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Nicholas Peltekakis

Whilst indie style music is not my area of expertise, perhaps it would be valuable to hear from my perspective as a listener. She is an accomplished track, having an audio identity is the same across all genres, and this track has a good amount of it to easily carry the listener across the 3 minutes of music. The melodies and vocals are well matched to each other, and the overall soundscape is one you could envisage being played on daytime radio all over the world.

I do feel however that this sound is very familiar, and there are many similar sounds out there, whilst not listening to much music of this style, the familiarity of this track tells me that there is huge competition in this area.

I will get this over to my station manager at my radio station to see if he can include it in the daytime playlist, please contact me through soundcloud with a downloadable 320kbps MP3 of the track, and I will get back to you.


Larry Lootsteen

Loved the opening and the energy.  Great fast beat and a fun vocal.   The reason I don't 'love' this is a difficulty I have with so much music today.  It sounds like a lot of other stuff.  I'm not saying this is bad at all.  But the market is flooded with music that seems formulaic.  I really enjoyed the break about 2/3 through.  I would like more of that.
That driving guitar at a fast clip does great live I bet.  From a listening perspective it just needs something.  Maybe slow the opening (maybe a fuzzy speaking intro?) and then launch in instead of right away.  And maybe add another break earlier in the song to give some variety because you go a long time into the song with that one driving sound.
I do really like this.  There's a ton of potential in here.  Just needs something to make it stand out from everything else.

Olga Knapinska

Wow. What a nice vibe! This tune reminds me of all the rock-ish bands that I used to listen at the beginning of ‘00s, it’s a nice throwback to hear such similar sounds. But it still has that more modern approach, which I like. I wouldn’t agree that it is a great song for a single from the album, but would be just fine as a regular tune. I would definitely work on making some parts of the song stand out more, instead of choosing the same path all the way through the composition. I know there’s that lovely instrumental part with cool guitars, but vocal sounds a bit too plain to make that part intriguing. But I like how it came out! I would definitely listen to it on the radio in my car.

Tom Matthew

Nice energy on this song. It reminds me a little of the Franz Ferdinand sound. Good pop hooks. Nice harmonies. There's one place where I think you could do a little more. You have that nice instrumental break around 2:00 where one guitar lays down the riff, then around 2:05 it gets doubled an ocatave higher for a few measures. If it was me, I would break into a climactic solo from 2:05 and build it until the drop off at 2:18. What you did there sounds good, but I think you're missing an opportunity to really raise the energy of the track at that point, creating a big build and then a big drop off back into the verse at 2:18 with lots of contrast.

Nice work on this guys, keep it up!

Lora Gene Dee

Not exactly as strong as last year's "Taking You Out" but the charm and the consistency is there. The Landed, at the right place and time, could emerge as one of this genre's strongest players. They capitalize punk-rock with such class and honesty in their words that it's almost plagued with nostalgia from the days when rock was more about the music than they are about the musicians. A lot has changed with the rock scene over the last couple of years but The Landed has found a comfortable place to land and find their footing.

Dörte Heilewelt

I keep pressing play when the song is over - that's a very good sign. For me it creates a feeling like Goo Goo Dolls "Slide" did. Well made Indie Rock. 

Ty White

This comes off as that local band that your not-super-into-music buddy got into because he saw them live -- it has all the components of good indie rock, but just isn't quite put together into a compelling song. The instrumentation is great, the singing isn't bad, there are a few fun flourishes to try to keep you interested. It's just not a hit. Keep at it and maybe you'll write one!

Ju Cruz

Hello! This track is very catchy--strong melodies, good harmony. Strong candidate for future radio airtime. Good luck and all the best!

