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Olga Knapinska

I am no expert when it comes to any type of electronic music and it is definitely not my thing, but seriously, this remix makes me wanna reconsider my music taste (which is a big compliment for this track). It's really coherent, smooth, delicate, and the vibes are just so good.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I was waiting patiently for this song to pick up, and it happened. I was gripped with the sounds ramping around 1 min and instead of doing the predictable discombobulated dancefloor crushing 4/4, it switched up nicely. I like the later parts of the track when you show you are willing to take it anywhere...especially where it needs to go.

Phillip Yung

Hey! Thanks for sharing. 

Great production. I can tell Daktyl is very experienced with soundscapes and engineering them. The quality of the song is fantastic, as well as the energy. It's a dynamic song that captures everyone's ears. I like the chilled out/mellow vibe. though the song itself carries weight and energy in the undertone.

I'll keep my ears and eyes out for both YOUNGS and Daktyl. 


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