  My only question would be, why split the song 50/50 into one style and the other?  I'd like to hear the wealth of the band's rich talents a bit more evenly dispersed...perhaps veering in and out of Prog influences toward the ends of phrases or sections, as opposed to that half & half song division.

I'm a fan, though, my criticisms are meant constructively, and not in a whiny, critical fashion.  The band has a very high ceiling to its writing.  Make the most of each verse, each line, each intro, and bridge.  Challenge yourselves and the listeners.  Compel new fans to delve deeper into their music-appreciative souls.

Well done.

Brian Hazard

This has a strong "Anna Begins" (Counting Crows) feel right off the bat! My favorite CC song.

Vocals are wonderful, especially with the female harmonies. Maybe a bit hot in the mix.

You could cut half of the break between the first chorus and second verse. It stalls out there a bit for me.

Thanks for including the lyrics, explanation, and bio. It really helps!

Hmm... I'm losing the beat at 2:10. It feels like it's changing time signatures. Oh, it is! Alright, now I'm grooving again. Love it. And yes, I understand how it makes sense in the context of the lyrics. But only because you told me!

Really, really cool track. I'm impressed. I'm hearing some Toad and maybe Death Cab in there too. I'd be delighted to share it with my following on Twitter. Thanks for sharing it with me!

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Liz Cousins

I like the angularity and xylophone riff, though the broken meter feel can get a bit weary. Overall, cool song and I'd like to hear more songs from the band.

Paulie Hips

Wow. At first I was thinking I wouldn't be that into it. Then the vocal melody came in, and the lyrics were good. This is super groovy. Reminds me a bit of way back when Jimmy Eat World wasn't a straight "bible-gum" band. Those early albums were pretty savage. This has enough of a hook to be a bit. It's short and sweet and gets out while I'm still interested. Great musicians- and great song writing. I can see this bands B sides being rare gems. Personally I would like to see them venture into a bit of the psychedelic side. With those vocals and musicians, it would more than likely be amazing. For me it has just enough edge for me to get into. And entirely enough hook to be fancy and a bit! Well done. Good production.

Kenn Richards

I like this a lot. While it's got a lot of "classic indie rock" to it. It also has a freshness that it undeniable. I would really like to hear more from this band. and will definitely share this track, 

Craig Boliver

This would really do great in a live setting for many different types of people, especially in the festival scene. I can see this style working well in a variety of shows. Energetic, driving, yet keeping the chill indie rock vibes. A focus to working with college / indie radio stations as well as getting a regional touring base down feels like a natural and progressive move to me.

Reji B

Interesting record. I'd like to hear more material from the band. This song would definitely fit on a FIFA soundtrack. I would recommend the band pursue commercial placements for this record.

Clayton Warwick

I dig it quite a bit. It kinda feels like if Pinback had a female/male vocalist combo. Guitars are spot on. Nice harmonies. Nice work :)

I see that it's 8 months old. When are you coming out with some new material? We'd love to do a feature when that time comes.

Kristin Pedderson

I almost clicked on Love It- but chose Like it because Catapult has an abundance of great qualities but would be perhaps in my opinion, an album track, and less of a "single". But as a whole your sound is excellent and I'd really like to hear more of your work.  At Big Fuss Records, we realize the importance of GREAT songwriting. You have a very appealing sound. What must be- are strong songs- The production is good too. You have done a really good job on this indie selection.  We would be interested in listening to any recent album release. Please feel free to send it to - Thanks and keep us in the loop. 

Rob Dallison

Hi, I like it, we could promote this at but please submit the release to the contact email on the site. Thanks. Rob

Cody Brubaker

Incredible song, I was compeltetely taken back by the raw power yet mystic quality of the entire progression. Opening riff is incredibly enticing! Both the lyrics and melody carry the progression of the song into a blissful yet intense chorus. I was completely taken back by the dynamics of the song and the percussive elements of the rhythm. 
The drums do not carry much resonance, particularly the snare drum, which seems contrary to the blissful, airy quality of the melodic phrases and intensity of the lyrics. 

wayne leeloy

sick groove, stellar melody and awesome production!! anyone who can groove in that kind of time signature is SOLID GOLD in my book.

I'd love to see this band live and hear more just like it.


Feyline Presents

This track has a very captivating and inviting intro. The instrumentation is a great lead-in to this catchy track. The interaction between the two guitar parts is very intricate and pleasing. However, the vocal harmony in the initial verse seemed a little out of place and didn't allow the song to progress to the amazing instrumental break that follows. The potential for this song rings true and some fine tuning will really take this song to the next level. The lyrics are very well-written with a beautiful prose. With such an amazing outro and the dynamic change in build-up towards the end of the song, the drums need to be able to carry their weight as the snare and the toms lacked the necessary attack to compliment such a well-written song. We enjoyed listening to the other songs on the B.O.A. Soundcloud and see a massive potential in your group. Overall, this song is very unique and captivating. We look forward to seeing what else you guys come out with! 