Kimberley-Marie Sklinar

Ooh, that's a fun opening! I love the surfer vibe and those slight slacker vocals that harmonise really well. The drums are great at the bridge too. My criticism here is about diction: I can't really understand all of the words and I want to know what you're singing about so I can sing along too. Apart from that, it's frenetic, full of energy and swagger...and at 2 minutes there's a really epic sequences of riffs and effects as the song reaches its pinnacle, and then boom - the end. Great work - just let us know what you're singing about! :)\

Leks Maltby

Instantly engaging melody right out of the gates. Immediately recalls the work of indie rock bands like Phoenix and countless others. Super hook-filled chorus and sugar-sweet melodies elevate this song to radio-friendly status. Cleverly placed riffs remind the listener that this is indeed rock music at its core, even if the end result sounds more akin to pop. The instrumental breakdown in the bridge is the single most redeeming part of this song, oozing is pure rock sleaze and instrumental bravado. It almost sounds as if it's being performed by another band, as if AC/DC crashed a Phoenix show. Either way, the end result is immaculate and memorable to say the least.

Valida Carroll

This is great! Love it! Everything works...Music, vocals...Your subtle harmonies are PERFECTION!
It's catchy...Really well produced. It has the energy of the Strokes and the gentleness of Phoenix...
A perfect combination.
Have nothing more to say...
Sharing and playing on my show!

Mike Mineo

"She" reminds me favorably of late '90s-early '00s college-rock in its amiable jangle and easy-to-please hooks, with a playful chorus led by sprightly guitars and bustling percussion. I love the guitar-led interlude around the two-minute mark, as it navigates away from the fun yet predictable early structure into one of more unpredictable intensity, also displayed in the interesting build-in toward the familiar chorus around 02:30. This is a very well put-together track that is able to concisely strut the group's strengths. Look out for a post on Obscure Sound in the near future, and reach out to if interested in details/success stories regarding my PR servicing. -Mike

Lauren Gribble

Hi guys! This is a great song! It's incredibly catchy and I adore the vocals and guitars. Keep it up! Feel free to send  me more songs. 

Wynona Grant

Epic track.

Like a halfway mark between pop punk and that alt-indie genre bouncing around the music scene at the moment.

The etching guitars work really well scraping in and out between the animated vocals and thunderous drums. The whole instrumental side of the song is tied together extremely well.

All in all, it's a perfect song showing face at a perfect time. I can really see this as a road trip / barbecue track for the Summer months!

Absolute top work all round.

Indie Band Guru

Nice attention grabbing energy right from the start.  The song has that cruising in the car with the top down feel.  Push this song now as it could become a summer hit.  Changes are good, I really can;t find any faults in this one.

Going Solo

I love the energy here. It sounds familiar, like a lot of of good stuff I used to listen back in early '00. This could be also its biggest weakness, since nowadays we are literally overwhelmed by tons of music that sounds pretty much the same. Emerge as a guitar indie-rock band is harder than ever now, but not impossible (think about Circa Waves). To follow the path marked by guitar-band like Phoenix or Strokes today, you absolutely need to have a lot of good songs in your pocket. 'She' is a very good start, it's catchy, fun and prepared for sing-along. Good job, but keep doing things in this way. but it's vital that your future songs maintain the same good qualities of 'She'. I'll give a spin to it through our Twitter account.

Alan Cross

Solid stuff. Well-produced, melodic and in keeping with the current indie-pop zeitgeist. I wonder, though, if there should be a more energetic delineation between the verse and the chorus.  It took me a couple of listens to understand where the chorus hook really lay. How could that part of the song be punched up? And what about running the chorus one more time through at the end?


I really like this song and would love to play it on the station.  It is a very good upbeat indie pop rock song.  Solid guitars and very catchy.  I look forward to seeing what else this band has in store. 

Hugh McIntyre

This was really catchy and a lot of fun. I would love to see this live!

Brody Ramone

Overall the track is well produced and the levels are spot on. The only recommendation I would make is around the 1:20 mark. That entire section is too muddled for my liking. I would clean it up a bit and make it a little more streamlined. I think that would help enhance the overall track.

