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Hostage by Aubergine MACHINE

Stephen O'Reilly

really like this and am happy to share it online. well done on creating this

Alan Poyer

Thanks for sending this - loving the solid and well-balanced production. Things I appreciate while listening:

- Saw-tooth synths leading into the drops. 
- Intro reminded of Bare Noize's remix (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8xCn2mtgao) - which is a good thing : )
- Vocals are reverb-soaked, but still tastefully done. 
- 2:59 could be an opportunity to continue the building to a greater climax while introducing new lines or a new idea. 
- in-line with point above, the ending feels a bit abrupt. 
- bookends of track could even include an audio sample over the intro and ending something dark and moody : )

If you're looking for promotional feedback and exposure, I'd recommend these people to send to for help:

Thanks again, and looking forward to hearing more in the future!


Matthew Kratz

The production and vocals on this track are great.  I like the flow and the sounds.  My only problem is that synth sound that comes in at 1:12.  Sounds very basic and out of the box.  I think bringing in something really interesting at that moment would bring the track to a new level.  But using that synth just places it in line next to so many of the "dub step ballads" that are out now.

Shamal Ranasinghe

Really digging the track and moreso at the end. I would send this to Alan Poyer on Fluence. Only thing missing was a big break, but I guess that's the charm of this song.

James Moore submitted media.

Tomás Doncker — "Evil" by Tomas Doncker

Andrew Evans

Really enjoyed this. The instrumentation was dynamic and kept things interesting throughout, especially the more background wind/horn stuff. The voice is rich and world-beaten, which adds another great dimension. I'm not a massive blues guy so to be totally honest this doesn't sound much different to ALOT of blues stuff I've heard previously, but I did enjoy it. 

Jono Kane

I'm not a huge fan of the production/mixing. Listening on a variety of monitors (from shitty harmon/kardon mm speakers to Genelec 1029As), it sounds like the mids on the bass are a tad hot. Also, the kick is really big... while there are LOTS of high highs. It may be a stylistic option, but I feel like there's a ton going on in the mid-high, a small gap in the mid and mid-low section and then thump, that kick. Regardless of the production, the song is awesome: funky and jammy - I like it. 

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