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Chasbo Zelena by Indignation

Alan Cross

Filmed in Wuhan? How did you manage that? Great video, too. Nice effects. And where did you get the shark? At a Wuhan wet market? Brave.

Nice dirty blues here with your own spin on things to make it more modern. Good job. 

This should be able to find an audience with rock fans if you're diligent about promoting it through social media including TikTok. That platform has turned into a monster and you never, ever know what's going to go viral with it.

Meanwhile, maintain good relations with your fanbase by answering every comment you get on all your platforms. I'll do my best to spread the word with my network. I'll do some sharing which will be good for about 100,000 people.

Keep in touch.

chasbo zelena submitted media.

Angel Maker by Chasbo Zelena

Charlie Ashcroft

I like various elements of this song - the verses have a decent build, and the production is pretty strong, and quite innovative overall! I wasn’t mad keen on the video, but that’s just personal taste. From a radio perspective, this might be one to pitch to tastemaker DJs like George Godfrey, John Kennedy and Jack Saunders. If you’re UK based then it’d also be worth hitting up your local BBC Introducing presenter and programming team, so that they can consider the track for airplay, and so that they can have you in mind for any local live initiatives. 

chasbo zelena submitted media.

SD Hox

I absolutely love this. Crazy title but great vibe and amazing video! Truly fun and funny (though the head on the keyboard was a bit frightening!). If you put it up on Spotify, I'll happily share with my followers! Thanks for sending and keep up the great work.

Alan Cross

Okay, I laughed. This is perfect for an attempt at going viral. Or maybe an anti-drinking spot. Not exactly radio friendly, but that was never the point, right?

I'm going to (a) play this for my hard-drinking friends; and (b) share this on my social media channels. Let's see if gets any traction.

Bob Lugowe

Very creative video concept and fun song with some hazy psychedelic elements that matched the tone of the video but it seemed cut off at the end and a lot of the audio captured from the bar that was placed on top of the music was a bit distracting from the overall song. I would suggest including a short artist bio and links to hear more music in your Fluence description and on your YouTube page. Besides that, I would say keep making music videos for your songs as I think you're off to a great start!

Brian Hazard

Wow, that was...

1. Disorienting
2. Fun to watch, for sure!
3. Somewhat incoherent

I guess a little like being drunk!

The camera placement and red tint do a great job defining the style of the video, but putting the ambient sound up front puts the song itself into the background. The vocals feel buried already for such a narrative song.

And bottom line, I was expecting something I could sing along to, and now I feel cheated! In all seriousness, the chorus refrain doesn't repeat enough for me to know when and where it's coming. The guitar solo (essentially blank space) goes on far too long, when you could've reinforced the hook.

It's a great concept both for a song and video, but I think the execution could be improved upon. Regardless, it's not a good fit for my Depeche Mode loving following. Hopefully my comments can help you fine-tune!

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I missed quite a few words).

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Andrea Young

Love the video, very fun.  The sound effects in the song (especially the yelling around :45 -- which I love in the video! -- and then around 1:23 and 1:46 too) probably make it more suitable to watch the video than play on playlists and shows.   Love the whimsical musical tone of this overall though.  Ends fairly abruptly!  Thanks for your submission, rock on!  

chasbo zelena submitted media.

The Claw by Chasbo Zelena

Shayne Locke

Wow that was unexpected. It is a little busy in parts. Could go well on Americana stations. The video is good but became a bit repetitive and a bit frustrating with the words not matching up.

Overall requires a bit of work but could be a good song with a bit of tweaking.

Pedro Costa

Thanks for the submission. I enjoyed the song and the video. Though it had a really cool vibe that would work great on an indie movie. For most of the song it was straddling the a fine line between being cool vs being too disjointed. But the vibe kept it together. Really enjoyed the vocal tone and delivery. Good energy. I think you've on to something here. Looking forward to learning more about this artist. All the best!

David Choi

Lots of great energy in this tune. Love the guitar sounds. I think it has a great indie-rock vibe that might fit well in an indie film. Melodically, I didn't hear anything that was memorable...there didn't seem to be a hook and the structure seemed a bit strange to me. As far as the music video is concerned, I initially thought it was a bunch of stock footage pieced together until I saw the lip-syncing. I wish there was more of it...I also wish there was a story line in the video, but it had some cool angles. Was definitely unique. I enjoyed the video nonetheless because it looked like you had a lot of fun shooting it. I think there's potential here in some new music...biggest points would be to make the hook more memorable and give the song some more structure.