Shamal Ranasinghe

Thanks for sending this to me. This is a really great pop song and a quality production. I don't have any productive feedback other than I enjoy the  tune and am on my second listen. I will share this track with my wife too as she'd like your sound. Have you checked out the PR folks in the Fluence lists: I think you should go big with your album. I'm going to keep a look out for it. I would add much much more info on your description area. Especially social links to your artist profiles. Also, I'd put the lyrics down too since it will create a tighter bond with your listener. Thanks for sending this to me. I will gladly share this with my followers as I think they'd appreciate. I look forward to seeing you guys live if you're ever in the San Francisco area. Please reach out. Thanks for using Fluence too. It's artists like you that motivate us to build the system. 

Scott Cohen

Perfect indie pop song.  

Marcus Brooke-Smith

Thought the guitar parts were really cool and the piece worked really well with great melody/harmony arrangements. The only thing I would change, and this is really just a matter of personal taste is bringing the vocal line to the fore as much as possible. It almost feels as if by having 2 vocals for the majority of the track a lot of the emphasis is lost strangely enough,  

Andrea Young

Great indie pop, great energy, great harmonies.  Send a high quality mp3 and I'll include it on a future show, send to  Are you looking to break out more in the U.S.?  Could possibly help with that, get in touch if you'd like.  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music!

Paul Hale submitted media.

Things To Talk About by The Landed

Chelsea Schwartz

Very simple indie folk. Great vocals. Gotta love the intricate ukelele picking. Someone get this in front of Mumford and Sons to be considered as support for their next tour! Would love to send someone from High Voltage to see you guys live, let us know if you're playing in LA.

Paul Hale submitted media.

Taking You Out by The Landed

Lily Kuo

The way this track starts is sort of magical - that fast arpeggiation in the guitar reminds of crisp fall weather, and the vocals here are a perfect match. The production changes more abruptly than I am prepared for at 0:49 - with the electronic-ized vocals and sudden drum intro, giving the track a pop-punk vibe. The melody in the chorus is solid, but I'm left still feeling just a little disjointed from the folk-vibe at the beginning and the punk-vibe a little ways through, especially because as the chorus really digs in, that heavy, punky sound dissipates a little bit (which I like). Musically speaking, I dig. Production-wise, I think there is a little room for improvement there.

Wendy Redden

I love how this starts in the beginning and then builds into something different. For me, I feel like it is about the ups and downs of a new relationship and gaining the confidence to begin one in the first place (which explains the difference in sounds within the song). It connects with me emotionally as well as audibly so I dig it. I don't believe I would change anything. I would be happy to share this - email me if you have others or an upcoming EP that I can post about.

Tom Matthew

I like the blend of the acoustic, almost blue-grass parts combined with the radio-friendly pop stuff. The singer has a nice sounding voice, the song has a good tempo, and the chorus has that hook quality that can stick with people. I do feel that there are a couple of places where there's something missing up front - for instance, on the prechorus around 0:48, the vox get pushed back with eq, but nothing really steps up to fill the space left in the middle. I like the drop-off around 2:25. It's got a nice build, but when it peaks out at 2:53 it feels like something's missing there that would really kick off the climax. Another guitar, or a synth, or something to accentuate the build-up. Having said that, all in all  it's a nice, well written song and has mainstream potential. Good work!


The minimal folk instrumentation is great, and it's enough to carry the listener through an entire track. I'm not sure the electric guitar sequences are necessary - the first one came on a little abruptly. Aside from that, the vocal harmonies complement the tempo & pacing well, and it's overall very well-produced!

Tim Chipping

Wow. This has genuine Top 10 potential. A very "now" songs and sound but with classic pop rock elements that could work for Radio 1 or Radio 2 and appeal to young and old. And very TV friendly too. Can also imagine you being asked to write for the current crop of boybands-with-guitars who all seem to be attempting this kind of thing at the moment (though I appreciate that might not be viewed as a compliment, it's meant as one!) Taking You Out sounds like a hit to me.
If I have a constructive criticism it's that the band is selling itself short in its written descriptions. And that could be the difference between getting heard and not. "4 piece Indie Rock band from Essex" did not make me want to listen to you. And I've just had a look at your website and your biog isn't working for you at all, and could be putting people off. The band it describes (local and a bit dull) is the opposite of what I just heard here (a band I'd be trying to sign if I was the head of a major label). It's easily fixed but, yeah... The Landed need to be presenting themselves as a group ready for huge success on both sides of the Atlantic. Because that's how they sound.