Kristin Schloesser

Wow! Refreshingly awesome, I didn't want the track to end. I do want to hear more. I am also a sucker for odd time signatures, haha Great indie alt song, perfect for coffee shops, alt radio, indie mags, such as High Voltage. I'm passing your music along. 

Johnny Ramirez

I love the innovation of your music! Vocals are great! I would love to hear this great sound on a radio in my area! 

Brian Hazard


I dare say you've accomplished your goal here. As someone who grew up listening to Sting, Chick Corea, and lots of jazz, I've always enjoyed odd time signatures conceptually, but found it took several listens to really grasp. This one caught and held my interest the whole way through, first time.

And from someone currently working on a song about out of body experiences, a song about sleep paralysis strikes me as positively delightful!

Color me impressed! I'd be delighted to share this with my followers on Twitter. Thank YOU for sharing it with me!

Shamal Ranasinghe

I love the description of your music. I also really dig the context of this song. We've all been there! I can feel the mental mixups in the tension of getting up to start the day and not wanting to leave the comfort and security of the web. Nothing beats sleeping in. After family, it's my real true love. I have a 6 month old who doesn't understand how much I truly need to lie in bed paralyzed and not moving. I can't wait for those days again. As we listen to this song (on my second listen), everyone will have their own personal sleep story. This message should go out with the song. It makes people connect with the music on their own and share that story. Plus the song is super interesting on a musical level. I'm going to suggest Brian Hazard, Brian Trifon for technical perspective , Ari Herstand but you must put lyrics in the submission so update it with lyrics before sending again. Also, Jules Parker in the UK may appreciate the technical proficiency and collaborations could occur across the pond.

John Mondick submitted media.

The String by Birds Over Arkansas

Radio Flote

love the beat, superb violin piece towards the end of track, we'd love to feature you on Radio Flote. Please submit your music to if you're interested.

D Grant Smith

Great song. Nice start out of the gate with the drums on toms to build an unconventional opening. Well done from a lyrical standpoint throughout. The composition and arrangement are done nicely as well. I enjoyed the build to the final chorus line towards the end with just the strings and drums. The one area the could be amended is the use of so many repetitions on that final chorus line "The string will not let go." Consider adding a solo on the violin or strings or perhaps a short guitar riff to close out the song. Otherwise great work!

Mike Mineo

"The String" is a melodic acoustic rocker with hints of twangy country-pop, particularly during the first bridge as it carries into the bass/drum enhancement at the one-minute mark. At that point, I'm really digging the unique use of strings as well -- the way they develop from sporadic bursts to a full-on accompaniment is wonderfully produced and implemented. The sound reminds me fondly of a group called Some By Sea; Birds Over Arkansas' arsenal is crisper and more self-assured, though. At first, this track plays it very safe, but by the two-minute mark it's apparent that there are several fresh songwriting ideas at play -- particularly in the corresponding melodic presence of the acoustics and strings, which take on a huge personality-filled solo/bridge around 02:30. It's a great way to ease this stellar track into its conclusion. Thanks for the submission; I enjoyed this track quite a bit -- lots of radio-friendly appeal. Keep up the great work.

Emilie Lorre

I've already liked the first song you sent me, I like this one as well. I reiterate what I have already told you, I really like the associations of the two singers' voices. The style of that song is a bit different from your other song "Catapult", but I appreciate it as well. Good idea to have added strings to the melody.

Lauren Gribble

Great song! I loved the riffs and the vocals. All of your songs are very catchy and I always look forward to hearing more of your songs!

Larry Lootsteen

It's nice to find a song hard to peg to a 'type'  A bit folk.  Some alternative.  Some country.  Some pop.  I like that!

Interesting the pre- and chorus didn't work for me as much.  I loved the noise and clatter bits through the beginning.  I wish that had carried forward throughout.  After the first third of the song I felt like it sounded more standard, common and would not stand out against the reams of music fighting for ears.

Vocals are really good.  He has a good sound though some experimentation might help with uniqueness factor every artist needs.  Personally, I don't enjoy the endless repetition to take a song out.  By the third listen I started to really notice and it is off-putting.

There has to be a balance between the real 'who you are' and what an audience will stop an listen to.  This is a song that will grab someone but not sure it will hold them.  That said, I really liked it.  It has a lot of great qualities.  I think there's some need to play with sound.  Orchestration sounds great but lots of bands do that.  Maybe mix in some more noise elements to add a few more break points.  And take the story being told farther down the song and minimize the repetition at the end.

