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FAITH by fredwave

Peter Chiesa

This is very good. The beat set the mood and the vocals sit perfectly on top.

Shamal Ranasinghe

I really dig this track! It's slow, mellow, but deep and resonant. I like it's minimal nature and was disappointed to hear it end. The ending seemed almost too premature. It felt like another chapter was unfolding at the end, and I was ready to keep going. Nice work.

Aaron Frank

Really dope style. I feel like the vocals are pretty on this deep track and maybe the percussion should match that. You've clearly got a gift for melody though. I wouldn't change a thing there. Maybe try and make the percussion a little deeper and more complex. Fatten up the bass a bit. Otherwise, this is a great track. You could probably even fill it out with another verse. 

Matthew Kratz

This is great! I love the vocals and the beat.  Its emotional, raw and intimate.  I think an occasional dub delay on the snare would be cool.
My only complaint is its too short of a song. Great work.

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