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Vortex (Queens) by Eilen

Phillip Yung

Hey! Thanks for sharing. 

I really like the vibes of this song. It's pretty mellow, but it has enough energy to keep me intrigued. The percussion aspect is really well done, I like the clean, simplistic feel to it. Nothing oversaturated, an easy trap to fall into. 

My main complaint is the vocals. It doesn't seem very dynamic. The tempo seems to stay the same for the most part, as well as the pitch. Adding more flair and changes in the singing could really liven the song and give it its color!! Good song overall. 


Claudio Gallo

I like this. Digging the instrumental part, good vibes

James Moore

Pretty strong track in my opinion. 
Strengths: The use of the beat - having it fully upbeat as opposed to half-time is an unusual choice, making it sound closer to a sped up Tribe Called Quest or The Roots than a lot of the trap happening these days. Funk and refreshing.

The vocals are smooth, well placed, and come across as honest/sincere.

The music itself is excellent; a solid groove that doesn't give up on itself, and would make me curious to hear an EP or album. 

Weaknesses: The weaknesses are moreso omissions than glaring weaknesses but they should be mentioned. For the dynamics of this track to really take off, I felt like there should have been some more atmospheres such as female vocals (besides the backups on the last chorus). Not necessarily the typical r&b chorus of course, but even a chanting voice to support your rhymes and elevate the track. Also, I think your vocals could have reached out a bit more and projected, raised the voice and brought the listener in. While the vocal was smooth, it was almost too smooth, not reeling you in. Playing around with the vocals could really make this take off since the music is pretty much perfectly solid.

Leks Maltby

Great synth lead in the intro and the verse. The rapping is reminiscent of Drake's work, with a decidedly more chill-wave vibe pervading throughout the song. Nice vocal harmony in the chorus as well. Effective use of electric guitar in the rhythm section. Great breakdown in the outro, making excellent use of live drums rather relying on a drum machine.

Eric mcLellan

A night out with your girlfriend!   This tune is smooth and sexy.   A real panty dropper.


The track is very catchy and a neat first single from the Slow Advances LP. I love the smooth synth intro and the vocals complement the backing nicely.

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