Tom Matthew

Nice job with the video. The song is upbeat and has a fun feel. I like the down-home backcountry feel of the footage. You've got good energy and I'm happy to link this to my followers.

Parker Crystal

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're promoting Blank TV and not the artist right?  I'm always down to check out new platforms!  I think the site and structure of Blank TV is heading in the right direction.  I would only suggest filtering higher quality content like the Chasbo Zelena video in order to compete with other video sites.  It seems like it's in the early stages so this is the exciting part.  Keep pushing out updates; I can really see this being a thing with the right visual aesthetic.  DIY content is next level these days.

Benjamin Groff

Hey Chasbo...sorry it took a second to get to listening as I was away for a long weekend.  Wow really great video and well done.  Definitely different and well shot, cut, great images too.  I also really like the song.  Not sure if it's something that "puts me over the top" as I would say ... like if our blog at had more of a rock / roots tip we'd probably post it but it's not quite the genre for us.   But sounds like you're on your way...strong production, mix...and having fun too with everything.  Nice work! 

Liane Chan

I think I like this song more when I don't watch the video, which is kind of silly and seems more like a home movie. It's not really what I'd usually listen to, but it's kind of catchy and fun. 

Jared Losow

Love the video. It's great to have an asset like this for a press campaign, web/social media ads, and general marketing endeavors. The song is simple, fun, and easy. I like the psychedelic synth instruments that are subtly sprinkled throughout...very Flaming Lips. Lots of great lyrics that get stuck in your head.

You've got a great mix of 60's psych and americana that's all pretty stoner-y. I like it a lot. I could see it on a label like Riding Easy with great coverage and premieres from High Times, Noisey, etc. This could be pretty press-friendly so I'd recommend a go at a press campaign and playing lots of shows in your region. 

To the BlankTV folks: I would advise removing "Retarded" from your marketing materials. Not exactly cool.

Nate Maingard

My first impression is: 'fun'!

I like the energy and life in the song, though I'm not quite sure what it's about. 

The video is fun, though also mysterious. 

Overall, an enjoyably strange romp through visuals and sound, happy to give it a share.

Lauren Gribble

Hello! I really enjoyed the song and I particularly liked the guitars. They made the track very colorful and fun. The vocals had a great edge to them as well. Feel free to send me more songs in the future!


Raymond Flotat

Enjoyed this. Fun, twangy and upbeat song. Not too long, not too short. Not much I would suggest in terms of changes (which is a good thing). Generally seems like the kind of song that would play well live. Only feedback I really have--which probably doesn't matter--is how the video is connected to the song wasn't apparent to me. I kept expecting to see the people in the video pantomiming the song, but it doesn't look like what they were singing was at all the song. Otherwise, good fun!

Leks Maltby

On "The Claw" by Chasbo Zelena, the country-tinged blues rocker lays down three minutes of memorable rockabilly-infused rock 'n roll of the purest variety. Settling into a steady groove within the first few bars of the song, Zelena's vocal rides low in the mix, neither overpowering the solid instrumental underpinnings of the song nor getting lost in translation along the way. Clearly backed by a group of well-practiced and tight-knit musicians, the instrumental arrangement comes together effortlessly, as if these guys have been playing together from birth. Over all a memorable song and a true beacon for all the old school rockers who haven't yet given up on the genre in the year 2017.

Mee 丰

Good for you, Chasbo!! One piece of advice... suggest you release this more widely in Summer, when everyone's going to feeling this... 

Robal Johnson

That was kind of amazing. Hilariously hillbilly, but not in a bad way, in a really fucking fun way. The song is fun, the video is fun, and you seem really fucking fun. Reminds me a bit of a Dax Riggs tune from his Deadboy and the Elephantmen days - a little bit country and a whole lotta rock n roll. This tune is probably a killer when performed live and if done right I'm sure has everyone singing along. I hope you are hitting the concrete and gigging everywhere that will have you. This is a juke joint jam and that is absolutely how you will build a fanbase. Focus on that 100% and I could see you making a career out of music like this. Just hit the road and don't stop until you are packing rooms. Who cares how big or small, as long as people are coming to sing along to "The Claw!" Hope to hear some more tunes from you and best of luck, my man. Thanks so much for sharing. 

Indie Band Guru

Quite an interesting and eye catching video.  The punk rock ethos comes off loud and clear.  The raw sounds mixed with your vocals will draw listeners in.