Jen Dan

Wow, I love the beautiful, mellifluous, quick-picked guitar at the song's start!  It moves like a fast-flowing stream and had me hooked immediately.  The clear, sharp vocals are a nice contrast to the guitar and I enjoyed the alt-folk sound of the guitar merging with the verse/chorus/verse pop/rock structure of the song.

The verse/chorus/verse dynamics are solid, but what I particularly liked were the bits between the verses and chorus sections; the build up of the guitars and the "Oohing" background vocals.  Very interesting lyrics, especially the lines "A prisoner is free / when you give him the key."

The vocal modulation is good, with an intensity in the vocal delivery that increases on the chorus parts.  The blending of all the sounds at the end of the song was very satisfying.  While I did like the drum work too, I feel that the production is actually too clean overall and that the drums are a bit too pronounced in the mix.

I'm sure your sound translates even better in the live setting, where you can rock out more and dirty it up.  I'd love to hear a live recording of your performance; maybe that can be the format of your next EP.  This song radiates an anthemic American feel, which is interesting since your based out of Essex!  

Brett Polkinghorne

Love the intro, great folk pace setter that gets you drawn in ready for the electric to kick in and after the chorus is followed up with some nice harmonies in the background. Tunes catchy and has an old school pop rock feel about the choruses. 

Lora Gene Dee

Catchy and engaging, The Landed has done a great job coming up with a track that perfectly speaks to the listeners. There's a balance among all the elements of the song--from the songwriting up to the most subtle beats. It's also so easy to sing along to as if it's made to be performed live. Will definitely be spreading the word about this one!

Marcus Brooke-Smith

My first response on hearing the intro is that this is sync gold. The instrumental to the acoustic guitar parts is very brand friendly and would be snapped up by sync minded publishers/reps. The fuller electric guitar choruses detract from that quite a lot and for me they bring the song down a few notches. They feel overproduced and remind me of US teen soundtracks form the early 00s.  There is still plenty of sync opportunities for this style of music but I would say that it is on the wane.

I would recommend keeping the focus on the more stripped down music as it allows your knack for songwriting to show through and ss always keep me posted! 

Eric mcLellan

Good tune!  Catchy sound and lyrics.  Fun record. 

Andrea Young

Love the opening guitar section of this song, and also appreciate the vocals & vocal harmonies of the song, and the lush-sounding orchestration where that exists (“I’m taking you out…” section).  Parts of it are very ELO-sounding to me.  It’s almost like this song has 2 or 3 identities in one, and that makes it a bit slippery to latch on to, can’t quite find the hook that I can hold with.  I like the power-pop style in general, and it’s very well produced and arranged.  Many great elements here!

Going Solo

There are many souls that coexist in this song, each of them with its own characteristic mark. The starting guitar suggests that we're dealing with a relaxin nu-folk piece, but soon the song turns into a pop-rock tune permeated by a sort of American vibe. It reminds me some early DCFC's stuff, don't know really why. The chorus is massively infectious, with a strong airplay potential. Lyrics are meaningful and it's totally worth paying attention. 
"Takin You Out" sounds classic and fresh at the same time and the cross between nu-folk and garage is a courageous choice. Maybe even too much. It might be confusing for the average listener. Sometimes it's better to choose a path and follow it with firmness. Anyway, digging a bit into band's Soundcloud, I discovered a band with temper and capable of great musical versatility (I'm thinking of "Amazing Suzie"). I think they should perhaps define better their identity as a band, but the potential is enormous. I'll keep my eyes open on this band.