This really is excellent stuff and I do want to hear more from this band.

Wendy Redden

I really like the male/female vocals on this track and the progression after the 1:20 point. The lyrics are really good too and something I can definitely relate to. The addition of strings on this song is also a nice touch. Thanks for sharing! 

John Mondick submitted media.

Elsa by Birds Over Arkansas

Kenn Richards

Birds over Arkansas make complicated time signatures and arrangements seem effortless. This is band that the more I hear, the more I want to hear. I think they would be a lot of fun to see live. Best song about a kitten I've heard all day. And with the right video could go viral on YouTube . people do love kittens on YoutTube. All kidding aside this band is definitely worth your time. 

Reji B

Great song. Great voice! Very well put together. I'd love to hear more from the band!

Kristin Schloesser

Well... i sure dig this band! Reminds me of early Beach Boys, pop rock & a touch of James.. song is pleasant, sets a light mood & tells a quick story, without being over-bearing. Great little track.

Wiley Koepp

Really nice sounds, y'all.  Love the harmony vocals! Your voices are perfect fits for one another.  This song, as your other here, challenge the listener's rhythmic sensibilities (and abilities)...which is a welcomed change from the same ol' same ol'.  The musicianship all around seems solid.  Love the string riff around 1:30!  You've earned a new fan here.

John Mondick submitted media.

Catapult by Birds Over Arkansas

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Ooh, lots going on here in a good way, and very unusual vocals. The timing is a bit hard to follow, but the uniqueness of a rocky electronic background layered under breathy vocals is mesmerising. From 1.50 I like how the track builds but think this could have come a bit sooner. Would like to here more (also love the artwork).

A.j. Logan

Its unique yet relatable. A lot of times when groups go out of the box the message gets lost. These are lyrics that everyone can relate to but upbeat enough to appeal to a possible commercial audience.

Michael Bitton

I really appreciate the evolution of the track at the very beginning through the layering of the rhythm parts. The song is catchy and I think it's length leaves the listener wanting more. I feel like its a bit over-produced. It sounds incredibly digital and I feel a bit removed from it. I feel like it could benefit from a little more "grit." 

Emilie Lorre

Great tune. The song is well constructed and I like the melody of the song that quickly get stuck in my head. The voices of the two singers go very well together. I've listened to your other songs on your website. They are all great. It's a very promising debut :)

Kami Knake

This song keeps growing on me with repeated listens. I really like the beat and melody. Vocals are sultry. My only thought about not loving this song is that there isn't a lyric or hook that really sticks out or in my mind so the song doesn't get stuck in my head. If you are trying to write catchy pop songs that get stuck in your head, you need a bigger hook. If you don't want to write pop songs, then ignore what I just said.

Mike Mineo

The first minute of "Catapult" by Birds Over Arkansas shows the group's various eclectic guitar-based fixings. At first, based on that alone, the stylistic direction is enjoyably vague. Dexterous guitar crunches are reminiscent of math-rock, while the addition of trickling keys/synths adds an amiable indie-pop flair. Then comes the first chorus/departure: a crunchy, bluesy tone that reinforces the chorus that follows shortly thereafter. This transition is unexpected but very well-executed, which - alongside the crisp vocal delivery - helps conclude an accessibly successful track with an assortment of good ideas and unpredictable stylistic maneuvering. Very enjoyable! Look out for a post on in the near future, and reach out to me at if interested in details/success stories regarding my digital PR servicing. Keep up the great work! -Mike


This is a really good solid song with great harmonies.  It is a great introduction to the band will cause people to further explore you music through your website.  However I think that "Lay Down Tonight" is a song that will have a broader appeal based on the lyrics.  I would be happy to play either of them on my station.  

D Grant Smith

Interesting sound. I really enjoyed the song structure, especially drum rhythm. Great work. 
Some songs need more cohesion with the lack of a straight chorus, but you made up for that with the short time duration of the track, which kept the entire track fresh. Overall this is a well mixed, composed, and performed song. Would be a great feature on indie radio.

David Bass

Like this a lot, really nice rhythm/riff throughout. Good production, like the vocals too with the female harmony.  Would be really interested to hear more! thanks. D  

Wiley Koepp

At first the groove brings to mind a melding of The Police and Barenaked Ladies. The chorus/change-up brings a little more edge to the table, with the distorted guitar, but then backs down to the really pleasant indie vibe.  I wonder with the odd time signature if terrestrial radio would get behind this song, but it's different enough that I can totally see festival-goers rocking out to this at ACL or the like.  Good song!