SD Hox

Another fun track and video from Chasbo Zelena. Great sound and a great sense of humor! Love to see the track (and more from the artist) on Spotify. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

Alan Cross

This I like. The things DIY people can do with drones, huh? Jeezus, something like this would have cost millions back in the 90s. 

I hope you've got a radio plugger and publicist working on this one because it should be heard on specialty shows on alt-rock stations everywhere. If you don't have someone working for you, find someone.

I'm going to guess that because you're part of this network they're pushing out your video to all kinds of places. Good. I'll do the same with my social channels. That's worth about 100,000 people. Nice work! Keep in touch.

Bob Lugowe

Very well-shot, professional and enjoyable video with a fun, unique vibe. Love the energy on this one and feel it really captures the personality of the artist well. I would suggest removing all the info about Blank TV in your Fluence submission as that seems irrelevant to the artist and is a bit distracting. Instead, a longer bio or write-up about the artist would be much more helpful. Perhaps include the lyrics and a link to your bandcamp profile as well. 

If you're looking to grow your audience, I would suggest considering hiring a publicist to help work your next album or single before it is released. Make sure to try and play live with acts that are larger than you are in the region (open for touring bands, do a small run with a bigger or equal sized band) and get to know the important players in your scene in order to build a larger profile there. Make sure to work on networking as much as possible so you can get your music out to as many people as possible and keep up the good work. 

Brian Hazard

Great album title (Bad Things)! It reminds me of a little series of songs I did called "The Bad Song of the Week". Takes the pressure off, doesn't it?

You might want to upload a higher resolution version of that album cover to Bandcamp. I think they ask for 1000x1000 minimum? Or is it 1200? Regardless, yours looks very pixellated.

The link you gave you SoundCloud doesn't work! Okay, I'll watch the video now... 😬

Until I see you actually playing, I have a hard time connecting the people in the video to the song. Partially because nobody plays in time with the music. Even the kick drum!

But your running around with the lobster and gas mask is priceless! Now we got ourselves a video. 👍🏻

It would've been helpful to see you singing the first couple lines, so I knew who the artist was right off the bat.

The recording is super lo-fi. It has a certain charm I suppose! But it makes it hard for me to comment on the mix or mastering. It sounds like it was dubbed off a cassette from the 80s that someone found in a box in the garage. The kick drum is practically nonexistent most of the way.

Wow, I was not expecting the end to come when it did - out of nowhere!

I'm not familiar with BlankTV. How is it that they have over half a million subscribers, yet your video has less than 1K views after 6 months? Something doesn't add up.

This isn't a good fit for my electronic music loving following, but I appreciate your sharing it with me and hope my thoughts are helpful!

A couple suggestions for future Fluence submissions:

1. Include the lyrics so we can follow along (I understood them just fine, but wasn't always focused on them)

2. Include a short, catchy description of the song or act that's easy to copy/paste for social media sharing. That way we don't have to strain our brain coming up with something clever, and you get to choose how you're presented to the world.

Andrea Young

Lots of charisma in this video.  The video rules the sound again.  Just lots happening in the track that without the video is more of a distraction sound-wise.  Sound a bit murky as well.   But really close.  Lots of great energy on this one.  Too bad you all don't have any fun!  Thanks for your submission, good luck with your music.

Valida Carroll

Hey CZ

This video is pretty epic...actually.

Sharing this...

chasbo zelena submitted media.

chasbo zelena submitted media.

Mike Hoy

I will listen to this about 7 or 8 times today. 

So smooth, such a sweet sound. The light fuzz of the guitar compliments the raspy vocals. Dare I say I'd love a little more fuzzzzz!? I'd be nit picking if I begged for that, because this song is awesome. Shades of Ozomalti.

Would love to have you guys on our platform. Please submit this song at

Wendy Redden

I really like the eclectic blues feel you have going here, and I believe you have sent something previously -  I really like this one. Shoot me a message or e-mail as to what is going on with you or a bio/background. I would be happy to share this track. Thanks!

Patrick Ross

Again, really like what you're doing here. Always sounds like there's a party going on in the recording. Digging that old time blues feel, but with some very interesting recording & sound bed going on. Now socially, as in presence online, that's where I still think we need some work. SoundCloud is a dead end, with no links to any other sites. There's no "hook" or way to get involved further. I like what I'm hearing, but can't go follow on Twitter or give you my email address to find out more. Get some basic social links on your profile, maybe even a website, a space you control, and give the listener a way to keep exploring. Connect the dots for em man.