Olga Knapinska

I fell in love with this track instantly - was that the beautiful guitar opening? Probably. I like how the vocals don't sound that delicate, but still remain authentic and give a great tempo to the overall sound of the song. I wish this was a longer tune, because it was so lovely that 3 and a half minutes weren't enough. There's that amazing peace in your music, which, surprisingly for me, I find so attractive! Of course you could polish this and that, add some twists, try to sound even more coherent, but who really sees all these details if a band has their unique style. So don't be afraid to forget about the rules of songwriting and producing, make up your own ones, mix genres and styles, I think you have potential to do that - and not everyone has it!

Music You Need

The Landed have given us a treat with this one. "Taking You Out" opens up with a little acoustic guitar riff, then you hear some cute vocals for the first verse. The chorus drops with all instruments blaring, and grabs your attention. Then the next verse comes along with the riff, where the lead singer talks about his love and how excited he is for a night out with her. The second chorus is just as fun as the first, and then bridge shows off all the band components, building into the final chorus which is powerful and ballad-esque. Great one from The Landed. 

Indie Band Guru

Nice catchy little song.  I like the switches from mellow to uptempo to capture the listeners attention.  The vocals are good but could pop a little more in the mix for a radio ready track.

Emilie Lorre

Very nice rock song. I love that guitar riff that we hear during the verses. This song makes me want to discover your music a bit more.

Hugh McIntyre

The song is really cool! I definitely like this one a lot. It's got a lot of potential. The only thing I would suggest is to spend a little extra on recording, mixing, or mastering--whatever would make this sound just a bit smoother and more professional,

Chelsea Schwartz

The first 40 seconds of this song are just beautiful. Then it almost kicks off into an entirely different song, which isn't a band thing -- just wasn't expected. I'd be curious to hear another track or two.

Mike Mineo

Essex-based The Landed produce infectious garage-rock, though the beginnings to "Taking You Out" suggest a more tranquil folk-laden experience with the trickling acoustics. Serving as a nice precursor in a production sense, the emotive vocals suggest that more rock-oriented instrumentation will arrive shortly after the tranquil twangs, and that's precisely what happens around 0:49. The shift from the atmospheric beginnings to infectious rock-leaning material, with stellar vocals reminiscent of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, is well done, as is the wordless hook-laden crooning around 02:10. "Taking You Out" has heaps of radio airplay potential, and balances creative garage-rock with more melodic radio-friendly staples in commendable form. I certainly look forward to listening to the rest of EP! Keep up the great work. -Mike

Leks Maltby

The finger-picking hits the listener like a freight train, a great way to start the song on a start note. The chorus is really strong, yet at the same time feels as though it exists in an entirely different universe that the verses. There's a very interesting musical dynamic afoot here, sort of a folk meets angular indie rock mash-up that I can honestly say I've never heard pulled of quite as effectively before. Love the lyric "A prisoner is key if you give him the key" as a repeating message throughout the song, it resonates strongly and reinforces the "Taking you out" theme of the song.

Paul Hale submitted media.

Aaron Frank

Beautiful vocals. I love the harmonies at the beginning. Really enjoy the subtle chorus, but the percussion could be expanded a bit there. I think you guys are heading in the right direction. You might just want to experiment with some different production techniques, and maybe consider rearranging the bridge, make it a bit more compelling. Otherwise, I really dig your sound.  

Brett Polkinghorne

Nice tune, has some great vocals. The film clip was maybe a little off the mark for me but in terms of the sound its catchy and the ukulele riff at the start is a great hook.  

Marcus Brooke-Smith

Hey guys, thanks for sending this in. The hook of the song is great and massively catchy. You clearly have a great feel for harmony and structure which obviously goes a long way in sync. 

I would be interested to hear the rest of your stuff to see if you can create a divers catalogue that moves away from the more tried and tested formula we have here. But to be honest that is more of a side note, if you are interested in writing bespoke music for commercials then let me know, I would love to brief you.

p.s. At one point when the big guitar chords come it it (3:32) sounds like a rip off of Baba O'Reilly. 

