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Flumen by The Delay In The Universal Loop

Taylor Barnes

First off, I really enjoyed this track. It has an ethereal, almost dreamlike feeling to it. The vocal sample in the beginning really immerses the listener into this other worldly state.  

My only issue with this is that it ends so abruptly. This might have been done intentionally, but I still think the song would be more enjoyable and interesting to listen to if it lasted longer and moved into a completely different motif than the one which plays throughout most of the track. 

Overall, great work. Would love to hear more and contribute press placement when I can. Feel free to send music for review to bass@magneticmag.com, and if you have any questions, comments, or would just like to talk please contact me at my personal email address tbarnes9000@gmail.com. Thanks!

Bill Werde

Love the texture, love the dreaminess. Some producers go too far with it and it becomes too whimsical but this is nicely grounded by the beat. Wish you gave it a full 3-5 minutes because I'd like to see what you layer into this -- where the song would go. The best at this sort of dreamscape edm are plaid (check "not for threes"), aphex twin's prettier moments, mixmaster morris and a few others in that oeuvre. Good luck!