Really enjoyed the listening the music. Right on tempo from the start of the play.Good use of instruments.The guitar tone was crisp .Nicely done.I think the mix of instruments matched well from the being to end of the music play.I liked the image used with music play its something different and fresh and made me to listen to the music when i first watched it.Over all quality is fine i think the quality of the track could be improved to give that smoothness effect (optional). Shared on twitter to promote your music.

Mike Olinger

Very original and cool tune. A jumbo of various musical styles that comes off as strikingly modern,

C Bret Campbell

good sounds and performances, here. it's an interesting take on this old tune and I'm glad you kept so close to the original lyrics.
The rhythm guitar on the left wanders from left to center a bit and is sort of disconcerting.  I'd also like to hear the lead vocal right up the middle. 
Overall, the mix is a little too busy, but well done. I'd love to hear you strip this down, loose most of the percussion and give us more of a "two people playing together" sort of mix. 
That said, I'll probably spin it again and I can think of several friends who would love it. So, Props, keep at it and you'll have something ready for the mastered version, soon! 

Matt Wilbur

Really loved this, even though it's a little out of my wheelhouse.  Great "live" feel to the track, and is it like... kind of a New Orleans type of thing? Whatever it is, I really loved listening to it.  Guitar tone/solo at 1:20 is perfect, and the dissonant notes a nice touch.  Keep doing what you're doing!

David Cox

Thanks for the submission. I really digged it  and great guitar playing. Love the bluesy vibe. I checked out the video and really didn't like it. I didn't feel the overall visuals fit the vibe. 

chasbo zelena submitted media.

Patrick Ross

This is great. I actually love your description, nice one. :-) The layers of sound/effects are great, digging the funky vibe, and the vocals are good. Well done. Now, from a "social media" perspective, add some links to your Soundcloud! Twitter, Facebook, Songkick, or even a blog of some sort. Digging this the most I can do is follow on SC, but no further interaction points. (I'm not an "SC person" particularly, but would have followed you on Twitter or checked out what was going on on Facebook, or even had a gander at Songkick dates.

Alex Esser

Nice and funky. Well done. 
Not for me, I'm here for electronic music.

Mike Hoy

Good tune. Solid rock song. Would love for the solos in the end to be a bit more distinct as they dual. Cool element, but they get a bit lost in the high end.

Christina Sees

Okay, well at first I was hesitant to even take a listen because my first impression of this was "I wrote this one after being woken up by the police with my trousers round my ankles, unconscious on a railway line. At that time I knew it was time to stop. Stop being lame, go back to the pub and right a song" and...that really isn't a good first impression. Why would I click play after reading that, really? Should I take you seriously? Sell yourself. Make your first impression count.

So, after I clicked play, I thought: okay, this is fine. It has a lot of potential. I can see you adding some country flair to it and becoming a nice novelty tune on alternative country radio or something. Could be a good film song as well. It just needs better production, better recording, and better performance. Good effort, push it further. 

Eric Chen

this isn't my genre, but loved the tune!


The song track is very nice. I loved the guitar vocals and singer-guitarist plays. When i heard it i felt the emotion of the song is build up after 0.40 second in the song . The singer has a medium-pitched voice.I liked the where song refers to. I could hear background note at starting at 1.12 to 1.18 and i think is something you did liked and could go on with the track. The track has a slow tempo at end of the song i hope that suits the track too. Overall the track is super-interesting .

chasbo zelena submitted media.

Bad Things by chasbo zelena

Eric Chen

Love it!  folksy, gospel, southern rock with some funk.  started a little slow, but love how you mixed the different sounds in.  vocals sound great but a little soft.  

chasbo zelena submitted media.


Old school blues with modern touches.  I could hear this in a bar or in an iPod commercial, meaning it fits and works for both.  Skuzzy, barstool shakin' fun.

Wendy Redden

I grew up on a lot of blues/rock so I have an appreciation for this for sure. I really like the elements added in for something a little different. I feel that if you had a little more rock in there, kind of like what Benjamin Booker or Gary Clark, Jr are doing right now there would be enough crossover to get some non blues lovers to cover this and share or some bloggers that are cool with the alternative blues/rock trend. If you want to stay in blues in general which I feel is a great genre that doesn't get enough talent recognition, it's worth a try to send off to sirius xm bluesville channel or find some bloggers who concentrate on blues. Good Luck and thanks for sharing! 

Matt Hartwick

Wicked Slide work throughout the song. The beat of the drums goes nicely with the guitar as well.