Gri Balkon

When I'm listening folk based music, it always reminds me lying on somewhere just beyond the sea and its great for summer nights. Your song is good for this, considering the first release but its in average. I think you can make more unique works, I see this potential. According to me, folk music should be in a dreamy atmosphere. This makes the song listen again and again in general. Nice vocal and lovely video. All I said is in my opinion, but I ensure you it works out for most who feels deep when listening music.

Lora Gene Dee

The video could've used a better concept but the track--the composition, the arrangement, the recall, and the overall indie-folk impact--is flawless. Made me look forward to more music from this band.

Record Rewind Play

This song is set up nicely by that beautiful melody at the start, a lovely vocal line and harmonies. Could have done with the video getting straight into the song from the start, but that's just me.

Larry Lootsteen

I really enjoyed this track.  This style of folk/country is easy to listen to and the type of thing that's great to relax to or with friends having a few drinks and talking.  The music was very good but not terribly unique but that's okay.  I found the orchestral sound heading out the back end of the song beautiful.  The vocals were strong and I particularly enjoyed the harmonies.  Storytelling is an art and I like the story in this song.  Definitely worthy of airplay.

And the video is just sweet!  Well done!

Olga Knapinska

Wow! I didn't expect THAT! Just when I wanted to click on "not for me" button, the song started getting better and better, and better... And I totally love it! The coherency between the melody and the vocal is beautiful, and I feel like instrumental parts are so well polished that it couldn't be any better. The video itself is not that stunning, but proper, and I definitely don't care about any imperfections when the tune is so extraordinary. I'm going to go now and listen to "Things To Talk About" couple more times! Thank you for creating this!


You nearly lost me on this one, due to the intro on this video. I know you should never judge a book by it's cover or a song by it's video for that matter, but unfortunately I couldn't help but judge. But as the saying suggest I was rather surprised and pleased with what I heard once you guys got playing. You've got a very very nice, feel good sound which I'm sure will have the ad agencies knocking at your door before too long. 

But yes without sounding and being totally critical this video does you guys no justice at all, I'd suggest pushing this track through the use of soundcloud or bandcamp, and dropping this completely so that people can appreciate your talent without being put off by this video. 

Ty White

I like the song, but I'm a little confused. The song is not at all what I was expecting when the video started -- you guys in rock'n'roll stances against a black backdrop doesn't suggest this sort of gentle, mellow melody. I'm pretty confused by the kid, too -- cute, but why?

The song itself is a little too cheesy for me to post, but it's definitely something I would've listened to in high school or college, so I can definitely see there being an audience for you. Good luck! Keep at it!

Emilie Lorre

This song is very nice, moreover I love the sound of the ukulele. It would be typically the kind of song I would listen to for a relaxation moment. The music stye isn't revolutionary but it works for me. The melody is well done and you have a nice voice as well. I would be curious to listen to your other songs. Your music video is cool. The idea for it is great.

Mike Mineo

The video is fun from the get-go; from the screeching cat sound to the single-kid audience -- it's clear that this is a group with personality. The fun-loving approach reminds me of the video for The National's "Sea of Love". When the music starts, with its ethereal ukulele/electric partnered progression, it's easy to get swept in. When the rhythm section kicks in around 01:20, the sound becomes even warmer and more inviting. The vocals are sweet and melodic, well-fit for the radio. Speaking of radio, you guys should be spreading this track around for airplay -- it's synonymous with a lot of the successful indie-folk material on radio today, from the wordless crooning around 02:10 to the pleasant chord progressions. The strings in the mid-section are a nice touch, too. The final minute, with its instrumental expansion, invites listeners even more to explore your group's sound -- as it's clearly capable of some eclectic workmanship. I'm interested in hearing more from the instrumental expansion that occurs during the finale alone. Although "Things to Talk About" is not breaking down any stylistic barriers, it's a very amiable track that should see ample radio play with the right marketing/PR plan. Look out for a feature on and reach out to me at if you're interested in hearing details/success stories about my own digital PR servicing. Keep up the great work! -Mike